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(revised on November 10, 2013)

With his band Aleka's Attic

River formed a band called Aleka's Attic when he settled in Gainesville, with his sister Rain Phoenix and fellow musicians Josh Mckay and Josh Greenbaum. Over the years, some band members left and were replaced, they signed a deal with Island Records that was later abandoned. However, despite his movie schedule River never gave up the project to have his music released. Only a few of his musical legacy can be found now, but here are some info about it, lyrics when available, and links to more information.

* "Tame Yourself", a benefit album for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
The song entitled "Across The Way" was written by River Phoenix and Josh McKay and performed by their band, Aleka's Attic. The album came out in 1989.

wav-audio "Across the Way" 40 seconds excerpt.

* There's been a LP version of "Tame Yourself" released in Germany, with a different cover and a slightly different track list, but still featuring Aleka's Attic's song.

In concerts on the east coast between 1989 and 1990, Aleka's Attic sold tapes of four songs :

* In 1991, Gus Van Sant included one of these songs in "My Own Private Idaho" : "Too Many Colors" (that song doesn't appear on the CD soundtrack - if there's one ).

wav-audio "Too Many Colors" 18 seconds excerpt. (the copy for that song was rather weak so excuse me for the sound but it's the best I can do. It's very difficult to get any recording).

* "In Defense of Animals Vol.2". An album released in 1996 by Caroline Records, catalogue number CAR 7536-2.
Aleka's Attic perform a short song written by River entitled "Note to a Friend". Flea plays bass, River and Rain on vocals. Thanks Melanie wav-audio "Note to a Friend" 30 seconds excerpt.

During the year of 1993, River had been working on an Aleka's Attic album. Unfortunately that album was never achieved, though most of the recording was done. This album was recorded at his private studio in Micanopy, FL and Pro Media Studios in Gainesville, FL.

In hope that one day this album will be completed and released, here's the track list for that album, that was to be called "NEVER ODD OR EVEN" (this title is a palindrome, which means that it reads the same backwards - as are two song titles of the album) :

  • Alone We Elope
  • Below Beloved
  • Bliss Is...
  • DogGod
  • Get Anything
  • Note to a Friend
  • Safety Pins and Army Boots
  • Scales and Fishnails
  • Senile Felines
  • Solo 2x4
  • You're So Ostentatious

Thanks Barry for passing this info

Links for Aleka's Attic

Alekasatticzero on Myspace -
The user alekasatticzero shares 4 tracks from Aleka's Attic, all written by River Phoenix :

  • 'Scales and Fishnails' : Vocals, Guitar and Piano River Phoenix, Vocals Rain Phoenix, Backing Vocals Liberty Phoenix
  • 'Where I'd Gone' : Vocals and Guitars River Phoenix, Harmony Vocal Rain Phoenix, Drums Josh Greenbaum, Bass Michael Perfitt
  • 'senilefelines' : Vocals and Guitars River Phoenix, Vocals Rain Phoenix, Drums Josh Greenbaum, Bass Michael Perfitt,
  • 'In The Corner Dunce' : Vocals and Guitars River Phoenix, Drums Josh Greenbaum, Bass Josh McKay

Aleka's Attic - a website dedicated to the band, by the original author of these pages, Tim Propert.

Aleka's Attic - You can listen to some of the band songs on this site.

Hyde and Zeke has Emperor Moth CD's. This band has Josh McKay in it. You can contact us at:
(352) 332-1050 [U.S.A.]
Peace and love Bill Perry.

Albums and songs River is involved in

* In the movie "The Thing Called Love", River performs several songs, including one of his own.
However, the CD soundtrack only features versions performed by the original artists, none by River or his costars in the movie - Samantha Mathis, Dermot Mulroney and Sandra Bullock.

wav-audio Until Now 43 seconds excerpt.
"Until Now" lyrics.

wav-audio Standing on a Rock 42 seconds excerpt.
"Standing on a Rock" lyrics.

"Blame it on your heart" lyrics (once performed with Samantha Mathis).

*River wrote and played a song, "Lone Star State Of Mine", for the movie, that doesn't feature on the CD at all. According to this article, he wrote another one on set, called "Bus Picture Window".
wav-audio Lone Star State Of Mine 18 seconds excerpt.
Thanks for the sound file Jose

* River is on "smile from the streets you hold", the second John Frusciante album.
River contributes vocals/guitar on a song called "height down" and the backwards monologue on one called "well, i've been".
You can download a .MOV audio file of the monologue on this Unofficial John Frusciante Homepage - check the "audio" page. Thanks Tim

* "TXAI", an album by Milton Nascimento.
Released in 1991, the album features different indigenous tribes of Brazil and their songs. River performed a spoken word piece called "Curi Curi" for the album.Lyrics and english translation here (thanks to Adriana)
If you have the RealAudio plug-in, you can listen to the piece on the CD Now site. Or check the .WAVE excerpt below:

wav-audio "Curi Curi" 39 seconds excerpt.

"River was a sensitive. He had so much compassion for everyone and everything that he had a weight on his heart." -- Samantha Mathis

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