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A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon Running on Empty

Little Nikita

Little Nikita (a.k.a. The Sleepers - 1988) USA 1988 98 minutes. Directed by Richard Benjamin


  • Sidney Poitier - Roy Parmenter
  • River Phoenix - Jeff Grant
  • Richard Jenkins (I) - Richard Grant
  • Caroline Kava - Elizabeth Grant
  • Richard Bradford - Konstantin Karpov
  • Richard Lynch (I) - Scuba
  • Loretta Devine - Verna McLaughlin
  • Lucy Deakins - Barbara Kerry


Jeffrey Grant is a rather patriotic teenager who wants to applie to Air Force. Inquiring about a rogue Russian agent, who is killing off other agents to blackmail his Russian handlers, FBI agent Roy Parmenter discovers that Jeff's parents, Richard and Elizabeth Grant, aren't who they claim to be. They are sleepers, Russian agents planted in America in the late 60es, under directions to leave a normal life and start American families, awaiting the day when they'll be reactivated to fight for their cause. Parmenter tells Jef the truth about his parents' origin, and tries to protect him from the rogue agent, but Jeff is still torn between his family and his home country.


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