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This page is for the poetry and lyrics that River inspired to you. If you want to share your poems, e-mail me at and I'll put them on this page. I'll only add your e-mail address if you specifically ask me to.

Latest poems are added at the top of this page.

( added September 2019, 27 )

Rio's Story
Phoebe from ph
With all my love for you. River Jude Phoenix.

And we were gifted with an angel,
On a quest to put back all the shattered pieces together
That was scattered in this world of ours for decades.

His eyes were a thousand stars exploding,
Hair like the waves of emotions,
Hands were surprisingly electrifying.

So young and bright like a Phoenix,
Full of passion and selfless love,
Does this world ever deserve this precious gem?

Now running on empty, he embarked on a new journey,
A search for The Love he now ached and longed for.
A thousand miles he flew, yet no traces were found.

But alas! Something shiny, promising, and alluring
That lit up the dark night of October 31st.
His eyes glistened for it; it was The One.

Little did he knew, tricks and games were being played.
A pack full of vipers now encircled the Phoenix.
Truly, there were no chances of escape.

His strength and power were tested
But limits were reached, and all of a sudden,
One blink of an eye- he vanished.

Mourning and sorrow screamed the world.
A gift from the heavens
Now forever gone.

As gentle and good it may seem,
Hard to accept it as it is,
Selflessness was his own demise.

I wrote this poem for River Phoenix along time ago I hope you can post this in memory of his death this past October. I feel he was full of love such a rarity in men.

River shine,
River through,
your words of encouragement get me to,
A place beyond imaginable in the clouds far above the skies,
your voice of wisdom gives me a lot of hope deep inside...

Many thanks,

Leila Mouneimne

No One Told Me
by: IntoTheMadness

Went out of bed at 5:04
Packed my stuff and left my door
Walking down the empty streets
I thought, "Hey, isn't today 31st?"
Held my head to look up the sky
Wondering where in the universe you could get high?
Are you feeling happy? Are you feeling afraid?
Coz River, no one told me that it was you before DiCaprio.
You speak thousands of words through your eyes of blue
If I could go back to yesterday,
Even just for a night or day,
I'd go back to '93, and save you
Coz River, no one told me how you lost yourself in Idaho.

Stepped in the bus going to L.A
Tell me, did the city really tear you down?
Baby, you lost the soul from you we found
Sat at the back to where Birdlace was bound
The streets starts to vanish
The sky lost its hue
My heart melts into anguish
Didn't you know the color used to be you?
Coz River, no one told me you rarely smiled on lenses.

Was it grief? Was it madness?
Tell me baby, that soul of yours is endless
Why won't you speak?
Are you afraid?
Tell the world you lost yourself
You fought your demons but you lose
And when you need and have to choose,
You stumble and left us all
And that's the start of your fall Coz dear River, no one told me how you loved and cared for this world.

If this bus could take me back to '93,
We'll dance together as wild and freely
I'll tell you how much we missed you today
And how we still cry to sleep every 31st of October
Coz River, no one ever told me how you should be remembered.

( added August 2012, 23 )

You are stuck forever in time
on the boulevard of broken dreams
In your world, it is always 1993,
always California
Nothing changes
in the sunset
But the trees still grow in Micanopy

by: starlight

( added March 2011, 31 )

With me forever by Tatiana from Bulgaria
To my beloved River Phoenix

I did not know you,
but I wish I had.
I haven't seen you,
but I dreamt of that.

To look into your perfect eyes
to see your angel smile.
To wipe all of your cries
to sing with you a while...

But I can't.
You're not on Earth.
And all I feel
is that dreadful hurt.

But I still feel you,
you're alive in my heart.
And nothing and nobody
will ever change that.

My Poem For River by Daryl

You are a beautiful angel,
You died so young,
What happened to you was awful,
To the people you were among.

The drugs took over you,
Before you managed to get to the hospital,
They did everything to help you stop turning blue,
But it wasn’t enough to win the terrible battle.

Your family, friends and fans were left broken,
When they heard the tragic news,
You poor man who was beaten,
A young man that had everything to lose.

We all watched your movies,
And everyone fell in love with you,
They are the greatest movies to date I think everyone agrees,
That you will live on in our thoughts forever just like a tattoo.

You are missed every day,
We just wish we could say,
That you were far too young to go and we love you,
Beautiful River, yes we do.

Hope by Daryl

The day was waiting to come,
Where you would have to leave,
Nobody knew what to do,
Apart from to sit and to grieve.

You watch us day and night,
And maybe regret what you did that night,
Maybe you wanted to go,
We only know, that God needed you with him.

The reason we're still here,
Is to celebrate your cheer,
And when we feel like crying,
We know your here and listening.

We hope you enjoyed your time on Earth,
And are now enjoying Heaven,
We may meet soon beautiful River,
That moment I will have to capture.

Goodbye Forever... by Daryl

The end has come,
You have found your home,
A simple little coffin,
That turned you black and dusty,
Do you hear us calling for you?
You've lost everyone,
Everything you ever had,
You've gone from Earth now,
And you have arrived in Heaven.
You are now free,
To fly in the breeze,
You lost everything,
But you didn't need anything,
Your happy now.
Free to do as you wish,
No matter how foolish,
Your always in our hearts and souls,
Forever, there you'll be.

Your Life... by Daryl

We could have been Explorers,
Both you and me,
We'd both laugh,
As you'd stand by me,
We could have visited many places,
Including Mosquito Coast,
Which I know you would have loved ?
We had a night in the life of others,
But ours were so much better,
You were my little nikita,
And we would run on empty,
For as long as we could,
On our little travels,
We could have been Indiana Jones,
I would often say that i would love you to death,
When we were in our own little private idaho.
We would see many dogfights,
Which would have been very unpleasant sights,
We could have worn each others sneakers.

But you did some stupid things,
The most stupid that anyone could do,
And I saw your horrible dark blood,
I was so scared I thought you were going to die,
You asked if I had heard of a thing called love?
I cried because I knew it was going to be tonight,
Tonight was the night that you were going to die!

Now we'll never be Explorers,
And you can't stand by me anymore,
But none of that matters,
Because I have memories of what we used to be,
I Love You x

( added October 2008, 31 )

A River's End. But A Memory Flowing. by Ashlie Plowden

Although the River has come to an end,
it is like he still finds a way to live on.
It is like he just picked up and moved with the wind,
fifteen years have come and gone and yet he is still and icon.
Indians say when a river has dried,
one can still hear and feel it in years to come.
He knows how many tears people have cried,
and he would not want us to feel lonesome.
We will meet him again someday,
until that day he lives on in the wind and in us.
Some continue to pray,
they want to meet him again, they are anxious.

It is too difficult to say what actually goes on inside,
no matter the content.
No one will ever know he had died,
but we do not believe that was his intent.

Here is a song that I think of when I think of river Phoenix. It is Garth Brooks' song THE RIVER.

You know a dream is like a river
Ever changing' as it flows
And a dreamer's just a vessel
That must follow where it goes
Trying to learn from what's behind you
And never knowing what's in store
Makes each day a constant battle
Just to stay between the shores
And I will sail my vessel
Till the river runs dry
Like a bird upon the wind
These waters are my sky
I'll never reach my destination
If I never try
So I will sail my vessel
Till the river runs dry
Too many times we stand aside
And let the waters slip away
Till what we put off till tomorrow
It has now become today
So don't you sit upon the shoreline
And say you're satisfied
Choose to chance the rapids
And dare to dance that tide
And I will sail my vessel
Till the river runs dry
Like a bird upon the wind
These waters are my sky
I'll never reach my destination
If I never try
So I will sail my vessel
Till the river runs dry
There's bound to be rough waters
And I know I'll take some falls
With the good Lord as my captain
I can make it through them all
And I will sail my vessel
Till the river runs dry
Like a bird upon the wind
These waters are my sky
I'll never reach my destination
If I never try
So I will sail my vessel
Till the river runs dry
Lord, I will sail my vessel
Till the river runs dry.

Every time I hear that song, I picture River Phoenix.
4 ever and always, we will love River Jude Phoenix.

Poem by Millie

why did you do it?
you mave been depressed, angry and sad
but hey that doesnt make you bad
you didnt have to do it
snort that nasty shit

people say your in a better place now , an angel in the sky
thats tru but still the question why ?
we thought you were an idol here to stay
but on october 31st you floated away

you left people angry hurt and upset
but you lvie on in peoples memories
we hear your voice blowing in the tree's
we hear you singing in the rain
even though all the pain we know your hear
listening on with a loving ear

R.I.P River Phoenix

Poem by Shay

An angel you were an angel you are
i'll meet you some day no matter how far
like a piece of my heart high in the sky
i'll meet you some day but for now bye bye

( added August 2007, 23 )

Many fans cried by Heather Taylor

I have to say goodbye
turn around then cry...
Your not here, yet i speak
Makes me sad, oh so weak

I wish you were here
Then i wouldn't shed 1 single tear
but you had to depart
when i think that your gone, i feel a break in my heart

No-one knew, how could they know
that the time had come, for you to 'go'
You were loved, you were a star,
Every-one knows that you could have gone far

But you were taken
the world was shaken
many fans cried,
on the day that their idol died !


I'm not good at English, but River inspires me. So this is for him from my sincerity.

Who are you,
The son of nature ?
This poem of mine, Dear to you
The son of sun
The son of wind
The son of creature
The son of adventure
The son of cherishing, devotion and tenderness
The son that never betrayed his Mother.

OK, now I know
You're not a God
You're not an angel
You're normal, just like me.
But to me
You're the sun
That shines through my hours of darkness
The light
That shines on me forever
You're the wind
The wind that free, belongs to nobody
But you are ours, our everlasting love.

Hey, goody - goody nature boy
Can you feel all that ?
My teary eyes
My broken heart
My aching love
And of those who never knew you ?
OK, as you said, you was not an angel
But now you are, from high above
I believe.
May you rest in peace
But I hope that you may not

You're still here
Around me, around my breathe, around my air
Protect me
Be my strength and be my faith
You will never die, baby
Because you are
The River of life.

With love,

This is dedicated to the one and only one golden-hearted, beautiful, caring, talented
and legendary River Phoenix.

Thank you for being the way you are.
The eternal River flows,

poem by Heather Taylor

River seemed like the perfect guy,
so why did he have to die.
I can't write anything that honours him well enough,really,
so i'll just say this, why?
why did River have to die?

By Heather Taylor dedicated River Phoenix fan,
Rest peacefuly River.xx .

poem by Jessica

to me you are
the world, my light
my big almighty lord
but some people have and
will always call you
a druggo or a fraud

I have this little space
in the middle of my heart
I will never be able to fill it
since we always are apart
I can see you every night
through my dreams and
through the light

I can't help feeling blue
when I watch movies
or think about you
and how you could still be with us
travelling to premiers
by train, car, plane or bus
So rest in peace
my beautiful star
and everyone will see you
for what you are...


( added October 2006, 31 )

poem by Marion Tillbrook

a brightly shining star
can only shine so long
your the only one who knows
the pain you suffered from
you never hid your feelings
on the life you had to live
a wasted life and talent
who had so much more to give
you touched my life in many ways
although we never met
you helped in my bad times
a friend i wont forget
and still your somewhere out there
shining brightly in the sky
so for now its see you later
never a goodbye

Marion Tillbrook, Edinburgh
remembering you always shine on

( added August 2006, 23 )

Poem for River by Aleigh Black

River, you were there for everyone.
You were like fire to a log or a pencil to paper.
You seem so far, but you’re really so close to every one of us.
Everyone will remember you as that Chambers kid in "Stand by Me"
Or as little Indiana Jones in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade".
But as you got older you started to change. Drugs and stuff were put into you life.
Not cool! And still as you got older you ended up leaving all of us.
Hopefully to a better place than where you used to live.
We all were there for you 110% of the way.
None of us should ever forget you ever.
I will always have a special place for you in my heart, even if you are "dead"
Even though only some of my friends knows who you are or cares about you...
You will always be someone who I know and who I care about.
Forever and ever.

(August 10, 1970- October 31, 1993)

poem by Sarah C. Gilbert

This poem is dedicated to the memory of the wonderful River Phoenix

He was a gift
An impact he left
So young he was
Words can't describe
Left the people he loved
To wonder why

He was grace
He had promise
He was destined
To be a great legend
But he became one
So young he passed

The world without
A wonder as he
That great actor
Stand By Me
I know he would have
He was a great brother
A wonderful talent

Tears of sorrow
Shall no other be next
How we will miss
How we won't forget
The young handsome talent
Known as The Great River Phoenix!
I love you River! You will always be remembered!

RIO (no author name left?)

Ultimate time is what made you,
The bad bad town is what broke you,
Happiness, madness end in sadness,
The lime sprinkled taste sweet,
Turns sour and bitter the more you eat,
See, hear, admire,
Never be forgotten, never,
Round tiny enemy friends,
Took your life to end,
Hazing, thrashing, fading,
Memory now will always be,
You are the light,
To he, she and me

The sorrow of October by Elisa

Sorry, my english isn't really good..This is something I wrote one night, when I thought of him. This is like I would be talking to him. And this is to everyone who are missing and thinking, friends, family...
Let him rest in peace.

Sometimes I have those times, times when I cry and times when I feel depressed.
My life wouldn't be like this if I had never find out about you.I mean not like you ruined my life, cause you didn't.
I'm not mad or anything. Without you my life wouldn't be so rich. You have give me so much. My life is rich and full, full of colours, thoughts and different ideas.
You don't make me feel happy all the time, but life isn't just happines.
Life wouldn't be life without crying and lonely times.
But you have made my life better and opened my eyes. And happines isn't happines without sadness.
Sometimes I feel like "Oh God I wanna die and be with River" I think that I wouldn't find you so interesting if you would still be alive..And I have allways find interestin death and hollywood-stars, "died young" u know.
But when it happens to someone you really care, you start to think why' What we really here for' Was he so useless that God desided to take him away from us so soon' No, well I don't really know how God thinks. But he wouldn't took you away if you wouldn't be so important to us and to him.
God, let him be happy where ever he is...

This is owned to River Phoenix 1970-1993, to a lost talent that was washed away at of October twelve years ago.
But that will never be washed away from our hearts.

A River by Lauren S.

There is a small river
No more than a wide stream
It's full of life and knowing
Ideals and dreams

I've never seen behind the glass surface-
What is really there to see
But I understand its message
The flowing songs that it sings

The message is of earth
Of loving and caring
Of peace and conservation
Of knowing and sharing

The small river grows
As it rushes forward, unwavering
It is bigger now
But its heart is unchanging

Bigger and bigger it grows
Everyone wants a piece
Everyone wants to see it in person
The river doesn't understand it in the least But it decides to take advantage
Of its new found fame
It decides to start spreading
The message its trickle contains Yet it's all become too much
River can't take it anymore
There is only so much of the river
Not enough for everyone to have and adore

Finally it finds an ice cold numbing
It takes a wrong turn, a bad bend in the path
And no one seems to notice
The effect of the raging rapids wrath

Then it is too late
The river slowly dries away
Leaving behind its memory
Its message only a stain

The carved river-bed is still there
Still a spectacle to the passerby
And if you listen ever-so closely
You'll hear the trickle floating in the sky

P.S. My heart is with you and all of those who hold River dear to their heart on the significant date rapidly approaching.

( added August 2005, 23 )

To river by tracey

My poem for river phoenix, not alot written but i mean it from the bottom of my heart,

We may not have met you,
Or knew you,
But that doesn't stop the pain
That tugs at us deep inside,
Its funny how much you can love
Care for and admire
Someone you didn't even know?

So young,
So talented,
Yet you was taken away from us
To never be seen again,
But that doesn't stop the love
And it doesn't stop the inspiration you gave.

I promise now
With only my broken heart to offer
You shall never be forgotten.
River phoenix

A poem to River by anonymous?

You fell asleep, sleep so deep
We tried to wake you, but you couldn't wake
We tried to speak to you, but you couldn't hear
We tried to touch you, but you couldn't feel
You're in sleep, sleep so deep

"Only a Stranger" by Colette

I was 5 years old when River Phoenix died. And although i cant really remember that far back, i remember knowing that someone important had died. Stand By Me has always been my favourite film of all time ever since i first saw it when i was 9 but at that age i guess u dont really take in the full meaning. I cant really think of anything to say that isnt going to sound crappy or kinda like what everyone and anyone has already said but i guess i need to express how he made and still does make me feel. He gives me hope, i dont necessarily know what for but its there and its coz of him. The more i learned about him through my life the more i loved him for what he appeared to be. He seemed caring and true, i guess he just had a way of portraying himself which touched people's lifes. He touched mine. River Phoenix was an amazing actor, musician (and from what i can tell) person and whenever i think of him a tear forms in my eye and an ache in my heart. My only hope is that wherever he is, he's happy.

This is a poem (or lyrics, am still workin on making it a!) regarding River Phoenix which i wrote recently.

I saw you today as i passed down the street
In the eyes of a stranger
In which i would meet
It wasn't you but i could see you within
The passion and strength and the warm tender grin
I never knew you
I was only a fan
And you were only a stranger

Only a stranger to them
Only a stranger to me
Only people who really knew you were your family
And now you're gone forever

You held out your heart and your voice rang clear
But the harder you tried the less people would hear
They devoured your soul
Then left you for dead
No comfort of dying at home, warm in your bed

You lay still come 1:14
A body under a purple awning
The star once again playing a role
But death is no character you can control

No maybe i never knew you
So i don't know who you are
But if you turn me inside you you can see i bare a scar

Only a stranger to them
Only a stranger to me
And now you're gone forever.

Rest in Peace man..........Skin It!! Colette x X x

( added May 2005, 27 )

poem by -Leah-

Remembered forever,
Loved, always and true,
Thought of every time,
That night passes by,
A warm heart that was fairly new,
He brought us the hope,
To stand by eachother,
It made us angry,
We screamed and we cried,
We even wondered why?
But we remain together.
Young he was,
But we mourn from the loss,
He was the boy who died,
Forever in our thoughts
We Love You River

Rio by Holly

Young and strong,
This angel fell.
Short and sad,
His health wasn't well.

It was at the Viper Room.
The night he didn't make through.
His life was done,
Someone else's a new.

Illegal drugs was the thing,
Your poison and undoing.
You died on Sunset Boulevard,
The World was at your viewing.

October 31,
He was declared deceased.
Young mighty River,
May you Rest in Peace.

River by Lauren


Child of the sun and the moon,
Brother of the falling rain,
Comes in summer with hope,
Life, Love, Joy.

Brings laughter to the children,
Flows threw the hearts of others,
Lives on threw darkness and light.
Sadness, Darkness, Death.

In loving memory of River Phoenix. 1970-1993. A greatly loved brother, son, actor, musician, singer and actor. You will forever be in our hearts!

Just A Boy by Holly

He cried he loved and hurt he was just a boy. You love him I love him but what do we know? He was just a boy who needed to be loved just like you and me. He was an actor and so many other things but deep down he was just a boy.

He needed help but nobody ever came he was crying inside but all people could see was his smile. He was just a boy and he left before his time. Now its just too late now all we can say is sorry and goodbiy.

Goodbiy River we love you more than you will ever know but we can never know what it was really like to love you this is the best we can do. You were so deep and passionate you were beyond your years but you were just a boy with so much to give. In the end the fame and the hurt you felt inside just got too much and something had to give but why did it have to be your life?

A river that dont flow. by Shelley

A river that dont flow is like, a bird that cant sing.
or a tree that dont grow.
Losing the identity that god had giving you.
The world could come crashing down any minute.
I could lose everything. Even myself.
But there's one thing that nobody can take away from me.
Thats love the love that flows through my heart.
A love that could of been saved.
That love is you River.
You will always be resting on my heart.
Forever and always.

Rivers Come and Rivers go by Jessica

Rivers Come & Rivers go
But this 1 River We all know
I always ask God Why did he have to die?
All night we sit, wonder and cry
Just seeing your gorgeous face
Could make any person a basket case
You were so loved, appreciated, talented, kind, a friend to everyone...
Rivers Come & Rivers Go
But this 1 river.....we all know

--We all love you River, please watch down on us.....

Rest In Peace Beautiful Angel by Katie Loope

He has came to me through my dreams
he came to me through my words in my poetry
he's came through my art work
he inspires me everyday words that come through my body
he's helped me spiritually because he can't do it physically
he's helped me throught anything
his works such as his music and movies the way
had such a heart in everything he has done ...

entrevista con el vampiro (interview with the vampire) by Marisa

Tarde lluviosa
Sordo silencio
Apenas respiro
Mi corazón habla
A través de un suspiro.
La pantalla muestra
El puente de san francisco
Y asi es como comienza
Entrevista con el vampiro.
La historia de un jóven
Llamado louis
Quien decide morir
Para así escapar
De la pena de vivir.
Miro la película
Con indeferencia,
Parece que algo falta
Ignoro lo que sea.
Avanza la trama,
Louis impone su presencia,
Lestat desaparece,
Claudia perece,
Armand fugáz ,
Juega con la intriga,
Opaca a louis
Con su fría ironía,
Te atrapa un instante,
Pero no lo bastante
Como para olvidarme
De mi triste agonía
No olvido el vacío,
Esa pieza faltante
Que desde principio
Me dice a gritos
Que la filmación
No esta completa
Que no tiene lo
Mas importante
Como si el libreto
Hubiera sido escrito
Para un fantasma
Como si la historia
Hubiera sido creada
Para una ausente alma.
La historia culmina
Y si bien, es entretenida,
No debió realizarse,
Pues carece de vida
Y aunque suene paradójico,
Ya que trata de vampiros,
El papel protagónico
Es el que no tiene sentido.
Louis se retira de escena
El entrevistador
Huye despavorido,
Es atacado por lestat
Quien se encontraba
Suena "simpatía por
El diablo" junto
A la risa burlona,
De aquel diabólico vampiro.
El puente de san francisco
Largo y a la vez, efímero,
Aparece otra vez en escena
Dando punto final a
Entrevista con el vampiro.
Comienza el reparto
Repleto de actores conocidos,
Y un nombre aparece escrito
Dando sentido a la historia,
Que fué dedicada
A su memoria,
Una lágrima asoma a mis ojos
Y me avergüenzo por mi olvido
No era algo lo que faltaba
Era alguien muy querido.

In memory of river phonix(1970-1993)

On a day like today by Drea

thank you for the opportunity to share your website with you and put our poems together in one place like mourners do with little paper prayers folded and floated down the Ganges in India.

On a day like today
A golden opportunity was born
All three eyes weren't too wise
Now that's a thing to mourn
And I am so forlorn
So lost, still whole, not torn

On a day like today
A river ran this way
Scampering, howling into the year of the dog
talking backwards
he could have been a god
idol of the matinee
I still have some shit to say

Your life touched me
one body each
don't get another
welled up from the depths of the death of my brother
a spring of sorrow in my soul
from years and years and tears ago
I buried you in my mortal flow

Ended up a dog dead on the side of the road.

I promised myself that very day
No Horse, no Crank, no Coke
no way

Out of respect for you
I stay
and play
and play
and play

Why did you have to flow away?

Rivers Of My Soul by Charlotte Rose Hamby


I was just visiting your site and came across the poetry page, there is a poem that I would like to share. I wrote this back in 1987... I remember seeing River for the first time, playing Chris and swinging his arm around his best bud. His opening scene in, "Stand By Me" will be etched in my heart forever. This is the first time that I've written about River, since his death. I didn't expect tears all of these years later, but here they are in my eyes as I'm writing this. That one "sweet soul" has left a permanent imprint on the lives of so many. I recently dedicated this poem to Richard Dean Anderson and his River Project... I think that River would have found it a worthy cause. I was in my creative mood one evening and felt that there was something that I was suppose to write, I was in my teens then and my Hero was "River". He was just a babe himself, a mere 17. There I was laying across my bed on my stomach, looking at a photo of River. I looked into those blue/gray eyes and saw the depths of forever. I picked up my tablet and wrote...

Shadowed beneath a searching soul Giving me peace of mind, body and heart You are forever in motion... Calm, serene, coolness sheltering just below the surface A tempestuous flame... Seeking and absorbing knowledge experiencing with pleasure The ease of your gentle flow... You take the breath of my existence away from me As I watch from high above... Reflecting the sunlight your surface like gold catching my eye... Enchanting me with your shimmer Filling me with tranquility And passion for life... I wonder what you've observed Through the course That you've been given'? What mysteries lay untold That only you may tell And I may never know? I reach out to touch you But you escape through my fingers and away you flow... Taking with you my despair And replacing it with Hope...

Written by, Charlotte Rose Hamby

I didn't know then, how little time there would be and how much knowledge would lay untold...

River, We will always love you, where ever your spirit may flow...

poem by Joanna

The kind young man
The sensitive young man
was ours
as you let him be

We listened
as you did.
Your world-turning face
- that you would never have imagined it would be-

And your face listens
and it still does

We kiss the sky
We kiss the sky again
spin in your kind sweet sense of yourself
You know we are here
We know you are

See you later Pheonix

( added July 2004, 30 )

poem by Jessie and Carmen

He woke up from abad dream That made him wail a horrible scream He said he saw a light that lead to heaven Why did he have that dream? As I stood on the curb He heard my final word And I said well always have your love Forever and always from above

RIVER by Shauna

Flowers will die,
The sun will set,
But you,
I will never forget,
Your name is so precious,
It will never grow old,
It's engraved in my heart,
With letters of gold.

poem by Gemma

follow your heart across troubled waters,
it will guide you even if your eyes are blind,
follow your heart across troubled waters,
true love waits on the other side.

The Endless River by Stephanie Tong (Lima, Peru)

I hate to see your face fading with time
I love to remember your life but I can't leave you behind
since you were very special to me
and I know these are not just dreams
for you've been stocked to me for real, as crazy as it seems.

How can you be gone, what stupid thing have you done?
Messing up with drug addicts during the cold dawn.
Oh, River. I wish you could be here
Our voices, our sadness is what you need to hear.
Wonder if you know we cry for you every year?

Maybe you were not happy at all
putting masks to pretend you had a smile of gold
when the only thing you wanted was to see you fall

How come, River? How come? Everyone loved you, didn't you know?
I suppose you didn't know it until you were gone
leaving us with no for faith, no more hope, no more gold.

I guess your take of was meant to be
even though we were not ready still
and so we'll have to wait, wait and see
but I know someday, some how
our River will meet.

At The End Of A River by Ali

At the start of a river it's full and flowing

And then in the middle peaceful and all knowing

And then at the end

Well it doesn't stop there

Cause the River keeps going

No longer has cares.

Rest In Peace River.

Noche de brujas (Halloween night) by Marisa Eleonora Carletti

Era un domingo cualquiera,
como tantos otros,
ése día que nadie espera.
Sin embargo no duermo,
la inquietud me exaspera.
Es noche de brujas,
pero aqui nadie lo festeja.
Es noche de brujas,
una tradición que no nos refleja.
No hay historias de miedo,
pues no es la costumbre.
No hay dulces ni trucos,
sólo es otra noche de Octubre.
Mi alma sobresaltada,
me mantiene despierta,
una oscura flor encantada,
tiene mis sentidos alerta.
Enciendo la radio
y una dulce melodía,
me serena un instante
con su dulce armonía.
Noche de brujas,
te burlas con tu disfrás malvado.
Noche de brujas,
unos ojos azules has apagado.
Esta no es una historia de horror,
ya dije que aquí no se acostumbra.
La historia es real,
la muerte camina en la penumbra,
se aleja satisfecha,
su obra ha sido hecha.
La música culmina
con una triste noticia,
que no me conmueve,
ni me horroriza.
Demasiado dolor,
demasiada codicia,
llevó a la muerte
cometer tal injusticia.
Noche de brujas,
cabellos dorados
rodaron contra el suelo,
se rindieron ante ti
sin desconsuelo.
Noche de brujas,
un corazón desgarrado
te llevaste de trofeo,
un niño destrozado
por un mundo perverso.
Demasiado frío,
demasiado hostil,
no fue difícil conseguir
a quien quisiera dejar de sufrir.
Noche de brujas,
un alma hallaste
para tu sacrificio,
una alma te llevaste,
ya que ese es tu oficio.
Noche de brujas,
no te escaparás,
de todos no te burlarás.
Y aunque no es la costumbre,
si alguien te descubre,
pagarás por el crimen
de aquella noche de Octubre.

Con mucho respeto a 10 años del fallecimiento de River Phoenix

(Octuber 31, 1993- October 31, 2003)

( added August 2003, 23 )

River by Amanda

He is so special
he is a friend,
his love for people,
will never end.
He made us feel good,
he made us feel glad,
He felt like a best friend,
one of the best you ever had.
You watch his movies,
and sit and cry,
just thinking,
why, why did he have to die?

But you start to think,
he's in a much better place,
and you can just imagine,
the happiness of his face
You smile at the thought,
that you will get to see him someday,
The perfect river in heaven,
each and every way.

The Memories That Which Remain by Katherine

It's unfair, but who am I to be selfish?
You left before I knew you,
Before I ever had the chance.
I could have seen you when
You lived,
You breathed,
You cared,
You loved.
But I can still see you,
In the memories that which remain.

You still live,
Still breathe,
Still care,
Still love,
For always, in the memories.
But I won't linger on regret,
They won't bring you back.
Nothing will,
Except maybe,
For the briefest of moments,
The memories that which remain.

( added March 2003, 13 )

RIO FENIX by Marisa Eleonora Carletti

Hola mi nombre es Marisa Eleonora Carlettti, soy argentina y quisiera enviarles este poema que escribi para River hace un tiempo y esta dedicado a su memoria.

Rio era tu nombre
y como el rio,
a veces turbulento
a veces calmo,
eras dulce, eras fragil.
Irresistible llegar a ti,
a tu rivera
nadar en tus aguas,
manantial de pureza.
Rio joven, fresco
imposible rechazarte,
rio suave, irrefrenable
hubieras llegado a todas partes.
Rio salvaje, implacable
¿quien hubiera podido frenarte?
solo tu rio furioso.
Tierno como la verde hierba
duro como el quebracho,
asi eras tu hermoso muchacho.

¿Porque te detuviste?
¿que miedo te habia amenazado?
Rio inmenso, caudal de vida
tus aguas quedaron tiesas
se tornaron frias.
Rio del recuerdo
¿regresaras algun dia?
Rio del pasado
¿volveras a tu cauce?
¿recorreras el mundo
sin que la fatalidad te alcance?
no respondas
se fiel a tu otro nombre
aquel que nadie olvida
Fenix: ¿renaceras de tus cenizas?
esperanzas nos sobra
como buenos soñadores
henos aqui esperandote
tus ilusos admiradores.
Rio inolvidable
cruel la noche que nos dejaste
Rio infinito
no puedes del todo marchare
Rio amigo, sensible criatura
no temas al mundo
tus tumultuosas aguas
barreran hasta con la roca mas dura.
Creeme rio mio,
compañero de mis jovenes dias
¿como podria mentirte?
Maravilloso rio,
querido rio,
en mi corazon y en mi mente
tu memoria tiene un despacho
donde siempre estara presente,
para ti rio eterno
para ti hermoso muchacho.

Con el mas puro amor a la memoria de River Phoenix

poem by Anna

A River flowingly turns,
From one side to another,
Gleaming and beautiful,
It glistens in the sun.
This River especially,
Has the most amount of beauty
I have ever seen,
As he walks flowingly through life,
Gleaming with charisma,
With love in his heart, soul, body and mind.
And like most rivers,
will live on,
But for ever in our hearts.

Fallen Angel Of Heaven by Christina

My name is Christina, and I am one of many of rivers fans. I wrote a poem that I would like to share:

"Lone Star State Of Mine"
those were your words truth hidden within lyrics of your songs.
Desperately seeking a way out of your pain and misery.
Atlas with the weight of the world on your shoulder looking for something impossible to get.
Peace and harmony are figments of ones imagination only a strong soul like you believes it can be done.
Gentle fallen angel from heaven above sucked into oblivion.
took you three and a half days to get into this world hiding from something so early in life.
afraid to face it when you were still in your mothers womb.
selfless river putting others needs before yours, too much can be a fatal mistake.
worrying about everyone around you when you should realize your self destruction.
how could you save you form yourself?
you wanted so bad to be in a better place where people had hearts.
mature beyond your years appreciating what you had never complaining who go the better half.
you always give a piece of you out never keeping any for yourself.
a world of needles and white powder your temporary shelter.
It betrayed you.
You went to them for help but they brought you down you made that deal with God and he held his end of the bargain.
sleep well my beloved seraphim, you have your peace and harmony.

( added August 2002, 23 )

The River That Runs Deep In My Heart by Jessica

Over the mountains, under the sky
where green fields sway and eagles soar "high."
Where flowers bloom, but quickly pass,
Lays a single River amongst the grass.
its size is small, but meaning is great,
its beauty, only God could create.
The friendliness of its current, and the sound that it gives,
Is enough to make a place where anything lives.
The love it projects, the envy it receives
is a legend carried on through the new grown leaves.
And even though its small , and little it covers,
at its demise it affects all others.
This river is small, but special and set apart,
this River is the River that runs deep in my heart.

I Hate That I Can't Hate You by Jessica

I hate that I can't close my eyes and dream of the night we kiss
I hate that you'll never know a life of eternal bliss.
And I hate that you drifted into a world you warned others about
And I hate that your message of cleanliness and purity will only be accepted w/ doubt.
I hate the stupid things you did, and i hate that you always put others first,
and I truly, deeply hate to say that, but if only you had stopped to look and listen to yourself
You might have hated what you had become.
I hate the fact that you were clean for months prior, and I hate the fact that you felt a need dyer,
to throw it all away!
I hate the fact that your selfishness affects me the way that it does,
I hate the fact I can only see you on my way up above.
and most of all i hate the way I'm taking your tragedy and making it my own.
i hate the way through over the years, for you my love has grown.
and to top it all off,
i hate the way I don't hate you,
And I hate the fact that I might be wrong
But keep this in your heart and mind,
the love of your fans is forever twined
into a long lasting silhouette of River fans standing strong

( added July 2002, 22 )

For river by Katie

your soul controls
what the mind and body do
all day ... there are days all i wanna
do is dream that is why i sleep ...
there are days where i just want to be
a bitch to everyone including myself ...
there are days i just wanna cry
for the ones i miss
(River Jude Bottom Pheonix ) spiritually
he has inspired me to write
what i feel in my heart instead of in my head...
he also inspired me to be honest and stand-up for what
i believed in ...
i wish there was a way i could thank him
(maybe one day i will ...)
because i believe that he is in heaven...
there are many reasons i could say he
inspired me ...
but, there are someways
he inspired me that can't be said in words
only by my heart ...

Singing to the River by Jan Winchell

This text is actually a song that Jan wrote about River

Can you tell that I am singing?
And are my words understood?
This song I wrote for a friend of mine
That I never did know

Where you've been is almost told
Where you've gone nobody knows
I just hope that I'll be there someday
Or even maybe real soon

You have showed the world your talent
And we will never forget
How you blessed us with your eyes, your soul,
Your inexplainable life

All that you've touched are still crying
Those who havent may not know
How you blessed us with your eyes, your soul,
Your inexplainable life

You cared for yourself and surroundings
Although people dissapproved
Still you held your head up high, and said,
You think that life should be pure.

You have tried some simple pleasures
Those you tried just did not do
So you tried another pleasure, and look,
Where that pleasure got you.

I have given you my heart
I just hope that you'll accept
And I know that I'll be there, someday,
Even maybe real soon.

Why by Monica

*please don't copy that poem thanks*

Many people miss what they never knew,
Many people long for what they never had,
Why do people long for River so much?
Maybe because he couldn't be figured out,
And people always wanted more.
Or maybe because he could be figured out,
And others liked the outcome.
Whatever it was,
River made people love him,
When they didn't even know him.
And he made people that did know him,
Love him more.
He made people listen to him,
And that was what he always wanted.
He was loved when he was alive,
And he is still loved when his body is dead,
But his spirit is still living.
He made even the darkest day bright,
And the silver linings from each cloud,
Are reflections from River's smile.
The rain is Rivers tears,
He cries because he sees the way people and animals are treated,
Everyday in our society.
He gave his all to tell everyone what was wrong and right,
River, just incase you don't know,
Everyone listened.
And even though now the River will never flow just as swift,
The sun will still rise just as bright, and it won't fall just as quick,
And now the stars will shine even brighter.
So why do people miss what they never knew?
And long for something they never had?
Because it's River that they're missing.
River Jude Phoenix
August 23 1970 - October 1 1993

natura river phoenix by

eu sou minha propria incognita
carente de verdade e de dias
deixe morrer o homem
a dias ele já definha
a vida é o bem mais precioso
renasça natureza
por hora nos basta essa corrente de luz
essa pespectiva de alegria por dias melhores
vejo o sumo de ídeias articuladoras
assisto a magica de ídeias puras
refaço meus horizontes com cores mais vivas
tranquilizo minha familia
o céu será verde e anís
mas conservo o azul da beleza que deus criou
uma pomba branca escorre
e se desmancha em minhas maos
o verde da amazonia abamdonada, traída, açoitada
por seus filhos mais gentis
homens que devoram tudo que exala vida
tranquilizo minha familia
beijo meu amor e a conforto
o azul do céu pemanecera
não retratarei guerras ou ódio
o amor transparece em cada ser vivo
em cada animal movente
o verde da vida permanece em minha mente
no mais perfeito cénario de amor
retrato a natureza viva e não morta
retrato agora nossa sorte
e um sonho visionario por dias melhores
celebro a vida&tempo de river phoenix

( added January 2002, 14 )

1993 by Fatima

The year I turned eleven
the sky was dark and grey
That's the year you went to heaven
with nothing more to say

You'd faught so hard to make us see
I guess I was to young to know
Yet since that day I've never felt free
this emptiness inside that flows

Since the day that I was born
my life's been living hell
But knowing how you were torn
makes me ashamed of myself

I've never been really loved, like you
yet you were so sad inside
'Cause nobody really saw you for you
just that moviestar on the side

All that you achieved down here
will never be forgotten by none
Save me a special spot up there
so that I won't have to be alone

I saw a star last night
they've always made me smile
But one was shining oh so bright
twinkling for a while

I was named after you, you see
so now when lights are out
I go outside, alone, just me
and talk to you, with no doubt

That you're listening to every word
and answering me with your love
I see a dove, a precious bird
and I know you sent it from above

I don't crie over you no more, sweet one
instead I only smile
'Cause I know that's what you would've done
a goodbye is only for a while

See you soon...

Son Of The Moon by Fatima

And as time goes by I still ask myself why
Why it had to happen why you had to leave
On such a short notice and without me
It still hurts still makes me cry
Still makes me wonder why
You were so young with much more to do
Was it your fault or someone you knew
We all know when and we all know where
But never why
Why oh dear
You had to say goodbye so soon
River Jude Phoenix - Son Of The Moon


written in memory of River Phoenix, who died in Hollywood, outside the Viper club on Sunset Blvd, Halloween night, 1993

restless...not knowing why,
I went down to Willow Palm,
late...and moonless,
under dotted light of the Milky Way;
the streets and houses were empty
as if all people and their pets had evacuated.
Towering fan palms looked almost human,
each standing solitary with a lion's head
in silhouette against the sky.
The willows resembled dark elephants
grouped in ominous silence.

After wandering into a meadowed clearing
which sloped down
to a satin, pitch-black stream
mimicking a cottonmouth moccasin
at rest along a bayou,
I abruptly choked and froze:
...on his back, just a few yards
from the motionless india-ink water
lay River Phoenix, eyes wide
and glowing
as radium, an unearthly green-white.
He was breathing hard, laboring for air.
Two sleek wolf hounds lay upon their sides,
in sleep, by his sneakered feet:
thousands of giant moths fluttered above him
in the still warm air,
attracted to the bright orbs
set in his death-like marble, perfect face.
Arrhythmia quaked my chest; I jerked backwards.
Sounds as of ice cracking
shattered the air, loud and repeatedly,
for several moments, then began dropping away,
...fading over and far beyond Willow Palm.

Fragmented dream sequences
brushed against my brain as the dusty wings of crows
during an altered state;
--there was a train station
in miniature--one weathered, large sign hung crooked,
between two enormous cedar posts
over worn, rusted tracks and read in neon:
" Everglades Midnight Flyer."

I remembered driving
one hot summer evening
on the empty highway west
from Ft. Lauderdale,
through inkblot stands of pines
scattered among miles of palmettos
in hypnotic, flat expanse
glimpsing a phantom River Phoenix,
quite pale-white and
in the glare of my insect stuccoed headlights
on hi beam.
After processing
the startling retina after-image,
I stopped
and backed up about 3/5 of a mile,
swerving radically
to avoid a five foot Diamondback rattlesnake
gliding across
still heated pavement.
I braked then, slightly behind him.
He turned and stared...blankly;
I pulled forward.
A shadow,
or something like one,
flew through halogen lamp brightness
like cohesive smoke caught on a wind gust.
He simply vanished.....a hallucination?
I freaked
and thought I saw a panther's face
in heavy brush
beside the road.

Then, in Willow Palm
two years later, there he was again...
lying still; hard breathing had slowed.
The astonishing luminescence of his eyes
beamed skyward, as if two eerie lasers.
Enormous moths continued to gather,
swarming in and around
the uncanny light;
their fluttering
was tremendous, like a tornado of snow.

The wolf hounds awoke
with a suddenness
as if struck by lightning;
their eyes too,
and radium bright.
They howled
in tremulous wails.
I shivered,
and he was gone--
only the lustrous dogs and blizzard of moths

I felt ghastly--no feeling anywhere;
an 'out of the body' sensation.
I called out to him;
my voice only echoed
in the thick, heavy darkness.
I lost consciousness.

Beneath a humid, blue-gray August dawn
in a petrified forest kind of stillness,
face down, to one side, I awoke...
on the ground...
in Willow Palm.



( added October 2001, 31 )

poem by Emily

remember me as i was;
not as the big star;
not as the heartthrob;
but as the person i was;
don't be sad;
for i am still with you;
i have three last words;
that i wish to give to you;
don't look back;

Why wasn't it meant to be? by Tyneille Woneen St.Quintin

As i watch for you, you'll never come,
now god who has you is the lucky one,
are you up there, please say yes,
no one knew you were laid to rest,
I hate October, it stole you over,
you shone like the sun, you twinkled like a star,
Now your gone the sky is dark,
Life is black, i am cold, but you are still warm,
not a day goes by without thinking of you,
I wish you were here, do you wish it too?
I feel the wind, i feel the warmth of the sun,
but to me there is no wind, no sun, just you,
Rivers will flow, birds will sing,
but without you i hear nothing,
life is dead fire is cold, i feel you hear,
but i am blinded from your song,
Why did you leave me all alone,l
please come back here and stay with me,
I love you so much,
Why wasn't it ment to be?

River Jude Phoenix (1970-1993)

Through the Glass by Aja

I see your face through the glass
I tune into your voice
I watch you talk to other people
I don't have any other choice

I've seen you sing and I've seen you run
I've seen you walk the tracks
I saw you go into a war
I've seen you explore there and back

You are gone forever
Yet I see you through the glass
I can never ever reach you
A very impossible task

I guess that I'll get through it
This glass will never break
I can only see you so many times
A chance I will always take

Branded A Star by Aja

Late August day his life had just started
Filling his surrounding with joy
Deciding from his family he would never be parted
River would be their first boy

As a little boy growing up with six others
Singing and entertaining a crowd
Three sisters and his younger brother
Making his parents proud

His luck has changed as years passed by
They branded him a star
Every day he'd try and try
Entertaining from a far

His talent soared up through the sky
His soul was deeply cherished
But his mind was flying higher than high
Not knowing one day he would perish

His personality was different, all his own
No one could be like him
His talent was his dazzling throne
Yet his life was hanging on the rim

In life he made a bad decision
Maybe a bad choice in friends
His life and career made a head on collision
Coming shortly to an end

Late October his job was done
His soul had sadly ceased
He had died so very young
Now he rests in peace

( added August 2001, 23 )

Inspiration by Katie

I watched him first in 1986 then my heart just clicked...
watching someone with great talent and a heart not made of sticks ...
Then i was crazy about this kid named river jude pheonix ...
He was just like the great bird that rose from the ashes ...
But there were times he had a few crashes ...
that's when i knew that you make mistakes for such a great talent
anyway noone 's perfect that is what inspired me to write ...
what great guy to inspire me within my deepest feeling inside my heart ...
River will always be with us even if it is through his spirit
maybe even through your soul and heart
that is the reason he shall never part
cause we all have little of river in souls but mostly in heart...
that is the reason he is all our inspiration cause he is there
even though we can see him we know he's there
and he will always care ...

Forever, Dearest River ( in memory of River Phoenix ) by Lynda Thornton

I had written three poems on River . The first one I wrote many years before his passing. The other two I wrote were written just a few months after River died. The first poem I wrote on River was my favorite poem I had ever written. However, the poem I'm submitting best describes my thoughts and feelings on Riv.

A time when it looked so easy
Being naive took its place
Such hard work you made
The moment to show your face

You had dreams to change the world
Spreading love all around
Efforts seem to be a struggle
But some day to be found

Your name was in lights
Your face was on the screen
A change in your life
A young girl's dream

There was love in your heart
Peace was your dedication
Your world was in my hands
Such a true inspiration

You changed my life
Taught me to look closely around
To find the power of change
That I soon found

You helped guide me when I was lost
I saw you as a mentor to me
When others couldn't understand
And the vision they couldn't see

But now you are gone
I feel so confused
That my feelings for you
Have now been abused

Where will I go?
Who can I now turn to?
I had faith in your strength
That day by day got me through

I guess I'll have to find a way
For myself to move on
A struggle it may be
Since you are now gone

I'll always be thinking of you
Your kindness from the start
The memories you gave me
You're forever in my heart.


( added July 2001, 15 )

River, you will be remembered (anonymous)

river we will always remember you
ur deepest feelings, we hardly knew
on october 31st, free was your soul
u left many hearts with a big empty hole
the talent that u had was so incredibly portrayed
stand by me was the best one made
u had the potential to be something great
but nothing could stop ur deadly fate
there is always a place for you in our hearts
ur memory will never depart

( added March 2001, 4 )

Stars by Paulina Slazak

If you see the stars tonight
Then tell me what they say
And let me know how bright they are
And I will always pray
That one day you'll come down to me
And tell me from abowe
My angel from the Universe
The one I'll always love
River, I Will NEVER Forget You!

( added October 2000, 31 )

Phoenix by Marie

Hello my name is Marie, i have written a river phoenix poem i would like to share.
If anyone enjoys my poem or would like to get in touch with me please e-mail me at:

Look up at his face
Into the eyes
Dead eyes
Smiling down
Rocking you
Look down at his face
In the black crip
Fallen bird
Just to feel it
The warmth
Smiling through
Rocking him
Look into his face
At the dead eyes
in a fallen bird
Smiling down
Rocking me

::dedicated to him, the Phoenix::

Book Of Angels by Carlos Conceição

for river

Your shadow makes me tremble
It makes my shaking hands drop the idea
It makes me wanna see what my eyes cannot
It makes me wanna be what I'm not
And you step into the bonfire
while I'm patiently humbly waiting
my turn to go
write the book of angels...

( added June 2000, 25 )

Poem by Katey

You died in front of the Viper Room that night.
The way you left was just not right.
You walked out the door not knowing it yet,
But the rest of your life was already set.

You started complaining and fell to the ground.
Your life was now done, your life was now bound.
You had so much to live for, so much to still see.
You spirit has left, it's gone on to be free.

Although I will miss you, I'll miss you always,
The most I'll miss are some of your ways.
Your heart was so caring, so loving and true,
No one around you could ever be blue.

Your career was soaring, your acting so great,
You just weren't made to go on, it's called your fate.
You couldn't handle the media, pictures, and fame,
They turned you from what you started as, you just weren't the same.

The night that you left the city was still,
For there were hearts on the street with holes to fill.
You spirit still lives, your spirit goes on,
But never will there be such a man that has already gone.

Dedicated to River Phoenix

EvErYoNe LoNgS fOr An SleEpLeSs DaY... by Eleni

River, the sound of your name
flows my soul to another place
So many people know your name
Could you ever imagine all this fame.?.

Everybody talked about your life
Everyone had a spicy lie
But wait, they all say you were great
and still: do they have a prayer for you to save.?.

That night you died, you didn't cried
That night you left, you flew to the other side
That night you saw the brightest light
That night you were saved
and lived the most amazing moment of your life

River, the colour of your eyes makes me smile
Nobody could understand your lonely life
So all we can do now, is watch you fly
Flying somewhere higher,
above the sky

Believe me all these tears, are tears of envy
Cause everyone longs for an sleepless day....

From my heart... by Alkmini

Someday i saw a little angel
walking next to me
Someday i heart your voice
singing in my ears
and i knew with my heart
it was you
your eyes your smile
won't tell no lie
River river where are
you now
i am calling you
i am looking for a sign
cause i'm lost with out
you don't you know
and i wonder why you
left why you gone...
With a kiss from my heart
i say goodbye
cause now you are
an angel in the sky

( added March 2000, 13 )

To Be Free... by Jennifer Rotz

A child without a home to call his own,
the chilling of night is all he's known.
Without a morsle to eat,
the child cries and the lonliness repeats.

A few years down the road,
the child's pocket full of gold.
Power, Money and Fame,
the child is never hungry again.

What a good looking young man
the child has grown to be.
With the world in his hands
he struggles to be free.

To have everything he wants,
everything he needs.
The child dies alone,
a man dies to be free.

Dedicated to River Jude Phoenix

Jennifer Rotz

( added October 1999, 31 )

untitled (anonymous)

The water is wide
I cannot get o'er
Neither have I wings to fly
Give me a boat
That can carry two
And both will row
My love and I

China Blue by Kalle

yeah, i think i've finally lost it
my eyes aren't swollen cuz of the cat anymore
somethings's slipped through my little fingers
and i never had a grip in the first place
every day i wish i could crawl up inside of you and cry
i'd fill up the water in the porcelain tub until it seeps over
flowing between the cracks in the icy, red tile
but i still hear my heartbeat
i'm listening
and i can't hear your voice
guess i'm not There yet

by kalle
aged 13

( added August 1999, 23 )

Scared To Be Alone by Laura

The sky is deep the sky is dark
The light of the stars is so damn stark
When i look up i fill with fear
If all we have is what lies here
you left me in this lonely world
this troubled place.
Then cold dead stars and empty space
is that's left of your life that we can trace.
Well i see no reason to preserve, no reason
to laugh or shed a tear,
no reason to sleep or even wake.
no promis to keep and none to make.
The rain came with your sorry death
and cleared the month of your sorry rainbow
expressions and it cleared the streets of
the silent army's so you could dance.
And so at night i still raise my eyes
to study the clear but mysterious skys,
that arch above us as cold as stone,
Are you there or am i alone.

with love, rest in peace river!

poem by Rojan

I wrote this peom the awful day that I found out he was gone, but the great day I found he existed. River, this is for you. Love U Always. Rojan M., Canada

On August, 1970 a baby was born
Talant from the start
He came into our world,
and showed us laughs
He showed us tears
He showed us love.
Every time, he was better than ever.
Then he was
We mourned, we cried
When those who are loved so much, why are they taken away?
WHY did you leave us?
Why did we lose you?
23 years old, just a fraction of a lifetime
Lost, to the pain of this world.
The River won't stop it's flow
If the water doesn't run out

~River Jude Phoenix~

( added July 1999, 17 )

The Phoenix Hovers Overhead... by Mia

'A unique spirit with a gifted mind,
a way of living no-one else can find.
A place to get away from all the Hollywood Hype,
and escape to yourself while your mind's still ripe;'
'A gifted child with a unique find,
a way of dreaming that effects her mind.
A place to get away from her abusive family,
and escape with River so romantically;'
'She lays back her head and closes her eyes,
immediately thrown away from the screams and lies.
She faces him with such emotional grace,
as he stares down upon her with an innocent face;'
'His heavy arm wrapped around her bony frame,
as he whispers sweet-phrases that once felt so lame.
The smell of sweet canibis as his breath tickles her skin,
as he speaks soft love-words so far from a sin;'
'Their way of living just seems so grand,
but only she knows it as he takes her hand.
And as he teaches her to dance around in beat,
she's never learned to dance so she treads on his feet;'
'Suddenly she awakes as she hears a scream,
her brothers' loud voice booming through her dream.
She realises she's really at home in bed,
not living through thoughts captured in her head;'
'She's never met this fantacy man,
but he existed and lives on like she knows he can.
He's gone now, in Heaven, looking down on her face,
because the Phoenix Hovers Overhead now, but is still captured in her embrace...'

The Never Ending River by Amanda Harris

Your life ended so tragically one cold October day every person stoped to pray
You were loved by millions old and young
now there's a song that's sadly sung
It's about a River so strong and caring a River that never ever stoped sharing,
you were always so deep so very true
to the never ending River we'll never forget you.

Amanda Harris (1993 age 13)

poem by Lisa B.

Whispering in an unignorable tone
Clasping the heart and soul
The inside voice that never lies
Stays forever in his eyes
Tragedy of a wonderful friend
Will it ever end
In the morning I shall not wake
Our hearts beat the same
Like the dead of night
I fear my only fright
With heaven's very might
I see the light.

Pure Talent by Steve

My personal tribute to River.

I was young, I didn't know,
I'm older know, I've had time to grow,
Time to realise what your life meant,
Time to know your life wasn't miss spent.

You were unique, the only one,
The memory of you will live on.

You were Twenty-three, Twenty-three years old,
There you lay lifeless and cold,
Surrounded by friends, family too,
Everyone cared, everyone knew,
How you died, the way you went,
That was the only time your life was miss spent.

You were unique, the only one,
The memory of you will truly live on.

How much you meant you'll never know,
I'm older now; I've had time to grow,
But you didn't you died so young,
But the memory of you will still live on.

You were unique, the only one,
The memory of you will always live on.

Back then I didn't know why,
I'm older know I'm not afraid to cry,
I know you're in heaven smiling down on us,
And so your spirit in god we trust.

I wrote this because I was only ten when River left us, but his work will carry on and inspire all of us. We'll always miss you River, thanks for the memory's that you gave us.

River Phoenix
by Dan

23 to begin
Halloween... 1 A.M.
Shadow of the Viper Room
Young handsome lad thrashing violently on a sidewalk
Onlookers are deer in the headlights
Pale and uncontrollably sick
Overdose is the word
Users become so absurd
The cocaine and morphine mannequin
This is sin and we're forgiven
We miss you
Always in our minds
Never in our arms
Today you played an asshole
Tomorrow you get to be God
Worship your veins
Traces of valium and marijuana seep out of them slowly
Between the cracks of the sidewalk
Abomination authorites
Were you a misguided angel?
Or a moody, party animal who deserved what he got?
Some say a good heart that was just very fucked up
Too concerned with unimportant things
Vegetarian with a guitar
Inside this perfect life lied a cracked heart
A River in the distance churns softly
A Phoenix flies above spraying ecstacy
Here in this lonely place we miss you



He is the angel who decieded to me perfect.
He was the brick who wouldent burn who wouldent give up.
He was the glass that was to strong to shatter.

The bird flying free thats all that really matters.

The days are storter with out you .
The nights are longer.
The cries have more meaning
but the drugs are more hated.

Death got aholed of you.
cold breath was the reasult.
It was drugs fault.
The pain of mornful people.
The screams of sarrow.
His dreams crushed.

That River has died.









Kylie Jackson

Hi my name is Kylie Jackson. I am 16 years old and I live in Melbourne
Australia. I wrote this poem about River last year.

River died outside the Viper room
Oh why did he die so soon
Watching his movies people laughed, people cried
A million tears fell on the night he died
Stand by me was where he first smoked
And the Viper Room was where he choked
Rain, Liberty, Summer and Leaf
All their lives are full of grief
Drugs took away the life of Arlyn and John's son
River do you realize what you have done?
So many people looked up to you
Now what are we meant to do?
Five years ago you fell to the floor
You only just made it out the Viper room door
Did you know you were going to die?
Is that why you waved goodbye?
"I'm going to die dude" you yelled to the room
None of them knew you were about to meet your doom
"No Paparazzi, I want anonymity" you said on the brink of death
Then you sighed your very last breath
Samantha Mathis sat by your side
She held your hand and cried and cried
Maybe if you had stayed home that night
You may of lived and everything would be alright
On Halloween night as everybody ate
You crept into the toilets and met your fate
You were handed the drugs, you swallowed them all
Then you put your head against the bathroom wall
Is that when you realized something was not right?
That you may not live throughout the night?
What went through your mind as you were dying?
Did you see faces crying?
Did you think "This is it?"
"I'll be gone in a little bit"
On that night whe you died
everybody thought the news had lied
But I knew the truth
Drugs had taken away my favorite actors youth
23rd August 1970 - 31st October 1993

The more we hurt

We can no longer see you on our earth,
Just only in our dreams.
You couldn't cope with pressures of life,
Or that is what it seems.

The more I hurt, the less I feel,
Is what you wrote in your song.
You wasted away, Your spirit gone,
Did you know it all along?

    I love you forever

By Emma-Louise

Forever true...

You've reached the end
You found a nest
a simple coffin...
Your skin is dust
Your bones became black
do you hear us calling?
You've lost your friends
You are gone from earth
i wonder do you feel lonely?
Your soul is free
you fly in the bree
your soul broke the coffin
So you lost your friends
but nevermind,they didn't make you happy
Forever true, forever alive
you are the reason i don't care to die...

You Made Me Smile;
You Made Me Grin;
You Made Me Scream;
You Made Me Laugh;
You Made Me Mad;
You Made Me Confused;
You Made Me Cry;
Then You Made Me Love You.....
And Tore My Heart Apart.
But I Still Love You......

ponderance by Diane

We often look out to see
the magic that can be
from the whispering of an ocean's breeze
the sound that sets our souls at ease
the moon above it all provides
the purest essence for our eyes
this night by which the moon has filled
with light and hope on which we build
a life of one we hold so dear
to live, to die, regardless of fear

diane marie rosalie

upon learning of river's death those four short years ago -


I never wanted the stars
Never shot for the moon
I like them right where they are
But all I wanted was you,

So baby, I just turn away
Cause I can't taste the truth
All I'm trying to say is:

All I wanted was you...

Love Ellen

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Raven's poem:
related comment

River flowing through my head
River free, because you're dead
River trying to break out
Separated from all doubt

River my love, my soul for you
River, forever i will be true
River one day we will meet
On heaven & hell's intertwining street.

River like you there is no other
River i need not look for another
River you are my source, my light
I need not cower nor cringe in fright

Amadeo, Michael, Raphael you were all
You burn in the sky and then you fall

River where have you gone?
River, who's lost, who's won?
River wait for me on your star
The time to go is not too far

thank you all for keeping his memory alive.

e-mail address :


You cared for her tenderly,
As if she were your mother.
May you peacefully sleep, now,
Where loving arms enfold you,
Mother Earth holds you, forever.

This is just a poem I wrote about someone who still means a lot to me.

A Stagnant River
by Nikki
(Dedicated to the late River Phoenix)

Staring out at the firmanent sky dreaming when a memory bombards my tranquil mind and I am filled with sorrow.....

For once I knew of a flowing River,
A flamboyant, yet virtuous man.
Who embraced the world through philanthropy,
And could lend a helping hand.
He was a phenominal being,
An enigmatic River,
My imperial in this life,
And idolistic figure.
I was drawn to this man,
By the rare integrity of his talent,
And his flashing eyes and floating hair,
And on the screen quite gallent.
Though on the surface he displayed
Such security from fame,
Deep down he had abandoned himself,
Abandoned his own name.
Soon he could not resist the temptation
Of the sinister drugs which drove him,
And clandestinely feasted
On the plants he thought not would win him.
Each time I revive within me,
The thought of his death with fright,
My heart convulses like his body convulsed,
On that tragic night.
Now an inanimate figure,
A staturistic mould,
How can I condone him,
When he left me in this world so cold.
Maybe he was too good for this world,
May he rest in peace,
Though he has banished from this race,
My thoughts will never cease.
For every now and then a
Clairvoyance of him appears,
He is a fresco in my mind,
That shadows me from my fears.
From a thriving river,
To a stagnant stream.
River for to come back to us,
Is my ultimate of dreams.

Luv ya


This poem attempts to express my thoughts and feelings toward River Phoenix and the legacy that he left us.

by Peggy Adams Amond

A spark of pure, golden light
Radiating life and love
For man, for nature

A child of the sun
The earth embraces her own
Who guard the forests and streams

A spirit soaring freely
The soul has no limits
Create your mystic music

In the realm of dreams
Where the stream of consciousness
Flows into the eternal River.

River Phoenix (1970-1993)

River (For River Phoenix)

There once was a river
a mighty mighty river
That ran through our little
our little town

All the kids would
Come to play
Around this river
Night and day

There once was a river
a mighty mighty river
That ran through our little
our little town

Some would hear
This river for hours
Others would watch
This mighty power

But now this river is gone
The river is gone
Gone away

(c)bill perry 1993

Just a Tiny Chance by June

Have you ever thought where´s the person who once was so alive and
so real, but now just a sweet, warm memory in your mind?

And you think; Maybe he has born again, living in there somewhere.
Maybe he feels himself free and happy, beautiful like a butterfly.
Or maybe he has got a longer life now...

Funny, he has to start all over, maybe go to school, learn all the little
things of life. But it makes you happy; He has got a second chance.
And he´ll always live and carry all those good qualitys with his
beautiful soul through all the lives he´ll have...

Yes, it makes you happy, the thought that you´ll maybe see each other
some day somewhere. But still, it´s just so tiny chance...
But I´m sure that I´ll know you then, just as I knew you once.

A sparrow is watching me behind my window.
Its sweet, little black eyes look so nice.
There´s some silent communication between us two.
It feels like it tryes to say something to me. And I understand.
The tears are gone, I´m smiling...Maybe, just maybe...

Love, June

Here's a song: "Across the Way", by Aleka's Attic, written by River Phoenix and Josh Mckay.

This is something I wrote after reading his poem:

When the night lays on your soul
your heart starts to feel so heavy
so you let it out.
You have no heart and your soul is black,
you are his shadow...
Step by step you walk right through,
you've reached the end,
you feel complete.
And yes, the other side is really nice!
You can see now, there are no rocks, no tools and steping stones.
You don't wear a tie,
and your hat is off.
It's time for NIRVANA,you are abord.
The rainy days finally stop,
the sun isn't shinning outside your door...
You feel no pain,
you hear no lie.
Your heart is o.k.
You aren't happy,
you can't see the light.
Your heart is empty.
The time for NIRVANA arrived
it was just a small selfish lie...

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Full of Hope by Stephanie
related comment

When you were young,
I remember it so well,
You used to look at me
And I could tell.

Could tell your thought,
Could tell you scemes,
Could read you mind,
But not your heart it seems.

When you were older,
This I do recall,
You seemed distant,
Not the same at all.

Than one day
Out of the blue.
You left me,
And my heart full of love for you.

Stephanie Westwood

"Lost to the Flame" by Julie
related comment

You were lost to the flame,
Of fame.
We just couldn't play your game,
Who's to blame?

You're gone, such a shame,
The pain.
You fell like rain,
Gone insane.

Hear the rustle of trees,
Lonely sighs of breeze.
Buzz of bees,
And your light it frees.

You're gone, it's unreal.
You can no longer feel.
It's not a fair deal,
A steal.

You were lost to the flame,
Of fame.
We just couldn't play your game,
Who's to blame?

You're gone, a shrill alarm,
Like an empty field on a farm,
It's gone, your sweet charm;
I thought you could do no harm

My emotions affray,
Because you could not stay.
There is no way,
You really could have gone astray.

Your pictures on my wall,
Of times when you stood tall.
Wish I could give you a call,
Instead I had to watch you fall.

You were lost to the flame,
Of fame.
We just couldn't play your game,
Who's to blame?

You've been gone so long,
I've almost forgotten your name.
You've been gone...
So long...
Lost to the flame.

"Silent River" by Julie

A River that,
No longer flows.
A heart that,
No longer grows.

A part of me,
Is torn away.
A part of him,
In me to stay.

A soul tarnished,
Yet so pure.
Now he's gone,
Is that the cure?

One less life,
One less love.
Lost to,
Heavens above.

Even in your home,
Up in the sky,
Are you in peace?
Do you still cry?

Do your worries,
Still haunt at night?
Do you still care about,
What had made you fight?

You were loved,
I know you still are.
Just because you're gone,
Doesn't mean you're far.

In me,
You're a mere heartbeat away.
Don't forget,
To listen as I pray.

I'll pray for you,
Please wait for me.
I'll see you someday,
In my eternity.

Well, thanks very much for taking the time to read this. And River, it's really such a tragedy that you had to go for us to realize we needed you to stay.

Love, Julie

P.S.~Feel free to e-mail me at

"Don't Let Go" by Julie
related comment

Take your dirty hands,
Wipe them clean again.
Bring back your sparkling youth,
Say your prayers; Amen.

Push your unwashed hair,
Away from your stricken face.
See the world in it's new light,
Slow your quicked pace.

Stop for a moment,
Live your own life for just a minute.
Take a short second,
To get out from where you're in it.

Don't let yourself,
Take less than you deserve.
Don't allow yourself,
To jump off the edge; around the curve.

Look in the mirror,
Do you like what you see?
Look at yourself,
Is that who you really want to be?

Hear the words,
You speak everyday.
Are they the words
You really want to say?

How could,
You let yourself go?
You didn't stay,
To finish your show.

You let yourself,
Fade away.
You allowed yourself,
To freely stray.

Rest In Peace River...

Love always,

P.S.-I'd love to hear from anyone who'd care to write me. My e-mail address is

A Poem For River: By Vicki

Never Forget You
So beautiful and young
You gave your life to heroine
We will never know why you decided to say good-bye

You were loved by all
It was true
So sweet and kind
River, everyone cared for you

All in a heartbeat
You fell and died on the street
Rumors went flying
People were crying

Now that you're gone
No one really seems to remember you
No one seems to care
You've been gone too long

No one can bare the pain
You left in their hearts
You thought drugs were a game
Now you pay the price

Six feet under
In that cold cold ground
Not knowing what life would have brought
Never hearing another sound

Your memory still burns from within
It seems like it will never fade
If only you would have staid
We wouldn't feel any pain

I wrote this in memory of the late River Phoenix. I'm a 15 year old female from NJ. I hope you liked the poem.



The white taste of oblivion by Kats

My mind is cleared up
I feel this taste
It should be hideous
Like must be death
It shouldn't be nice
To be repelled
But danger is the meaning
Pain would not spare any rest
This grief consuming everything
Strong enough to make me forget
The white taste of oblivion

Nobody sees
Though they all watch
Nobody cares
Yet it's too much
And I'm part of it
I close my eyes to evil
Adding blindness to my guilt
But it's coming from myself
The voice hissing that freedom is there
All weights could be taken away
By the white taste of oblivion


The Mirror Had Seen

The wealthy home had in its entrance
an enormous, extremely old mirror,
that must have been bought at least eighty years ago.

An unusually handsome lad, a tailors employee
(on Sundays an amateur athlete),
stood holding a parcel. He delivered it
to someone in the house, who carried it inside
to fetch the receipt. The tailor's employee
was left by himself, and he waited.
He approached the mirror and took a look at himself,
and he straightened his tie. Five minutes later
they brought back the receipt. He took it and left.

But the old mirror that had seen and seen,
during the long, long years of its existence,
thousands of objects and faces;
but this time the old mirror was delighted,
and it felt proud that it had received unto itself
for a few moments an image of flawless beauty.

Because I have seen and seen,
but when I saw you, it was just a few moments
it was you, an image
an image of flawless beauty

I still miss you


River's song by Chalan
related comment

A fallen angel
In the hands of fate
A soul lost to the world
Through a dark gate

Voices in the wind
His song echoes on
Gone, but not forgotten
His flame brighter than the dawn

Rivers of tears
Haunting the night
Ripples through a pond
A star still so bright

Reckless and young
Yet so full of heart
A deep blue River
With whom we have yet to part

River Jude Phoenix by Yve
related comment
August 23, 1970
October 31, 1993

"He will never be forgotten.
He was a wonderful person,
who loved life and the living
things in it. May you rest
in peace, and let your new
home be peaceful and pain-free.
Good-bye dear friend and brother,
for you have given us great joy in your
birth and great sorrow in your passing"


Before with the ever unconquering fever
Into this universe
Why? not knowing
Seems 4 dimensional
Consciously sensual
(silence like waterfalls overflowing)
Plays with a candle in the sun
And wanders in the streets
Where lonely bought a gun

Brain spent a moment in annihilations waste
(Give me a taste
Just a taste)
Get wasted

Psychoactivated waits
By the river of time
Like a chill
When it hits you on the threshold of pain
When you're drowned in the
Dark womb flesh of desire
Cut loose from the whiplash world of myre
Hands of doom and melancholy
Strangle throats deliriously
Breaking with the Tragedy

Stop for a moment
Wheres the key?
There's a door, but a veil which I can't see through

Night and water
Hurricane blowing
Carry me time
Fuck the light
Fuck tomorrow
To the death
To the end, dear friend
I'm sleeping
Spent the night alone in a pathway dreaming
Contemplating my asylum
Walls of smoke drift over my oceans

Cantation spoke in the dawning of morning
The cold having passed with the memory of night
With the long gutteral cry of the moon
As its burned to the edge of the world
Barely gone to return
Lost inside
The dust and soul of emotions
Stuck in the drainage of life
Lost in television
Trapped in the telephone
The being of "I" is intense
and alone

The circle
The spiral
The soul
The succession
Timelessness weeps in this realm of obsession
Earth move under me
Breath move through me
Death is the memory of you within me

Steal the moment
Steal the clock
Christ - the hour's running out
My existence
That tsunami's drawing closer
Damp flesh of reality
At once becomes too much for me
And crazy blue tranquility with you
Becomes my sanity

Here in my madness
By a river
Time drags me into the rest of my life

Flying with creation
Destination known without hesitation
Feel the migration
Integrating psychedelic nation


Breath'd a spirit
Crawled within it
Sweet insanity love pulsation


River by Lisa
related comment

I watch as heaven disappears into the sunset.
I close my eyes,
To see a single angel in my head.
He plays joyfully,
Like a child in the wintertime.
His smile is as bright as the sun
Of a warm summer's day.
I open my eyes
To see a friend,
Playing joyfully,
Smiling brightly.
Maybe heaven exists on Earth.

'Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground' by Chrissy

If you had not've fallen,
then I would not've found you.
Angel flying too close to the ground.

And I patched up your broken wing,
and hung around awhile;
trying to keep your spirits up,
and fever down.
I knew someday
that you would fly away,
for love's the greatest healer to be found.

So leave me if you need to,
I will still remember,
angel flying too close to the ground.

Fly on, fly on past
the speed of sound,
I'd rather see you up
than see you down.

So leave me if you need to,
I will still remember,
angel flying too close to the ground.

I think your web page is very nice. River Phoenix will always be in our hearts.

Love You Always River,


"The main thing in film acting is something going on in the face, and with the really good ones, it's pain."
-- Gus Van Sant

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