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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1992) USA 1989 127 minutes. Directed by Steven Spielberg. US release on 24 May 1989.


  • Harrison Ford - Indiana Jones
  • Sean Connery - Professor Henry Jones Senior
  • Denholm Elliott - Marcus Brody
  • Alison Doody - Dr. Elsa Schneider
  • John Rhys-Davies - Sallah
  • Julian Glover - Walter Donovan
  • River Phoenix - Young Indy
  • Michael Byrne - Vogel
  • Kevork Malikyan - Kazim
  • Robert Eddison - Grail Knight


Young scout Indiana discovers plunderers who have just found Coronado's Cross in a lost cave. He steals the cross and tries to escape the bad guys, first with his horse, then on a train carrying a circus. He uses a whip to keep away a lion -getting a scar in the process of learning to use the whip...-, experiences a scaring thrill falling in a wagon full of snakes. He finally succeeds to reach his home, only to have the authorities asking him the cross in the name of its not-so-legal owner. The plunderers leader gives him his hat as a reward for his enthusiastic idealism. About 20 years later, Indiana is on a ship, still trying to recover the Coronado's Cross. After succeeding, he comes back to his university where he finds out that his father has disappeared in Venice, Italy, in his quest for the Holy Grail. Indiana then leaves for Venice, where he meets Dr Schneider, his father's assistant - a lady. They find a crusader's tomb indicating the Grail's location. Then Indiana liberates his father from the Nazis in Germany, and he leaves with him to old Alicante to find the Grail. After several adventures, they'll find the holy Relic, protected by the last crusader. The Nazis will be duely punished, and the Grail will remain safely in the ruins of the temple.

For more details, check out the screenplay linked in other resources.


Young Indy : That Cross is an important artifact. It belongs in a museum.

Young Indy : Dad!
Henry Jones : Out!
Young Indy : It's important!
Henry Jones : Then wait... count to twenty.


The movie won the Academy Award of Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing, and was nominated for the Best Sound and the Best Music awards.

Sean Connery was nominated for the Golden Globe of Best Supporting Role.


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