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A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon

A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon (1988) USA 1988 93 minutes. Directed by William Richert.


  • River Phoenix - Jimmy Reardon
  • Meredith Salenger - Lisa Bentwright
  • Ann Magnuson - Joyce Fickett
  • Ione Skye - Denise Hunter
  • Louanne - Suzie Middleberg
  • Matthew Perry - Fred Roberts
  • Paul Koslo - Al Reardon
  • Jane Hallaren - Faye Reardon
  • Jason Court - Mathew Hollander
  • James Deuter - Mr. Spaulding
  • Marji Banks - Emma Spaulding
  • Margaret Moore - Mrs. Bentwright
  • Anastasia Fielding - Elaine
  • Kamie Harper - Rosie Reardon
  • Johnny Galecki - Toby Reardon
  • E.J. Murray - Alice


Jimmy Reardon is a high school Casanova, aspiring poet, whose parents are middle-class but who hangs around with the local upper-class youth. Because he was fooled by a girl, Jimmy has lost part of the money he needed to enter University. His father wants him to go to the same university as he was gone, and refuses to pay for another one.
Jimmy is all the more frustrated because he can't follow his rich high school pals, who he envies and his girlfriend Lisa Bentwright. Lisa is the only girl around who has refused to sleep with him so far. Maybe that's another reason why he tries to find money to follow her to Hawaii, planning to settle and work there instead of going to university.
After several attempts to get the money for the plane ticket, he's given the last 20 dollars he needed by his mother to drive back home a friend of her, Joyce Fickett, a sensual single woman. Eventually he's seduced by her, and he's so busy with her that he forgets he was supposed to pick up Lisa for a party for their last night together. It's only when his mother, worried, calls Joyce to ask where he is, that he runs away to find Lisa, who has gone to the party with Jimmy's rival, Matthew Hollander.
He appears half drunk at the party and makes a scandal out of jealousy, and Lisa prefers to go away with Matthew. Jimmy's so angered that all his plans were ruined so close to the aim, that he crashes his father's car. When he calls Joyce for help, he finds out that she's also his father's mistress, and he then calls his father, using the fact to avoid an argument. On the way home, father and son finally reconciliate.


The screenplay is based on William Richert's autobiographic novel, "Aren't You Even Gonna Kiss Me Goodbye?".


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