by Liberty 37 on their album "Greatest Gift"

We've been up and down again.
Seeds all planted in the rain.
Which of you can hope to be.
One as beautiful as me.

Oh river.

I will paint it red again.
A hunter not some fisherman.
Though it hurts to understand.
I will teach you nothing man.

This is all about feeling.
That your hand isn't all so deal with it.
This is all about dealing.
With the facts about life so feel it.

Land of the giants is over.
Past isn't yours to rake over.
It isn't the same now.
You've got to figure it out for yourself.
Do not wait to fall over.
This isn't all you get then game over.
It isn't strange to stop moving.
And if your sun stops revolving.

Feel it.

In the land of little men.
Mice have eaten all the strings.
Daemons all we use the key.
To subjugate divinity.

Figure it out for yourself.