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A memorial for River?

A Memorial for River ?

As yet, there is no permanent memorial for River Phoenix, but I've received some suggestions from people who feel that it is time for us to start to plan something. This page is a forum for ideas and suggestions, and a central resource for the exchange of information.

New contributions added on top of the page.

As and when more ideas and comments come in then I'll add them to this page. If you have something to contribute, please send them in.

( added March 2011, 31 )

The PETA website put up a memorial page for River here

( added October 2008, 31 )

How do you name a waterfall after someone? I really liked the waterfall idea. I think it would be a great way for people to remember him by. Katy

( added August 2007, 23 )

Hi, River's popularity is undeniable, and he appealed to a range of people. I work with young people, and I think it would be truly worth considering setting up some kind of foundation in River's name- to raise further awarenss of Drugs, but also other issues which can impact on young people.
Perhaps there also needs to be something set up in River's name which aims to help budding Actors/performers achieve their goals. It is easy to remember the tragic side of River's life, but there are so much more positive aspects to remember about him too.

I think there are plenty of people out there who could make something like this happen.


Please, visit to this page : and give us a signature to ask for a RiverPhoenix star on the Walk Of Fame. I think something of kind like this maybe don't mean anything to him, but it means a lot to us, people who love River, right ?

hey, my name is francesca and i am a big fan of rivers. i have been greatly inspired by him and his band too, i think its amazing that someone who left us so long ago has managed to touch so many generations with his spirit. i agree with one of the other girls, i think a tree for river would be great. something that really represents his "hippie" side. and it would also make a small contribution to the environment hey?

( added August 2006, 23 )

Hi, my name is HollyMae. River Phoenix has estonishingly touched so many hearts including mine because he had real integrity & love for God's creation, namely people, animals, nature etc. If we want to make something real memorable to show our love for him, we need to pick up were he left off. If everyone who was inspired by his passion to save our natural habitats would collectively get together, we could change our world for the better by carrying on the legacy that River left for us.

The first thing that comes to mind is how easy & perfect it would be for everyone to plant a tree for River. It could be in our own backyards, local parks or bush lands. A tree would be something we could nurture, see grow & flourish & support more life in the process. I know the birds that would perch in the branches of tree's planted for River would eco His name in the sunshine & rain of every new day. He will live on in love forever.

I am so amazed there are 12 and 13 year olds who continue to be touched by River's talent, grace and presence. He was and remains an amazing spirit and an inspiration for me since I was nine years old.

Perhaps on this, the 20th anniversary of the classic Stand By Me, the time is right to print River (one one side) Stand By Me (on the other side) bracelets.

I'd like to repost the poem below since it made me tear again. I cried many of them when he died and made a pilgrimage in 1994 to the Viper Room and laid a rose at the door. A year later, there were still other flowers and tokens of love with mine.

Losing him is sad for us, but lights as bright as Rivers burn so bright we'll never forget them and I know either does the universe.

He is still with us today, and remains to stand by us. Do not stand at my grave and weep ------------------- Do not stand at my grave and weep I am no there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the mornings hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry; i am not there. I did not die.

The love is the memorial.

This weekend I was at the Methodist Hospital in Arcadia California where I noticed a new small park area next to the hospital tower called The River Phoenix Memorial Park. The park had not been there a couple of months ago so it was a surprise to me. On Saturday there was a dedication ceremony with less than 100 attendees - I believe it was a private gathering because the area was roped off and everyone was led downstairs to a private area afterwards. Even a portion of the parking lot was roped off for the attendees to park. There was also a small orchestra that played. I have tried to find out more info about it but I have been unsuccessful. Does anyone know anything else about it?


My name is Jennifer and I am 34 years old. I have been a fan of RP since stand by me and I was 15 at the time. I used to buy all the teenage magazines take out the pictures and hang them on my wall. October 31, 1993 was a horrible day for me. I was in love with him as any person can possibly be and I had dreams to meet him some day. That dream came to a bitter end and I was hopelessly devastated and in shock and disbelief.

I know River would not want us to be sad about him being gone from this earth, but keep his memory alive by remembering his legacy and work. I sometimes wonder, what would he look like if he was still alive? would he have children? married? I will always wonder. As a tribute, I would like to invite everyone to make a donation to the legacy he believed in (rain forest, etc) and put it in memory of him when his birthday arrives. If there is a way for someone to find out how to get an address for an acknowledgement please list it. I wish they had done a movie on his life.

anyone, can email me if they want to talk or have comments.

River, I love you forever! RIP sweet baby.

I'm Rachel Fleming and I am 13 years old. I watched Stand By Me and I cried at least 5 times. River was so amazing in the film and it is my favourite film and always will be. I knew he had died before I watched the film which made me even more upset. I have wanted to be an actress for ages and Ihave always wanted to be in a film with River. Since that cant happen I thought it would be a good idea if people who love River got together to have a memorial service for him. I think it would be very special to me and also very special to his family aswell.River is and always will be very special to me and a memorial would be a good way of expressing those feelings. In fact I am starting to cry now. If I new River I am sure he would have been a lovely caring person. So we should have a day on Rivers birthday that is only for him and it should be called the River Phoenix memorial. River, I hope you have a nice life up above with the angels. R.I.P your beloved and always will be fan

Rachel Flemingxxx

E-mail me if you feel the same at

Hi I'm Lindsey I'm 15 year old and I was wondering we should have a holiday named after river phoenix I think all of river's fan should write letter's to the president or have sign shirt's of people that want a holiday named after River I'll do it but I'm going to need lot's of support from river's fan to achieve this I'll try to get the president address and I'll post it in the Internet so we write to him



My name is Brooke and I am 15 years old and live in Australia. No-one, through-out my life, has ever inspired me as much nor in the same way that River Phoenix has. You would never think that one could have such a strong connection with some-one they never knew, but then again, we all know River in our own way don't we?

I believe River should be remembered through a charity. One to raise awareness about both the dangers of drugs (by sharing River's story), and the ways in which we can help the world, and all of the concepts that River held in such high regard. I also believe that there should be two statues and/or plaques erected, one in his hometown in Oregon, and one in at the site where he purchased those 800 acres of rainforest on the border of Costa Rica and Panama, which he hoped to turn into a national park. The most any of us can do as individuals is to forever hold River in our hearts and minds, for his spirit will never die as long as his name lives on!

I love you River, and miss you more than you could know. R.I.P my friend.
Find your peace.

My name is Isobel, and I would just like to let you know I am from Western Australia (Perth), and I am not sure if River ever got the chance to travel 'down under', but I just know he would love the Aussie outback. He was definitely one who was in touch with nature, and that is something we have a lot of here - Fortunately, not too many industrial outlets, and loads of space to roam and explore (the main reason due to the fact many areas are inhospitable or very much isolated, but untouched and beautiful nevertheless - I went to New Norcia, up North from where I live in Perth, Western Australia, and the wildflowers were unbelievable!).

I would love to help out in arranging a memorial of a sort to commemorate the ever-talented River Phoenix. Just say the word and I can do whatever necessary. Idealy, I think something simple would be a nice loyalty to River, as I think simplicity is something he very much admired, and that should not be dismissed if anyone intends to go through with the construction, or organisation of some sort of memorial. Afterall, it is such a terrible tragedy to loose such a exquisite human being such as River.

The song 'Chris Chambers' (named after River's character from the Stephn King novella movie re-make 'Stand By Me'), by the Stereophonics is a great resemblence of my feelings toward the heartbreak and misfortune surrounding River's death. The lyrics speak from the heart - "Ask themselves why, the river has dried.." A question I often ask myself (much like the character Gordie Lachance, when questioning the death of his elder brother) .. "Why?"

It has been over a decade since River's death, and he still manages to touch the hearts of many people through his music and films. We need to come together and make a decision on a memorial for River, as he truly deserves it...

(To contact me for any reason relating River or the memorial:


A brief candle; both ends burning
An endless mile; a bus wheel turning
A friend to share the lonesome times
A handshake and a sip of wine
So say it loud and let it ring
We are all a part of everything
The future, present and the past
Fly on proud bird
You're free at last.

- Charlie Daniels

May you be at peace River, sleeping in eternal youth and immortality.

hey, i think it's great that River Phoenix has so many young fans. I to have only jus realised about his talent from the film Stand By Me and was gutted when it says he died at the end. I look at it as, 'lets not cry because River's gone, lets smile because he was here'

i have looked at some websites about River and i know that in his life he wanted fairness to animals and for no more trees to be cut down. i know that he was a vegan. but i see it as River tried along with his family to put right everything that was worng in the world, and died before he could finish. so i say that why don't we his fans try to finish what River started and then we will truely know that he is resting in peace.

i'm going to try and finish what River started but i know i can't do it alone

Hi my name is Alexis and i'm 14 years old. When i saw the movie "Stand By Me" I fell in love with River Phoenix. I thought that not only is he gorgeous, but he's an incredible actor too. Since I saw the movie I have researched him on the internet and have down loaded many pictures of him. I was thinking that a perfect memorial for him would be to start an organization that helps protect animals. I know that he worked hard to protect animal rights. It would also be a good idea to have a movie made about his short, but well lived life.

Thanks again for listening to my ideas.


We love you River!!!! Even though you're gone we will remember you forever!!!!!!!

Hi my name is kim. i am 16 and my friends father died from a cocaine overdose. it totally ruined his life, as river phoenix will know. i would love to set up a fundraiser for river and all others that were in his position but as i live in england not many people know who he is.

river has inspired me to become a better person and i have learnt from his mistakes and achievements!!

i hope that someone just as talented will fill his shoes one day but no-one as excellent has done so yet!

RIP River love you always!!


Hi there. I was 18 years old when River died. I grew up this wonderful talent and Stand By Me still remains my most favorite movie. Reading through all the messages it is nice to see the younger generation appreciating the true talent that was River Jude Phoenix. He graced our presence with his music and his film work. I will never forget the day I learned of his death. I cried and cried. I thought I would watch this man continue to do extroadinary things well into my life. Turns out I was wrong and River's life was cut way too short. I think some of these ideas are great. I especially like the idea of re-releasing Stand By Me in the theatres and all or a portion of the proceeds going to charities surrounding drug use etc. If ever any of you get a chance to visit Oregon, be sure to stop off in Brownsville. Stand By Me was filmed here and I am fortunate enought to live right in the middle of it.

R.I.P. River

K.K.L -

hi my name is katie im from london england , River phoenix what can you say? To have lost such a talent at such a young age, what a waste. He wa an incredible actor even from a young age his talent shone through his hard start in life. He was an actor of incredible sensitivity and that was portrayed in the clasic film 'stand by me'. He made such an impact in the world of film even though his life was short,many young aspiring actors should take note and watch any film of his and that will show them how to become one of the worlds most intreging actors. Hopefully his death will show others that you are not invisible and drugs do kill and they can kill anyone any age. There should be a memorial perhaps in hollywood where his life so tragically ended.

To river you are missed rest in peace may god bless you and what a tragedy to lose a man who could have only got greater R.I.P

( added August 2005, 23 )

( August 2, 2005 )

Hi, my name is Jordyn Aragon and I'm 12 from Schaumburg, IL. Ever since I saw the movie Stand By Me I was touched by River Pheonix's performance. Since then I wanted to be an actress so bad, he was such an inspiration to me. I never found out that he died untill a couple of months ago when I went on one of his websites. So I was thinking that you should have sort of a fund raiser in his name for kids who drink or do drugs. I mean it would be a terrible thing for this to happen to someone else. When I heard he had died I was so upset I didn't know what to do, I was crying and in shock at the same time. At that point I didn't know what to do. I finally knew what I had to do, I handed out flyers for a fund raiser on the day River died for kids who take drugs and are very sick in the hospital. My school raised $1,218 and saved many lives. My school was so proud they even considered naming that day River Phoenix day. Even now I can say " Even though he's gone, the River will still run on".

If you have any information or anyone just wants to talk please write to


Hi, my name is morgan and i'm 15 years old and I just saw Stand by me for the first time on july 4th, 2005. I immediately fell in love with him. even though i don't know him and haven't ever met him I will miss him forever! I think we do need a memoriable symbol for him. he was an amazing actor at all ages! I was really touched by him and his acting. Like the livestrong rubber braceletes we should have one that says remember river. or an actual place memorial in madras oregon where he lived, or in hollywood. he has a quotes that says, " I love acting because I feel like I can become friends with the viewers." -River Phoenix. That he has. River will be remembered in all who knows him hearts FoReVeR!! Love and miss him.

R.I.P River Jude Phoenix~*
We love you forever!

I am such a huge fan of River Phoenix My sister made me watch Stand by Me when i was 11, and it has been my favorite movie ever since. I did alot of research on River and learned not only that he was gorgeous and talented, but what an awesome person he was. I think Stand By Me should be re-released in theaters and the proceeds should go to charities for drug-abuse or something along those lines. I think we should tell people about River Phoenix, because if we can get it out there, maybe we can stop others from making the same mistakes he did. Also, River said wanted he wanted his death to be glorious like a water fall, Unfortunately he death wasn't a waterfall, so I think we should name a waterfall after him so his memory can be glorious, unlike his tragic death.

We'll that's all my ideas. Rest in peace River, you are deeply missed.


( added May 2005, 27 )


Well like many other fans i enjoyed River's films and music, he was truly an inspiration. I was touched when i read some qoutes by River himself about animals and being a vegan and his beliefs made me change mine, i no longer eat meat. Although River is so missed in the world there is a part of me that is happy he got is wish to be free, free from the world and free from the drugs which were hurting him. River might be no longer with us physically but he will always remain in our hearts FOREVER!! As a tribute to River i think that "Stand By Me" should be brought back into the cinema and the money should be given to his family and charity for what he believed in. Stand By Me is one of the best movies i have ever seen and am sure that if younger people today had a chance to see it they will see who River is and what an amzing actor and person he was. I also think that River Jude Phoenix should have a star on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" i think that his beliefs and amazing talent to movies and music should be awarded to him by this.

Rest In Peace "River Jude Phoenix" and God Bless

(:Love always Karen Mc Ginley :)

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm 13 years old from Louisville, KY. Today is January 22, 2005. Ever since I saw the movie Stand By Me, I was touched by River Phoenix and his acting and just overall everything about him. Stand By Me is the best movie of all time. I watch it almost every day. he inspired me to be an actress and that is what I'm doing now! River inspired me to be and actress and I want to be one just like him. I think you all should make up a charity about River or a charity for kids who do drugs, animal cruelity, or something about vegetarians. I think that would be great. From now on, October 31st is now my favorite day in the year and the worst day of the year. It's the worst because that's the day that River died. It was a terrible day and I don't think it was his time to go. It's the best day because we now all know that he is in a better place. He is with God watching over all of us. I have seen only one of his movies but I plan on seeing all of them. He made great music and was an awesome actor. I wish he was still with us today, making his movies and music. Although, I've only been a fan of River's for about a month or so, I still think that I have become closer to him and I feel like I can talk to him and I do. I can hear him through my thoughts. It's like I can talk to the dead. I go on River's websites all the time and learn as much as I can about him. I will always remember River throuhgout my life and he is my inspiration. I hope to become an actress very soon and maybe you all will see my name in lights soon...just like River's. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with charities and TV shows about River. Well, all I have to say now it.

Love Always, Your Beloved Fan, Jessica

*The River Still Flows*
"I still believe in you"

R.I.P River August 23, 1970-Ocotber 31, 1993

This is a poem written about an irish soldier, but when i read it, it really reminded me of River, and it's my favourite poem,

Do not stand at my grave and weep
Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am no there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the mornings hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
i am not there. I did not die.

The author of this poem is unkown though.


Anna Howells xxx


My name is Natalie and I just wanted to say that everytime I see any River Phoenix film, I begin to cry. To have lost such a talent is heartwrenching, but also to have been given such talent is a blessing. I think that a really good idea for a memorial would be if everyone willing would wear a bracelet that said RIVER on it. I think it is simple and it provokes conversation with other so his name can be spead on...what do you think...there doesnt even have to be a uniform type of bracelet...just anything heartfelt...a sybol of caring..let me know what you think..



Hi, I would just like to say that I love all of River's movies. Im just 15 years old & we've recently been watching Stand By Me as part of our English class. We are asked to study the film and take from it what we will. At the end of the movie when 'Gordie' is all grown up and is discussing what happened to all the characters, i couldnt believe it when he said how tragically Chris had died, yet he died doing what was right. And in real life, River's death wasnt in the best circumstances yet what he did for the environment and what a beautiful person he was deserves remembrance. I believe a perfect memorial for River would be in schools. Develop a drugs awareness program and incorporate River's life and movies in that program. Show the children the movie "Stand By Me" and use Rivers life as an example to others, to inspire others!!


my and my friend both love river,i dont know about her but i first just thot of river as hott but wen i found out he died (like a month or 2 ago, i was 2 on the actual date of his death) i wanted to know more about him after i found out all the stuff he did like animal rights stuff thats wen i fell in love with him!i think it would be wonderful to have some sort of memorial, but in a way this syte is 1 on its own with all the fans contributing to it with poetry and fan art. keep up the good work!


I am 25 years old and I still remember hearing that River had died. I was 14 and sitting on the couch getting ready to take my brother out trick or treating and it came on the news. I was so shocked and started crying. He was such a talented actor and he is missed very much by myself. I saved all of the articles I could about him. "Running on Empty" and "Stand By Me" are my two most favorite movies of his. I don't really have any ideas for a memorial, but I thought the idea of a charity for drug treatment was good. Thanks.


( added July 2004, 30 )

Although i was only 9 when river died i can still remember what i was doing at the time when i heard about. I remember that i started crying because he was and still is my favourite actor of all time.Stand by me is still my favourite film and i think always will be because it is so different to most other films and Will Wheaton, Cory Feldman,Jerry o'connell and River Pheonix performances were fantastic. I think to remember River we could make a charity for drug users and cruelty to animals.

luv Jadexxx

hi i am only 14 but when i was younger my sister got stand by me and when i watched it loved it and chris was my favourite character i still watch it now all the time and no all the words to it. i think his other films are good but that has to be my all time favourite i think that we should have carnivals in memory of river on the 31s october their would be lots of people that would go as he has so many fans i think it would be a great day and if he was hear today he would be so greatful.


River Pheonix was a champion of animal rights, the environment and protecting our natural resources. While a song about his deep concern for these causes composed in his honor would be fantastic, when you go on a hike, see the deer, enjoy the serenity of sitting beside a clear brook watching little tadpoles floating by, think of River Phoenix.

The Ancient Egyptians believed when you say a deceased person's name, that person lives! Like his last name, on this website and scores of others, he lives again!

Paul Jr., jchgtsguy@AOL.COM

hiya! i love river to bits and i would love a memorial service for him...i cant think of any good ideas but all the ideas these people have come up with is great. I feel happy when i see pictures of river so pictures could be added. can any one tell me why river took the drugs? and where could i get his films, i've seen stand by me and want to see more


Hiya, I would just like to say that i am 13 yrs old and come from scotland and over here not alot of people know about river phoenix and it really hurts me because he was such an amazing person and just because he's dead doesn't mean people should forget him!!! I know this might sound weird but when ever i'm sad or just want someone to talk to i talk to his pictures that are up on my wall i feel like he can hear me and that he watches over his fans.I think there should be a river phoenix day, say the 23rd august or the 31st october(my birthday and also his death day) so we can watch all his tv movies and programs and all his movies and interviews because that will let people know who the real river phoenix is.Also , my ambition in life is to go visit rio's birth place, oregon, and visit where he died and see his plaque.

A very loving fan

nicola muldoon


I have just visited ur web site and i saw ur memorial page and thought that it was a very good idea.Like most people i was to young to appreciate his talents before he died but i'm making up for it now. My idea for a memorial would be to place some sort of paving stone with a white star with rivers name and dates on it on the spot where he collapsed!that way everybody could visit the last place he ever visited!

Anyway i just wanted to say that your site is amaizing and a great dedication to such a tallented actor!

Take Care


( added October 2003, 31 )

Hey it is now October 22,2003. I wish that the 31st would never come or i wish that River was in a different place on that day in 1993. OMG how i miss him so much, and wish i would have known who he was. I just discovered River Phoenix not to long ago and was shocked to learn that he was no longer here with us, but he's in a better place now with no drugs to hurt him. Today I just learned more about him and how he lived his life. And to honor him in many ways, i am going to change my life by stop using drugs, become a vegan, and stand up and help protect animals and stand up for their rights. No animal should have to starve, be abused and so on... And i am also going to name my first child River Jude in honor of the young man who is now going to help me change my life through his soul and memories he had left us with. I love you and miss you so much River Jude Phoenix, you will never be forgotten and you will always be in my heart and everyone else.

Melanie Ferris

Hi I was thinking about a memorial and i realised that a plaque or something isn't the kinda thing everyone can see. So i thought maybe if we made a picture or collage with him on that everyone could download or print out and keep it would be a more fitting memorial. We could email the picture or site address to as many people as poiible before october 31st so that everybody could hear about River and his life. This way people won't have to wait ages for a chance encounter with one of his films to hear about him like most of us did. I only heard about him when i bought a box set with Apt Pupil, Shankshaw Redemption and some movie called 'Stand By Me' (LOL!)


( added August 2003, 23 )

i have only recintly became a fan of river's i am only 12 but it feels like me an river have been dear friends. so why did he not stand by us like we stood by him, I think we should get a meeting to discuss how we could remember this magnificent human all that is left to say now is skin it.

From Hayley Flannery a dear fan

Hi my name is jessica. And though i haven't heard of river phoenix till just about a year ago it was i knew he was dead because my sisters had told me. When river died my sisters cryed because he was one of their favorite actors and inspired them so much to start acting and thats what they are doing. Ever since i saw Stand By Me i river has been my favorite actor i have seen all his films now. I rad articles about him every day. And though i am only 14 and river dies when i was 4 it still made me cry because back then i couldn't apreciate what his work had done to other people it inspired them, like it inspires me now. I know that river is in a better place now with God but i just wish he was with us now sharing his talent to the world of young up coming actors and just every movie lover. I know i keep goin on about him but you just can't help but talk about him. Well anyway i think there should be a charity started up in rivers name that has something to do what he believed in. Like something to do with vegetarians or cruilty to animals or even something against kids doin drugs. That whould be a really good one because where ever River is now i know he wouldn't want the same thing to happen to someone else that what happened to him. He doesn't want someone to make the same mistake. He knows that we all forgive him. God Bless River and let him Reat In Peace.

p.s I would just like everyone to know that river dies ten years ago this october 31st.

My name is Jeff Forti. I am an older fan who knew of and enjoyed River's work mostly after his death. I think it's is one of the greatest loses Hollywood had for his generation. Many people keep remembering the loss of others like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe after many years on stamps and other items. River deserves as much treatment as they have received. I believe fans should get TV stations to bring forth the great films that he had during his life to show his greatness and contributions to his generation. Many of the great actors of olden times have died recently and people need to know that River was one of the best of the more modern times. I do hope someone will find a location to place a statue or some kind of physical memorial in dedication to his honor (in Hollywood). I feel Johnny Depp, Keanu Reaves, or his brother Joaquin should somehow be contacted and help get something more going in this memorial. I hope they are aware how many fans River really had young and old who really loved his work. They now are all enjoying great careers and could use their influence to help make this a strong reality. I wish that we could have reached River before drugs took him from us. I have been clean and free of all drugs for almost 23 years now and wish I could have helped him. You could tell River was a very beautiful person and I wish we could have had more of him. God bless his soul.

A Loving Fan
Jeff Forti

HI my name is Amanda M. I hade an idea for the river memorial... maybe it could be in Oregon where he was born? I have a lot of ideas for this memorial and maybe I could help you find a location and stuff... please write back soon!

From Amanda M.

My name is Carol and there is nothing that I can say that would bring back River to our hearts. I am only 14 years of age and yet I know everything that I could grasp onto about River and his family. I even found the closest person to my hometown that knew River personally. I forget the story she once so long ago, but she told me that River would always call her to simply say hello. She even thought that River had a slight crush on her. She still lives in my home town and I still visit her whenever possible
I was just in LA and walked down Sunset blvd. and saw that there was no memorial for River and this saddened me as much as his death in '93. If there is a way that i could some how help that to me would be more of an honor then a simple good deed. if you could even except a donation from me i can do that as well. many of my friends and i have also made a pact that no madder what shall ever happen we will receive our blue bird on our right hand.
ill never forget any of river's movies and will never forget my favorite that not many know of. that would be "Dog Fight" with Lily Taylor. that movie had such an impact on me with all the war sences. he has even inspired me to go to San Francisco for 4 days trying to find Rose's Cafe', that day was such an adventure. i never did find it though.
once again if there is any way of sort my friends and could help you we would be glad. i believe rivers words were. "superfly do or die!"

i dnt wana go on about how much hes missed coz every1 already knows dat, but i jus wana say dat the film Stand By Me is wicked it makes u fink about life. River is an inspiration 2 us all n he is missed SO MUCH.

god bless


Hello ,
I'm fabiola from Chile , i'm 15 years old and i was too little when i heard about River Phoenix , i think he still is the best and we must to do some kind of memorial , it is the best we can do , we need to work together . hey some girl said the idea of make a memorial in Chile maybe it will be great , so keep me at time with the news about it.

greetings for all!

"i still believe in you , as i did years ago"

Hello. I'm Stephanie from Pennsylvania. I'm only 15 right now, and I was but a child at the age of 6 when River died. I have never known of him until about early this year when my younger sister and her friend suddenly bought all his movies and became a loving fan of his. I've watched the movies, seen many of my sister's pictures of him hanging up in her room, yet never got interested. Here and there, I have heard my sister talking about how he died so young from drugs. It is now only June 20 and just today, my sister showed me a picture online with River in his coffin. His face looks so different than in the pictures my sister has. I'm not sure why, and I don't think I'll ever know why, but I began to cry. It hurt me to see him like that. And I suddenly began looking at websites about his life. Within a matter of one hour, I have made him a constant thought in my head. I don't think that picture will ever leave my mind. I will always remember River, through all of my life.
I believe we should put a giant drawing of River outside the Viper Room with his name and the years he lived. Give information for all to see. I will help in any way possible..

R.I.P River ` 1970-1993

I was very moved by the letter that River's mother wrote. I really don't think that a memorial outside the Viper Room would be appropriate. I think concentrating more on his LIFE than his DEATH is what is important. I would love to see a movie made about his life, but then again I can't think of anyone who would be appropriate to portray him.


i would like to say that i love River sooo much! he has inspired to do many things. i was reading some of the articles that people have written and i find them pretty good. i am only 14 and i am deeply and madly in love River! i think it wil be a good idea to remember River on the day that he died ( Oct. 31, 1993) all of his fans should gather outside the Viper Room (owned by Johnny Depp) at the time that River was pronounced dead. ( 1:54 am). We the fans should hold candles and sings songs dedicated to him. We should also make a plaque of River saying like " River Jude Phoenix Born august 23,1970 and died october 31, 1993. He was an inspiring young actor who's life was cut short from a overdose of drugs. He was 23 years old. etc...." I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOO MUCH!! I will help in any way i can to support the memorial idea and i know my friends will too!

Love Always,

P.S: Stephanie in Florida when you said "and contact Rain,Joaquin and Summer " you forgot one person....River's other sister Liberty! It's okay. oh yea and i am interested in helping you out. conyact me at

Thank you!

Hello, my name is Emma and im 15. I come from England in the west-midlands. Its weird, i watched stand by me last year in a drama lesson at school and loved it, so i bought my own copy. ive watched it loads of times and loved the character chris chambers. for some reason i kept thinking of him, so i went on the internet last week and looked up his name. I found out loads of info about his life and films he was in......but then i saw that he died in 1993, i would have been about six. I don't know why but i felt really strange like i had known him. Stand by me is my favourite film and its because of it that i had come to find out about River. Ithought he was really good in it and was a highly talented actor....such a shame that he had to die at such a young age! after reading all of these comments i now know how loved River was all over the world. i know that i didn't know him personally or even knew of him for a long time like most people, but somehow i know that there was something special about him...people who say that he was a bad person because he got involved in drugs are talking bull****! It is so easy to get into stuff you shouldnt....all i know is that when i read about his death it made me think twice about drugs...someday i hope to follow in his footsteps and become an actor...but to carry on the life that he should have had......

River's body died on halloween, but his soul will go on as long as people remember his name.....if he left on halloween night, then why can't his soul come back and let us know that he is still around..... I think that all the people who miss River should get together on halloween night this year when it wiil be his ten year anniversary, and try to communiate with River. It should take place somewhere where he is remembered and if enough people show up he might just come back for one night...

I am a great believer in the otherside and that the soul will go on, and that we can communicate with people who have passed away......bless you River.........

( added March 2003, 13 )

Hi, my name is Krissy. I have been a big fan or Rivers for the longest time. I think that right outside of the Viper Room beside the pole where his pulse was lost there should be a plaque telling about his life. With a golden colague with pictures of him in such films as Stand By Me, Sneakers, The Mosquito Coast, Dark Blood. This way people who don't know about him will learn and those who do can have yet another way of remembering him. Or there could be a giant drawing of River Phoenix and it could say "Remember River 1970-1993" and be put on the wall outside of the Viper Room. Thank you for your time in reading my letter. Hopefully some how the fans and family could raise enough money to make the memorial more than a dream but a reality.

Thank you, Good-Bye.



My idea is that you could take pictures of River Phoenix and put them on the site. Have some pictures of candles. A few words about River and the Chris Chambers song.

I'm 19 now and remember the day I heard River died. I was writing in my journal (only 10 years old) and felt this horrible devestation knowing I would never get to work with River...or write with him...or have him being a part of my films. Everything I do now is fueled by this connection to River that even then, at only 10 years old, I felt in my soul. I think we should DEFINITELY try to buy a piece of rainforest (maybe in Venezuela, Chile, ANYWHERE) and build a memorial there on the land for others to go. I also think we should petetion Island Records and contact Rain,Joaquin and Summer about releasing tapes/CDs of Aleka's Attic music for proceeds to the building of the memorial or to PETA. PLEASE let me know if you would be interested in helping me with this. I'm in it all the way.

Stephanie, Florida I think this summer a bunch of us should make a trip down to Chile or Venezuela to the rain forests and see about getting some land to build a River Memorial. What do you think? I'm up for it!


Stephanie Jude

( added July 2002, 21 )

Hi. My name is Charity and I have been a fan of River's for as long as I can remember. I would love to help out in any way I can in his memorial. If you have any questions or need any help with it PLEASE let me know. Thanks!


Sunday, May 5th, 2002 I'm reading your page about River Phoenix, and I admire you for being such a true fan to him. It's really great that you have gathered all of this information about him and added it to the site. I especially liked the list of songs dedicated to him (i made a couple of burn cds containing them), and also the page with the articles written by/about/concerning him. I enjoyed reading those very much, even though I cried in most. I love finding out new information about him, and so far your site and have been the best sites that I visited, and I searched long and hard for them. For a memorial, I really thought that some of the people who wrote in had great ideas. The Vegan Day one wasn't bad, considering that I myself stopped eating animal products to spread and continue River's beliefs. I also liked the movie idea, althought that would be hard to accomplish. The rainforest wasn't bad, I would definatly contribute everything I could afford for that, I would even have bake sales and car washes as fundraisers. My friends and I tried that before to give money to the Red Cross after what happend on September 11th, and we raised $150 in 2 hours, which isn't bad, consideing the amount that we could make if we did it for, say, 2 hours a day for a couple of weeks. I would try my best, and I'm sure that other devoted fans of his would also. Some people also wrote about the get-together of his fans to share poems, songs, thoughts, and other creations, and that seems like a great idea. If we try hard enough, we can accomplish many things in River's memory.

River always said "we life in a world polluted by men",therefore we have to think about that and respect the nature as the nature respect us ,any singular action of us infavour of the planet earth will be appreciated by River and by nature(LET'S RESPECT ANIMALS AND NATURE) P.S. I've read a message by a girl called Ana ,please send me your new e-mail address, because I've send you my opinion about the simbolical day for rio but your address were expired! I LOVE YOU ALL

My name is Amanda... I'm 16 years old and River Phoenix has been a part of my whole life, esp. in "Stand By Me", he's brought me to realize how much I need to care about nature, Because of him I am a Vegan and an Animal Rights activists. He had a talent and life that were both definitely worth celebrating. I say there should be a day for River where all of his fans would come together (Not neccesarily physically) and remember him and his life for what it was, amazing. Maybe light a candle or sing an Aleka's Attic song...I don't know just a Day for Remembering River maybe even on his b-day August 23rd! Any takers!?

~~Amanda Dyson VA

I earlier read about making a calendar in which the proceeds would go to Earthsave or some other organization. I think that this would be a great memorial for him. The calendar could include pictures poetry, maybe even some of his own poetry. I think that this suggestion should be well thought about. Thank you,

Emily R.

Ciao a tutti... sono stata veramente colpita dalla morte inaspettata di river...come credo tutto il mondo! Ero piccola quando è successo. Avevo appena 6 anni ma ora ho imparato che anche se il cielo lo ha tolto a tutti noi lui vive comunque in tutti i cuori che l'hanno amato e che l'hanno sostenuto negli anni del suo grande successo. Xkè te ne 6 andato River... Da dove 6 ora spero tu stia ascoltando queste mie parole.... Sarai sempre nel mio cuore... Riposa in pace!! Ti amo

Giulia dall'Italia

Hi my name is Keri, and am so sad about River's death. Like, 4 months ago I didn't even know who he was. But then I saw the movie stand by me. And I was like wow, that was such a good movie. And it taught me a lot. Then I found out who played chris chambers part and it was River. I think we should definatly have a day to remember River and buy a part of the rainforest, in his memory. He was such a great actor. Although I never met him, I will still miss him forever. I love you River. God bless.


It was so weird looking at Lisa's entry because it's just like me in every way! I too am only 12 and think that we should try to buy some land in the rainforest for River. I think even the smallest bit would count and be appriciated. That may be hard to do though, that was my opposing thought. So maybe we could just collect money to donate to PETA...ya think? We could even donate a small amount towards a anti-drug foundation. I was also only six when he died and I'm sure I couldn't have cared less...even three years ago when my mom made us drive to the Viper Room, on our trip to CA, to see where River Phoenix died. Which I only knew as . Now I wish I would have cared more cause if I saw it now I'd probably cry...*thinks* yea, I would. But we really really need to do something to commerate River (is that the coolest name for a kid or what?)! Just keep me posted cause I want to help!


I just read over some of the suggestions, and i agree with lisa. i'm 16 and just like her i could'nt have been able to tell you who he was so many months ago. i was looking through the video store and came across a night in the life of jimmy reardon, that is now my favorite and since then have rented every movie he has been in when i get the chance. i knew when i rented the movie he looked familiar but couldn't place him. i later found out he was in stand by me (thats where i knew him from) and then that night after watching the movie i found out he had died. and since then every chance i get i look him up on the internet and my room is totally decorated with him. but as i was saying... i think we should get Island Records to release some of his music. And if possible do try and buy an area of the rainforest. I was only 8 years when he died and never even thought about actors back then let alone the ones who died... but today im more aware of these things and it makes me sad to hear how he died and everything. he was a great actor and person and i want his memory to live on just like all the other well known actors and actresses who died young. i think we owe it to him.

Hi, I don't know if they have already but I think River should be given his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame, he deserves it having contributed in his short life far more than most actors have in their entire careers.

I'm around the same age as River would've been now so kind of grew up with him and could relate to every charactor he played. My favorite movie of his is 'Running on Empty', the scene at the end between River and Judd Hirsh is one of unbelievable honesty so that the camera is almost intruding on a very private moment. It should have been River in 'Titanic' but Leo didn't do too bad a job, on his behalf, however, since his passing, many actors have taken parts that River was destined to play and cocked them up, what a shame! Regards


Hi my name is Camille, I was only 6 when when River died. I am now 14 going to 15 may 22 and also a vegetarian. I love River so much, he affected my life permnently. I will never forget the day last year when i was flipping channels one day when i was bored and then all the sudden i saw this boy that i dreamt of before. All my life I always felt connected to a boy who looked exactly like him. I always figured it was probably just the type of guys im attracted to blonde hair, blue/green eyes, but it was something more, it was River. Right after the movie ended i waited till the credits came on to find out his name....and there it said River Phoenix as Chris Chambers. Later i found out that movie i had saw was 'Stand By Me'. Which is now my favorite movie and I have my own and watch it almost all the time. I have also seen a lot more of his movies.....and I am still trying to see more. Though what really shocked me was when I saw River Phoenix E True Hollywood Story on E! A person who knew River said that he told him when he was younger ever since River was a baby that he knew that at the age 23 he would be taken away by demonds, and I dont think it was any coincidence that he died on Halloween or that he was born on the 23 of August. I too have had dreams of being taken away at the age of 22 though, and by is very strange. I feel very connected to him even though I never meet him physically, I think everyone who is posted on this site is connected to him spiritually..or something like that. I am very happy to know that everyone here is a fan of River and that his memmory is still going on. I am definitally going to teach River to my kid and If its a girl I want to name her Cayndyce River so and so or if its a boy Jude or River so and so. I love you River and I hope your memmory will carry on forever. 'The River never ends'

P.S. I think it is wonderful to have a memmorial for River. I think we should take a piece of land that might be littered and get everyone who is a River fan and go there and clean it up, because River always like to help the enviroment, and so do I. Then maybe we can have and exhibit memmorial to River with maybe poems, artworks, stories all related to River. It should be built of wood, because wood is natural and have flowers all around to represent the beauty of River. I also like the ideas of making the memmorial the place where he was born, a cabin in the woods in Madras, Oregon.....and or buying a piece of the rainforest and saving it because that is what River did when he was alive. Bless all of you who remember and respect the life of River Jude Phoenix

Always Loving River, Camille

( added January 2002, 14 )

I think that we should definitely buy a part of the rainforest in memory of River, and get Island Records to release tapes or CDs of Aleka's Attic's music. I enjoy his music and the proceeds could go to PETA.
I would also like to say that I miss him terribly although I never knew him. Six months ago I couldn't have told you who he was, and then I saw Stand By Me, which is now my favourite movie. I was only four when he died and am now only 12 but learning about him and discovering his death and the circumstances under which it ocurred has affected me deeply. Rest in peace River.


( added October 2001, 31 )

There should be a statue to his memory and a living symbol of nature to celebrate his love of nature and his want to preserve the Brazilian rain forest. This should also be submitted to the statue so that the world can see that a young person can be seen to want to respect the world that we live in and to show that young people can be seen to have mature ideals and not to be put down on as to being troublesome this should be denoted world wide.

My name is Victoria, and I am a Vegean. I think that world wide, we should have a Vegean day, in memory of River Phoenix.


( added August 2001, 23 )

I just recently came across this site and I've never felt so touched and so moved by what so many people had to say about River Phoenix. I thought that I was the only one who cared. I'm so glad that I was proven wrong. I think it's a wonderful idea to have a River Phoenix memorial. So many people have wonderful ideas. I feel that a movie should be made - about River's life and death. It should be tastfully done and in such a manner that people will come to understand who he was. Given the fact that there's permission fully from the Phoenix Family. Also, a portion of the proceeds that profit from the movie will be contributed to some environmental / animal organization. People who attend the movie will recieve a booklet/flier based on organizations that River was involved with. Also, organizations that inform people about the environment, animal-rights, vegetarianism, and drug abuse, so anyone who wanted to get involved in a cause on their own could do so. I don't know how anyone else would feel about this idea. It's just something I had on my mind for many years. It's a shame that there are people out there who associate River and drugs. That he was just some messed-up kid who ended his life, and his parents considered as some freaky-ass hippy people who misguided the family to an unconventional lifestyle. With this movie I'd like to see being made would bring River's dignity back and give much respect to the Phoenix Family. As I see it, ever since Riv passed-away, him and his family have been abused, just as bad as the animals that River was trying to defend. It makes me sad and angry that some people have to create such bad memories. However, I have loving personal memories of Riv, that I hold close to my heart. With that in mind, River Jude Phoenix is in my heart always and forever!

Lynda, from Colorado

( added July 2001, 15 )


I'm Rio (17~f~FL) and I think that we should some how put together a concert in L.A. in memorium to River Phoenix. He did many "Rock against Fur" concerts and the proceeds went to charities for animal rights and rainforest conservation. I believe that many celebrities, including Johnny Depp (whom has a strong tie to River) would be willing to contribute to this concert. All the proceeds we made from this could go to charities and funds to make this event a yearly event. I know there is a lot of planning and funds raised to go along with this, but I believe it is something we can achieve and that is worth doing. Please get back to me.


Reading all these comments by people who care so much about River, I can only thank you all for trying to make something in his memory. I also have a memorial suggestion. I tought that maybe we could get together a large number of River fans in a simbolical place (like the place he was born or the Viper room) and in a simbolical day ( the day of hid birthday, for instance). There, each fan would present a little personal tribute to River. It could be a drawing, a poem, a song. Each tribute would be acompanied by a little speech, in which the fans would talk about the influence that River had on their lives. Maybe we could tape it and try to send the video to his family (so that they would see that their son is not nor never will be forgotten and that his presence really made a difference in this world) or even to a TV channel, so that they would see that River was not the drug addict they wanna make him be, and that he changed a lot of people's lives. And if it was really on TV (which I doubt!), people would see the impact River had and will still have in this Earth. And maybe they even learned to look at him in a different way. The world should know the good things Ricer did, the good things he tought us. I know this may seem unreal, it probably will never happen. But I think it's not impossible. And we could at least try.
As I also read here somewhere, I think it's such a good idea to buy a little part of a rainforest. River would be so happy to know that we were keeping on the work that he had began. He would be so happy to know that his life definetely made a difference on Earth, and that we care about the things he so deeply belived on and tried to protect. I know it would be expensive. But maybe we could gather some money and do our little share. We would buy just a little area of a rainforest, which would belong to all of us. And we would name it after Rio.
I know these things are hard to do. But, as I say, they're not impossible. We could give it a try. I'm ready to cooperate with you all. If there's anyone out there who has some comments to my idea or just wants to make a new River friend, I would be very happy if you e-mailed me! God bless you all,


My e-mail:

Hello everybody! Soy una fan española de River y espero que no os importe que escriba en mi idioma. Espero que lo entendais.Quiero decir que me empezó a gustar River desde que le ví en una revista hace unos 6 años y tiempo después le pude ver en la pelicula Dogfight y me encantó.
Me encanta saber que todavia hay cientos o incluso miles de personas que lo recuerdan y lo admiran como yo. Por eso me encanta que se haya hecho este memorial en su honor.




I think not only should there be a memorial plaque outside the Viper Room where he died, but here should be an evening where River fans could get together and read poetry in his memory. What would be really special, is have some of his family there and maybe they could read some of Rivers Poetry.. I don't know how everything feels about that, but I would go..


( added June 2000, 25 )


i have a memorial suggestion. i don't know how one would go about it but i'm sure it's not so hard. i got the idea from arlo guthrie's annual charity calendar. we could have submissions of photos and art work which would be placed in a river calendar. the proceeds would be given to EarthSave or a rainforest group. i'd offer to arrange it and get it printed but i'm moving to japan shortly. i'm sure someone who reads these pages might have a better idea of how to arrange it.

melanie birdsey

Hi, I'm from Eastbourne, England and I think that it is a supreme idea to conduct a memorial area for River Phoenix. Perhaps an evening of music, poetry, etc would combine the project to a more acknowledged and recognized event surrounding this spectacular memorial. Good Luck!

PS. Let the English fans know for sure.
from Emily Brewer.

I really don't know what to write, I can't hardly see cause of all the tears that are running from my eyes, just like River's life suddenly ran away. I guess that I can only write the usually thing's like; "I miss him, I'll never forget him..." and stuff like that. But I can't, I just can't. I never knew him, so I don't know, I don't know what kind of a person he was. And I really don't know what to say, what to write. Yes, I miss him, I never missed anyone like I miss him. I happend to miss him so much that sometimes it's all to much, and I'm sitting there with the knife, on my way to end it all. Just like he did. Just like he did. It's funny in a way, that I'm on my way to kill myself because of a guy that I never even meet!!!
But it hurts, and then it's not so funny anymore,it's not.

I wanna write down a thing that a friend of mine wrote about me and River, here it comes:


A wisphering wind has a message to her
It say's that You'll waite
The wind is Blowing in the leaves
It's saying that You'll waite
The wind is blowing through her hair
It's saying that You'll waite
She knows that you're out there and
that You'll waite
Waite for her on the end of the world
but it's not time
Not time to go
If You love her then You'll waite longer
She's got to live, allthough all her love to You
You'r holding her hand and look into her eyes
You' touching her gently
Don't waite for her
Come back when it's time
and take her to all the places You've dreamt of
Dream that she's there.

Love Kristina, I love you River

River and I share the same names, River, but that means nothing, we aren't a like physically at all, one male the other female. I don't deserve a name of such royalty, and beauty. He was so special and important to us all, he touched us all so wonderfully. He was only 23 when he left us, but that is not the way we should think. He still lives and always will live in our minds and hearts. In the midst of life we are in death, but only our bodies stop moving. His spirit is still watching over us and we can still watch and hear his creativity from the movies he acted in and the songs he sang. If you listen to the songs he wrote you will notice, he wasnt' happy and maybe he is happier now, just watching us celebrate his life.
Halloween shouldn't be a day to go out and get drunk or act crazy because it is a holiday night, but because River would want us to, he'd want us to love and remember him, even more than we are doing now.

A soul only dies, when it is forgot. He will live forever.

River Hendrix.

Although it's been about 5 years since River died, I still find myself in tears when I watch the movie, Stand by Me. I just recently got the internet and I was totally moved by all of these tributes and memories of River. I think it is so awsome the way people have taken their grief and sadness and begun to try to turn it into something more. Something River would have wanted. Not many people had the pleasure of knowing him personally, but maybe if we can try to accomplish some of the things River was never able to before his death, we will begin to know what he was all about, and let people know that his death is not a reason to grieve, but a reason to celebrate the things that he has left us with. We can keep the river flowing...

I knew River when we were younger, and although we only knew each other for a short time, he touched me in a way I cannot describe. His beauty in gentleness, compassion and creativity was apparent even then and our friendship remains a treasured memory.
I loved the person he was - the kind of person who wanted to make our world better.
Reading the tributes brings tears to my eyes because it is so clear how much you all love him and miss him. However, although we may feel empty without his presence, being the kind of person he was Ri would not want us to mourn his death, but celebrate his life. His life is only wasted if we do not learn from it. River would want us to remember him by supporting the causes he believed in so strongly - loving the Earth we are so blessed with being a part of.
River was an inspiration - he still is. He inspires us still as he lives on in our hearts. Through us, his dreams can be achieved, and our own beloved River will flow forever.

River, I know you can see us every day, and I love you, I always will. Rest in peace.

even though im only 12 ive loved river ever since ive new of him in ways i kinda think hes like me so id say since he was so eco freindly we should do something for the enviroment or animals.


i feel very moved by River.....and i think that lighting a candle in his name and letting it burn all day is a special way to remember him......i miss him and his spirit.


Up until about a month ago I could not tell you who River Phoenix was probably because I am a PHILOSOPHER who enjoys playing word games in an ivory tower (attic).

But my niece who recently passed away from ALL(Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia) at the early age of 20, certainly could. In her younger years she was a great fan of RP, but like so many fans felt betrayed by his secretive use of drugs. However she never forgot him nor did she doubt for a minute the great talent that he had.

When she passed away she left many finished and unfinished screenplays behind. She was as talented in her field as River was in his and this too was acknowledged by her peers during her memorial service.

But to the point! She left behind a screenplay about the life and death of River Phoenix that is so brutally honest and so heartwarmingly sympathetic (which took many rewrites) one begins to wonder whether she truly abandoned him altogether.

Although I cannot describe myself as a true fan, I can never now forget who River Phoenix was even if I tried. Before I could only remember the characters he played (up to young Indiana Jones) but could not remember the actor who played them.

Unlike her other sceenplays she gave maticulous details of how each scene was to be shot. I had to put the manuscript away on several occasions because of the emotional intensity, especially the death scene:-{.

Tell me has anyone else ever attempted to write a screenplay or produce a biopic on the life of River Phoenix? To my way of thinking this is probably the greatest tribute that anyone could ever give him.


David N. Christenson,

September 1997

I haven't used e-mail before so I hope I do this right. My god, I just read all of these letters and I'm shaking. I am so amazed by the enormous impact River had on so many people. You see, I knew River. I have avoided looking at these tributes and memorials because I felt they were more of the same thing he was trying to escape. But these "comments" have done me a lot of good. Ri seems to embody some sort of universal truth for everybody. He used to say that our power lies in unity and he would have liked to be the impetus for positive action. I know he would not like to be martyred and alot of you are coming close to making him into something he wasn't. He believed that everyone had the potential to do amazing things, that we were all special and unlimited. I see that potential so clearly in the beautiful people who have made suggestions to do good in his name. But he also said that words were nothing without action. We have to realize that these words are for us, to assuage our guilt or loss. Now that we've had time to grieve we need to do something tangible. He would have particularly liked the ideas concerning the rainforest and PETA. I know that he always wanted to compile an album with Aleka's attic and donate the proceeds to one of his causes. If the cuts are ever released that could still happen. Keep petitioning, be consistent and persistent like he was. I have to say a couple things. Please don't hate his parents. He loved them very much. Everyone makes mistakes. River himself was fallible and his mistake killed him. Crucifying his family only puts more ugliness into the world. The same ugliness that he escaped so desperately. Channel that enery into something positive. Find that potential in yourself and do some good. Someone said that River didn't really care for his fans. He cared for all humanity and you're not crazy if you think he hears you. I know he hears me and he believes in us.

I really want to hear from those of you that are serious about doing something. I'll do anything I can to help. I don't have an e-mail address yet, this technology thing is new to me, but please write me and I'll let you know the e-mail when I get it.

Thank you all so much for your words.


I just found this website and was really relieved to see that so many people feel as I do with respect to the passing of River. After nearly three years, I still find that I think about him every day and since no one around me understands this, it is a relief to find others that have similar feelings. Most of the comments I have read echo my sentiments exactly about River, the actor, River, the activist and especially about River, the person--at least the person as we perceived him to be. While it was very satisfying to see others express the sentiments that I have felt since that tragic day, I have to wonder if there isn't something more that we, who still admire River, can do to preserve his memory. Almost from the time of River's passing, I have tried to find some means of doing this, but alone, I seem inadequate to the task. I wrote to Harrison Ford who seemed to be very moved by the loss of River to see if he would help, but received no response to my letter. Wouldn't it be great if we all could petition Island Records to release some of the many tapes they have of River and Aleka's Attic's songs. How about organizing an annual film festival in his memory to honor new, young talent. A permanent memorial dedicated to his memory or a portion of rain forest purchased and preserved in his name. These are just a few of the ideas I have had and I am certain there must be many ideas out there. But as I said before, any of these projects is far beyond the means of any one person. They may even be beyond the combined efforts of us all. But unless we try we will never know and we will just continue to console one another by venting our emotions to one another. Let's take those emotions and do something positive with them - for the memory of River!! Anyone who shares my feelings, please e-mail me - I really look forward to hearing from any of you.


We deeply believe that a change in attitude regarding our lifestyle would be the most magnificent memorial River could wish for. The Phoenix family used every means to express their mission, to save our planet, urging us to open our eyes and see, that we are running out of time at a suicidal pace. Civilisation brought our beautiful planet to the brink of extinction. Heart spoke at conventions, and all the family members took every occasion to express their beliefs. They have always been missionaries and raised their children in the same manner. That is why River was such an intense sensitive musician-songwriter and actor, he spoke directly to the hearts of people, truthful, pure and simple, without all the usual garbage. He is certainly not a saint or a martyr, he is just a very special human being.

31 October 1993 was a terrible day for us, and especially for the Phoenix family, their friends and close circles. The media had a field day tearing him up, but can you imagine what it did to his folks? If I placed myself in their position, I would feel misunderstood, betrayed and ridiculed. I fully understand why they closed ranks and clammed up. It is a natural reaction, after all the hardship they went through. Petitioning Island Records, or writing to close friends will absolutely get you nowhere, the Phoenix family sealed up everything real tight. There is a very good reason, because they are waiting for our reaction. How do I know? it is simple, I will explain. The only tangible reaction of the Phoenix family, after River's passing, was a letter from his mother called: A mother's note on her son's life and death by Heart Phoenix. It contains a very touching and beautiful message, telling us everything about the Phoenix philosophy, their drive and goal. At the end of this letter she writes: If River's passing opens our global heart, then I say, thanks dear, beloved son, for yet another gift to all of us. (I am still fighting off my tears, by reading these words) Heart's letter ends in a cry for help, they can't do it alone anymore, they need our help. Let us give our support, please come forward, millions of River fans. It is extremely important to make our move now, at this very moment. Our generation will pass the threshold of a new age, in the history of mankind. If we look back at the past 2000 years, all I can say, what a mess they made of it. It is up to us now, to give new hope for the future, and make a difference. Maybe it will relieve the pain of River's passing, and restore their faith in humanity. I ask you, to put this letter in your comments page. I hope people will come forward from all over, because it reminds us of a longing in our souls, of all that once was good. Let us show the world, that River is one of ours.

It's amazing how River impacted on so many people, in just 23 years on our planet. He made an enormous impression in time, by touching millions of souls. This is far more than most of us will achieve in a full lifespan. I am sure, River wasn't about drugs, as his mom and the coroner's report said, it was just an unfortunate accident. He was a warm and gentle voice of reason, talking about love and understanding, urging all of us to live in balance with nature, not to kill and destroy the riches of our unique and beautiful planet, which in fact, was the paradise the creator has given us to guard and cherish, not only for us, but also for our children and our childrens- children. The media and the press wants us to believe: River Phoenix was a liar, a fallen angel, their only concern is, how many books and magazines cross the counter, and how much money they can make. They don't care about their victims, whom they tear to shreds, in the process. They spread a lot of slander, lies and hearsay around. Hitler once said: "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it." Keep an open mind, use your head, do not condemn him or pass your verdict, without conclusive evidence. He did not hurt anybody, on the contrary, he cared and stood for love and respect. I surely wish he could have done some more. Just remember the son of a carpenter, about 2000 years ago, he brought a message of love and hope to mankind. We all know what happened to him, nailed to a cross and murdered by his own people. Ask yourself, would you make the same mistake? At least, River did not live for nothing, on this planet. He was, is and will be an inspiration to humanity. For reasons I cannot fathom, yet, to their full depth! I will not bury my head in the sand any longer, as an ostrich lives. I don't want to live in a shithole world any longer, and it is certainly not the world I want to die in. Somebody has got to try, somebody! It's up to us now to wake up and rise from our ashes, reach out to each other, and finish what River started. A worldwide web, can relay a very powerful force. A force that binds all people of goodwill together. Now it is up to you, how powerful a Phoenix movement can be.

I hope this page will become an inspiring page. River's mission did not end at 31 October 1993, there must be a continuation, he wanted it that way. Let us pick up the pieces, GO ON and kick up some dust! River's passing was not an end, we believe his spirit has become a very powerful transmitter, our "brother in arms" so to speak, working on the other side of the fence. Reach inside your heart, trust your feelings, he will give you power! Look at all the incoming comments, all these people share the same feelings, which Heart so beautifully describes in her letter. I would suggest to open the discussion by way of River's Memorial Page, it keeps this page alive, and I would welcome everybody, who will contribute, to share and learn from each other and create new ideas. I would ask EVERYBODY OUT THERE, tell your friends, your fellow students and colleges, SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS HAPPENING ON THIS PAGE. I want to create, a plan of action together with all of you, with a so large as possible basis, that really means something to our generation, something we gladly say--"YES"-- to. I don't want to call the shots, I am not important, we have to do it together! It must be totally new and fitting to our generation, discarding all the old ways. Organisations in the field of preserving nature, started out very dedicated but gradually grew into money hungry fundraisers, getting funds became their main concern, they even sell their address files of donaters to other fundraisers. You would not believe what we find in our mailbox every day. Our action should be totally free of charge, no fundraising whatsoever, everybody can participate. It must be peace-loving, abolutely legal and non-violent in any way. It must be our way, we are entering the NEW AGE and above all IT MUST BE GREAT FUN TO DO! It's our JOURNEY, and I promise you all, it will be a very good one!


For your support and suggestions you can E-mail me:

Hankjan F. van Timmeren

I was very touched by the things that the others have written on here. I agree totally with them, and I feel the idea of a memorial is wonderful. It is very nice to be able to share my feelings about River to other people. So many people have just forgotten about him, but I find that impossible to do. He was a very special person, to all who knew him personally, and to all that didn't. His dedication to the environment is what has made a lasting impression on me from the start. He expressed his concerns and worries about the environment far before it was "popular" to do so. He was real and caring. That is why I remember him almost everday. During the age when most people are worrying about money, clothes, and where the next party is, River felt deeply other concerns. He was not superficial and I find that very refreshing. He did not conform, and did what he felt was right. That is why I get so mad when people put him down for things he has done. He was just doing what he felt he had to do; what he could do to live day by day. He was very loving and lived his life the only way he could. He didn't put down others beliefs and wished he could get the same respect.

River will always have an influence in my life. Through his eyes and concerns, I saw how destructive humans really are to the planet. I can relate to how he must have felt, because I feel sick from the loss of nature everyday. I just wish there was some way to make people see what they are doing. I wish they would wake up.

Over the past few years, I have developed quite an obsession for rain forests. I believe that they hold much of what we are looking for. Medicines, cures, etc. Also, they house many types of wildlife and people. A poem that River wrote really stands out in my mind. It is about how people are destroying the forests without even thinking about what they are doing. I know he was sickened by the destrucion. Because of this, I think that it would be wonderful if we could buy land in the rainforests as a memorial to him. He would want us to help the envronment. I know it would be way costly, but if a lot of people helped, it could be possible. We need a way to remember this beautiful person before it is too late. He is a part of us and our generation.

Elizabeth Cicci

feel free to email me!

I am not going to elaborate into a long explanation of why I believe River is one of few true heroes in this world, everyone on the page has done so, in more beautiful and heartful terms than I ever could.

But I would like to say, a good memorial for him could be a branch of PETA, which he publicly backed, a sort of River Phoenix Animal Fund. In which money would be raised to help stop the use of animals in product testing. Or it could be branched out to include all issues River deemed worthy, such as the rainforest (as someone has already mentioned.)

River had stong opinions, and it is our duty to help those opinions survive, even though he could not.

But most of all, we have to remember how much we love him, I know I do.


I do not know where to begin, but I have been thinking about a memorial for River Phoenix. I think the memorial should be held August twenty-third and last until September seventh. The reason why you should start on August twenty-third because it is River's birthday! It should last until September seventh so everybody can get a chance to go. I also think you should play some songs by him and his band, and also play the song Hey Jude by The Beatles, because that was River's middle name Jude. You see That was his parents John and Arleyne's favorite Beatles' song.You also should have fireworks and play those songs.You should also have this live on TV. I have one more request, please say this little poem at the memorial. It is called: THE MUSIC OF THE SPIRTUAL RIVER: Music notes, music notes, that really is all you would hear out of this River. Acting, acting, that really is all you would see out of this River. OH NO ! Something dreadful happend. This River tried saving the world. He did not save himself though. River died just like he did in the movie Stand BY ME. I have one thing to say to River: Hey Jude don't make it bad, take a sad song and make it better!

I read all the comments on this page and I found them inspiring. I only recently watched Stand by Me, only recently begun to know River. Sadly, since he has been gone for almost 4 years.

But he left behind a legacy of hope. He left behind a million or more fans, friends, family. He showed us how fragile human life is - not only by donating to various charities, but by taking a fatal drug dose one day.

I think we should create some fundraising, non-profit organization, or a petition - buying part of the rainforest, donating to the PETA - things like that to honour his memory. He is someone special, and always will be.

I've made two images, which are still in somewhat rough form, but I was moved to do that, and who am I to ignore my own feelings? :) Perhaps, when these images are perfected, we can distribute them around the Net, linking them all to a Memorial page like this one. On the Memorial page we could detail what kind of organization we are, what we're trying to do - whether it's raising funds, petitioning, etc.

Rivers are eternal, aren't they? They may stop flowing, but only to flow into the sea. And this particular river has flown into the sea of our hearts.

Rest in Peace, River.


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