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I Love You To Death

I Love You To Death (1990) USA 1990 97 minutes. Directed by Lawrence Kasdan.


  • Kevin Kline - Joey Boca
  • Tracey Ullman - Rosalie Boca
  • Joan Plowright - Nadja
  • River Phoenix - Devo Nod
  • William Hurt - Harlan James
  • Keanu Reeves - Marlon James
  • James Gammon (I) - Lieutenant Larry Schooner
  • Jack Kehler - Sergeant Carlos Wiley
  • Miriam Margolyes - Joey's Mother
  • Heather Graham - Bridget


Joey Boca is an Italian pizzaiolo, happily married and father of two children. He's also constantly cheating on his wife, Rosalia, who loves him totally and cannot believe he would do more than looking at other women. Devo, their employee, who is very devoted to her and is a lot more suspicious, tries to let her understand what is going on, and to convince Joey to stop, but they don't listen to him.
One day Rosalia sees her husband at the library with one of his mistresses. Her first reaction is to try to kill herself, but her mother Nadja convinces her that she should rather kill him.
Nadja hires a friend of her's grand-son to do the job, then she tries to booby-trap Joey's car, and even to give him tons of sleeping pills, to no effect.
They call Devo so he would shoot Joey with the gun he bought after the first attempt, but the young man is more of a mystic pacifist than a killer, and he only wounds Joey.
He then hires two junkies, Harlan and Marlon, to finish the job, but they also fail.
Eventually the police comes and finds Joey in his bed with a bullet in his temple, a gunshot wound through his body and totally stoned by sleeping pills.
Once in the hospital, Joey realizes that his wife loves him "to death" truly, and drops the charges.


This dark comedy is based on a true story. Incredible but true.


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