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River Phoenix's siblings artistic career :
Rain - Joaquin - Liberty - Summer

On September 30, 2015, River's siblings Summer, Joaquin, Liberty, Rain and their mother Arlyn Phoenix appeared together for a rare public occasion, at the 35th PETA Anniversary Party in Hollywood. They were there to present to the first River Phoenix Humanitarian Award to filmmaker Saun Monson.
Summer, Joaquin, Liberty, Rain and Arlyn Phoenix at the PETA 35th anniversary River Phoenix Award.jpg.

In September 2019, Rain and Summer started LaunchLeft, "a space for famed creatives to launch the next wave of creative rebels". The first podcasts featured :

LaunchLeft is available on most streaming platforms and Youtube.
You can also follow them on Instagram.
For River fans, it's worth mentioning that so far, music videos of 3 of Aleka's Attic's songs have been added to the Music section of Launchleft's website.

Rain Phoenix

Rain (also known as Rainbow), born 1973, performs as both an actress and a singer, contributing on vocals and songwriting for Aleka's Attic, the band created by her brother River.
Rain seems to have given up her acting career in favor of her activity with her band Papercranes. She is also part of The Citizens Band.
Since 2014, she's also part of new band Venus and the Moon, along with Frally Hynes (sometimes collaborating with Chris Stills). They performed with Jennifer Turner at 16th annual Sundance ASCAP Music Café.
She's pretty active on social medias, to promote both her artistic endeavours and her charity work. She often plays with other musicians for kids in hospital, and contributes to The Art of Elysium sessions.
Like her sister Summer, she participated to Style Like U project "What's Underneath".

September 2019 : New solo album "River"
Rain Phoenix is going to release a solo album called River this Halloween (2019). She is holding residency with guests every Monday evening of September 2019 at the Zebulon Cafe in Los Angeles.
She already released the first singles : - Time is the killer, a duet with Michael Stipe, released by Kro Records. The double A-side single Time Gone also features 2 tracks from Aleka's Attic, the band she had with her brother River. She's planning to release more of Aleka's Attic material in the future.
- Immolate
- You right

Official website to order and pre-order the CD, limited edition vinyle and merchandising.

Articles :
Rolling Stone
Modzik (in French, interview of Kro Records founder)
The Apologist (in French)

You can find her updated filmography on the IMBD (Internet Movie Database - link below).

Other works :

Music Video : "At my most beautiful" by R.E.M. (1999), directed by Nigel Dick - who also directed River in the 1986 music video of "Stand By Me". Rain stars as the cellist. Check out R.E.M. 's official website to see the video excerpt.

Songs / musical performances Rain contributes to (in addition to Aleka's Attic's entry on the music page)

* Monster, by R.E.M. Rain Phoenix sings on the track "Bang and Blame" of that album, dedicated to River.

* Monkey on Rico, by Thermadore. Rain Phoenix performs as lead vocals on one song of that album, "Everything's Alright".

Rain also performed as a backup singer on stage with the Red Hot Chili Pepper in the mid 90es.

* Happiness: this song from the soundtrack of "Happiness", a movie directed by Todd Solondz, is performed by R.E.M.'s lead singer Michael Stipe with Rain Phoenix. The song was written by Eytan Mirsky and published by Mirsky Mouse Music.

* The Causey Way : Rain contributed to this band from Gainesville under the name "Reign", she performed with them on stage and she features on their album "With loving and open arms". The official site is now down.

* Paper Cranes : Rain is a member of that band, along with Michael Tubbs, Michael Perfitt, Summer Phoenix and "john". Check out their official website Paper Cranes for news and information on their EP.

Links :

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin was born in 1974. He was credited as "Leaf Phoenix" in his early years. He has built a long and successful acting career with acclaimed directors.
He briefly pretended to give up on acting to pursue a career in hip-hop, but this 2-years long experience turned out to be an acting performance for Casey Affleck's mock-documentary "I'm Still Here".

Joaquin's entry on the Internet Movie Database: Joaquin Phoenix

Liberty Phoenix

Liberty was born in 1976.
Liberty has stopped acting early. Her most known artistic endeavor seemed to be a participation to a country band.
It's then pretty difficult to come across public information about her, apart from the fact that she has raised a family.

She founded the INDIGOGreenStore for non-toxic house materials for building and decoration, in Gainesville, after a personal tragedy.

Summer Phoenix

Summer was born in 1978. Her acting career reached a peek in 2000-2001, when she landed the lead role in French movie "Esther Kahn", then in "Suzie Gold", and played Ryan Gosling's girlfriend in "The Believer" (that received a prize at the 2002 Sundance Festival).
She explained her absence from screens afterwards in this video interview on Style like U, for the What's Underneath Project, promoting self-acceptance. Apparently, coming back to movie business after her pregnancy was not as easy as she naively thought (she calls herself naive in the video, not my word). Summer's entry on Style Like U Facebook page.

In 2003, Summer associated with two friends, Odessa Whitmire and Ruby Canner, to open a vintage clothes shop in New York, Some Odd Rubies. 2010 video : Designers Summer Phoenix & Ruby Canner of Some Odd Rubies

She apparently put her acting career on hiatus a little lately, to focus on her other activities and her family. She's been expanding the activity of Some Odd Rubies with Ruby Canner with a line of clothes designed for the store and sold online. Ruby and Summer both modeled on the website store.

In 2013, they closed the NYC store to open this webstore, but it seems closed too now. She's still active on Instagram.

Summer plays the mother of two in Fiona Godivier's short movie Across My Land. The short movie was in competition at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival for Cannes Short Film Special Distinction category, and Summer attended the festival with the director.
Trailer on VIMEO. Synopsis : Arizona 2016, the portray of an American family at the Mexican border. One evening, as the mother is costly watching TV with her daughter, the father and his son get their rifle prepared for a patrol tour along the border wall.
The short film was also featured in the selection of short film of the Champs Elysees Film Festival 2017, in June in Paris, France.

Notable performances:

* ER (1994) [Krista]
USA 1994-1998, 52 minutes. Ep. title: 'Ambush'. Broadcast on NBC, September, 25, 1997 (4th season premiere).
This episode was a live, with two representations -one for the East Coast then another 4 hours later for the West Coast.

* Esther Kahn (1999) [Esther Kahn]
FRANCE 1999. Directed by Arnaud Desplechin.
With Ian Holm, Fabrice Desplechin, Laszlo Szabo, Emmanuelle Devos. The movie was selected for competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 2000.
official site - features a movie trailer
* The Believer (2001) [Carla Moebius]
USA 2001. Directed by Henry Bean.
With Ryan Gossling, Billy Zane, Theresa Russel.
This movie received the Dramatic Grand Jury Prize at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival.

* Suzie Gold (2003) (Suzie Gold)
USA 2001. Directed by Richard Cantor.
With Rebecca Front, Daniel Mendoza, Rachel Stevens, Tammer, Stanley Townsend, Sophie Winkleman.

Other works :

Music Video : "Eat My Dust, You Insensitive Fuck" by Catherine Wheel (1995)

* The Causey Way : Summer contributed occasionally to this band from Gainesville under the name "Sum Sum Causey", she performed with them on stage on keyboards.

* Paper Cranes : Summer has contributed to some works of Rain's band.

Links :

"Achieving success gets complicated. You find yourself hanging around with a different crowd. I probably would have shied away from it, but after a while you can't help but get sucked in ... all those parties and premieres and limos picking you up. And after a while, if you hang in with this little group, you lose your sense of reality completely." -- River Phoenix

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