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On this page are listed on-line resources to River Phoenix :

Dedicated Websites - Phoenix Siblings

Mailing-lists - How to link to this site?

Websites / Pages dedicated to River Phoenix

Celebrating River Phoenix (was Angel-net)

Remembering River Phoenix - golden galleries

Associated Facebook Group

The Eternal River - short bio, books, filmo, links, pics of Aleka's Attic and River, quotes, songs

In search of River Phoenix - buy the biography of River Phoenix, written by Barry Lawrence : "In search of River Phoenix : The truth behind the myth"

Rio's Attic - very complete site

Note to a fan: River Phoenix

River Phoenix - a tribute

The River Phoenix Russian Website - info, filmo, songs, pics etc - by Vic

River Phoenix
- River's entry on the Internet Movie Database.

Phoenix Siblings

PaperCranes - Rain's band official site.

Mailing-lists dedicated to River Phoenix

Yahoo Groups :

Alekasattic - a group to discuss about Aleka's Attic
PhoenixClan - to discuss about all the members of the Phoenix family
StandByMe - mailing-list dedicated to the movie Stand By Me and its actors.

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"I sometimes lie, especially about personal things, because what does it matter? I am a kind of minute commodity, my name is no longer my own." -- River Phoenix

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