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This page is for you to add almost anything in the way of thoughts about River Phoenix - things that you want to share. Maybe, why you are a fan, or your thoughts on his life. If you would like me to include your comments just e-mail me and I'll put them on this page. I'll only add your e-mail address if you specifically ask me to. Don't forget the Across the Way, the River Phoenix Mailing List if you want to share your thoughts and discuss them with others.

If you have any suggestions for this site, or information about River that might be of interest, I'd like to hear from you too. If your mail is not for this comments page, please make that clear. Flames will be ignored! The newest comments are added at the top of this page. There are 5 pages of earlier comments, page 5, page 4, page 3, page 2 and page 1 (earliest).

( added August 2012, 23 )

Dear my love River jude bottom phoenix
there's never a day that goes bye wear I think of you
I fell in love with you when I was only a little girl watching stand by me with my father and falling in love with you ever since.
I wasn't even born yet when you were alive and now I'm 18 years old and it kills me everyday that I could never meet or see you ever again .
I watch documentries all the time of you and of course movies.
And I also adore your band and your creativity with your music with your sister rain but all I can say right now is I miss you truly river
I truly am in love with you from the bottom of my heart sometimes I feel like me and you are the Same person with our love for animals and also being very sensitive and our love for music.
I no people only see you for your amazing acting but I see you as being both but mostly your music
I no life for you when you were little wasn't all that perfect and I truly admire that about you like you said in the documentry ( Me being River) that's how you handle things being your self and you taught me how do that
sometimes I wish I was there when you were making my own private Idaho to stop all the horrible things in l.a that you were involved with someone to let your feelings out to all I wish I could be to you was a ride or die girl I no in l.a your big star there's so much pressure of you acting managing your band and taking care of your family.
My heart goes out to your family sisters and brother I Love you Baby
I'm sorry you had to suffer the amount of pressure that went on your my heart and my world I love you so much River
Rest in Peace baby may you watch over me
Rest in peace my baby I love you
Love your Truest Fan Gabriella I love you baby

( added March 2011, 31 )

I fell in love with River Phoenix when I was only 12 years old and being a vegetarian myself and a creative and sensitive person I guess I was immediately drawn to many of his qualities. A year later River died and I was devastated at the loss although I never met him in person, the connection I felt made the pain feel even more real. It's been almost 20 years since then and I am now older than River was when he passed, I since then relocated to the US and married my husband who is a talented photographer and film director and is now the same age as River would have been if he was still alive.
It's been a while since I allowed myself to have look back at those days but just recently I stumbled upon some of my old River Phoenix artwork that has been featured on your website and I was so excited to discover that your website is still up and running after so many years.
I appreciate the effort and thought that you put into preserving the memories of River and if one day I will be inspired to paint another portrait of him I would love to contribute it to your website again.
I have been watching some of the movies and memorials on the web lately, some documentaries created after River's tragic passing, been reading a lot about him again and I am filled with the same sad feelings that I felt back when I was a teenager.
A few years ago I lost my first real love in a tragic accident. He was only 26 when he was killed, and although the time heals the pain and the hurt, the memories will always remain. So thank you for reminding me of River and how special he was to me and so many people.
I will never forget.

I am only 16 years old and I'm not really a "fan" of many things. I get interested in activities and people, but for the most part, they are only thoughts in the back of my head. River Phoenix is the one and only exception to this.

Most girls today freak out over Robert Pattison, Taylor Lautner or the Jonas Brothers, but River Phoenix is the only celebrity that could ever make me scream like a little valley girl.

When I was seven years old I watched Stand by Me at my Uncle Chris's house and my first ever crush became instantly intact – I fell in absolute love with the character Chris Chambers because number one: he was sensitive and oh-so-adorable and number two: I wasn't yet at the age where I could fully comprehend that while there wasn't a Chris Chambers in real life there was a person inside the character – River Phoenix. I soon forgot about him as I grew up and my life went on to bigger things, but a couple weeks ago my English class had a Factoid Friday where we pick an arguable topic and enlighten our classmates on the subject. While most of my peers discussed legalizing marijuana and lowering the drinking age, I discussed veganism and the deterioration of our planet because of our meat consumption and other factors leading the decline of Mother Earth. In my research I googled celebrities that were vegetarianisms in hopes that they really believed in it and weren't just in it for the publicity – nothing make me more nauseated than attention seekers – and soon enough I came across the Phoenix clan and as soon as I saw that moon shaped face and that pointy upturned nose, I said, "Oh my god. That's little Chris Chambers all grown up … wait his name is River? River Phoenix? Whoa, what a name." I instantly became enthralled with finding out everything about him, I still don't know why. All I had gathered about him at the time was that he was an actor with four brothers and sisters and they were all in vegans. But when I looked into those ocean green eyes I honestly felt something pulling me in, tying me up on the mystery that is River Phoenix. There really is something mystical and spiritual about River Jude Phoenix.

I never knew him. I never met him. I've only seen one of his movies and yet I can relate to him in many ways.

It's sad that he is now gone but it was so blatantly obvious that something was wrong with him. Even with a smile on his face there was no denying that painful expression that lied rooted in the depths of his soul that was so obviously exposed in his eyes.


Dear River,

there's more across the way, you're right.
Let's walk on sand and watch the footprints behind us,
let's walk on green and make it bloom.
Your imprints I follow - everybody should...
Let's honor every being let's try to be good ones,
let's stop eating animals and treat them good,
let's this side look so nice, that's our way!!!
You impressed us all deeply and still you do!!!!!
I love to plant trees thinking about the environment
and who reads this should do the same - just somewhere,
there's place enough, why not...
And folks, stop the blather that everything is so bad.
The sun is always shining also when it rains,
it's paradise ground we already walk on,
work on it that it's getting better step by step...

2010 - time passes by and we still honor you!
Yours xxx

It's funny, I can't recall when I began reading about and watching River Phoenix- it happened so fast. Although, one day when I was watching the movie Stand By Me and the credits were rolling, his name appeared. My mom was like, yea that's River Phoenix, the boy who plays Chris, and I was like oh yea? I heard that name before (likely due to his tragic death). I started reading articles about him, began watching his movies online incessantly, and right now I've decided to collect possibly all of his movies. My wall, of course, has his pictures up on it... and I can't help but look at them with such fascination. Even though he has the most beautiful face ever, his soul is what captures me the most. I admire that he wasn't a superficial, materialistic Hollywood star.. I hate those people. I would've loved loved loved to have met him, but then again I would've been way too nervous! I think nobody should judge him nor his family; it's nobody's business at all. What I do believe, however, is that we should consider River Phoenix as a very talented, passionate, and intelligent young star who had a world of potential. I love reading others' opinions regarding River, and I feel good knowing I'm not alone; there are other people out there who feel like I do. In the end, I am left with a mysterious question: Why do I feel such sorrow for someone whom I've never met? It's a tricky thing, but it it what it is: River Phoenix was special, and he definitely captivates my heart. I don't imagine him deceased, or else I get confused and angry. Instead, I believe his spirit lives on, that indeed he is real and looking at this world from Heaven. I hope someday, when I leave Earth, I get to talk with him..

RIP River Phoenix

I was at wal mart last night and i saw a river phoenix young Indiana Jones action figure. River was on the back of the packaging. How cool is that. Their selling all the Indiana Jones movies stuff right now.

I trying to think how to start this. I'm three years younger than River Phoenix. So when his movies where being made, and when music was changing in the early 90's I was changing with it. It was like this change in culture. Grunge came in and the next thing I know I'm wearing Doc Martins boots with baggy shorts and a Nirvana T-Shirt. Oh ya, and those Black flight jackets were cool. Anyway, back to River. His music was great, I remember hearing Across the way. I loved that jam. And one night in a Tempe, AZ coffee shop called Java Road, I sat down to a whole River Phoenix conversation about the song Positive Thinking. And how it was this song that ruled. When all this was happening River was still alive. So I was watching the beginning of his music career take off. Since then I have heard positive thinking and yes it does rule. I have heard alot of Aleka's Attic music now. Thank you U-Tube... What great music. River was the one Movie star who had the right music at the right time to be a rockstar. And be respected in the same way he was as and actor.

So his music has got me back into his acting. My Dad took me to see Explorers, and Stand By Me. Then My friends and I saw A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon, Little Nikita , ect. We also watch Dream a Little dream, and all that other stuff. The Coreys, good stuff. Anyway, even a few years later. My Own Private Idaho, Sneakers ..Everything. I saw most of his stuff new.

I have been buying alot of the films. And as i watch them. It's hard to think of him as passed away. Because watching them bring me back to the day's when we all lived forever. He is so alive in his work.

This Thanksgiving my Wife and Daughter went to Palmdale have the holiday with some of my wifes Cali family. Palmdale is and hour from Sunset. So I took one day, to honor River. The internet being the thing that it is, I got Rivers last night in my head. I went to sunset Blvd. I got there early. First I went to the front of the Viper room. I was 5 hrs before doors opened, so i relaxed. This was the place I was going to stop smoking cigars. 3 hours from that piont would be the last time I smoked a cigar. I walked down to the Sunset Tower Hotel. The last place river stayed before he died. I had time to kill so I walked out by the pool. Laurence Fishburne was there. He was talking to a man at a table. I thought Morpheus.That's cool. I stayed there for and hour just getting a feel for the place. I walked from the Hotel to the viper room. with parking like it is, i'm thinking this might have been his last walk. If not the hotel was a place he stayed at alot, so I'm sure he walked sunset. sometimes. i walked it with great respect. I could not stay til they opened the viper room, i had my family waiting in palmdale. Next time i go, i will plan things so i can go inside the last place River was. I smoked my last cigar where he fell outside the front door, and left Sunset, I went thru the hills. River was at a party there that same night he passed.

Next time I go to L.A. I will go inside the viper room. Doing what I did was fine. Now I have another reason to go back, and give River another trip to sunset.

Thank You for reading this.


( added October 2008, 31 )

The Phoenix family was and remains unconventional and deeply motivated by principles that few Americans truly understand. Their "hippie culture" is not a fad nor is it merely for appearances. It is who they are and they deserve deep respect for it, not for their celebrity. It is not "bullshit" or a "dream", as others here have ignorantly have stated.

It would be easy to attribute blame to his parents and family for willingly placing their children, River in particular, into the potentially dangerous culture that is Hollywood, but those who would do so fail to understand parenthood in general and are arrogant in presuming to know this particular family dynamic and the individual personalities of the Phoenix clan. River, and to a lesser extent his siblings, have used their celebrity status to advance their political beliefs and causes. Any "cause head" would do the same; I know I would. Give an activist a box to stand on, and stand on it they will (and rightfully so). The problem with this tragedy was one of youth and a culture (Hollywood and America in general) not thinking of his (or your) best interests. The trade off for gaining celebrity status is that you are surrounded with people who would do much to entice you to "dance with the devil" and incessantly attempt to market and prostitute your image and persona for profit. River and the rest of his family have been extremely good at keeping the commercial aspects of Hollywood out of their lives and careers, and the parents, particularly Heart is principally responsible for this. This is no easy feat and it would be myopic to minimize this and the love and support this demonstrates. Few actors and celebrities would be willing or capable of that, including many who are actually good people, especially in the face of the potential to make boat loads of "easy money."

I know that at 23, I was an impetuous, naive kid who made more mistakes than I care to admit. I was an addict (albeit merely to marijuana) and my parents knew very little about it. Had I not been petrified of harder drugs, I very easily could have traipsed into that world and my parents would have been none the wiser. Do not assume anyone in his family was aware of the extent or nature of his addiction and drug use. In fact, few know, even today, whether this was a habit that got out of hand, or merely a single instance that pushed his body over the limit. From what I understand, his use of cocaine and heroin was a VERY recent and limited thing prior to his death. By recent, I mean weeks or perhaps a couple, of months, at most. If that's the case, it would have been difficult to intervene. This type of drug use is not something people tend to flaunt but rather can hide for a while quite well before the consequences become apparent. Judging him or his family for his experimentation (particularly if it was as recent as many suspect it was) is simply ignorant. This was not and is not a drug-tolerant family. This was not a family that neglected their responsibility as his core support network. River was an ADULT, an intelligent but young adult. The ubiquitous mindset of youthful indestructibility is what caused his death. The drugs were merely the vehicle that took him there.

For those of you who "Love River", give your support to the family by supporting their causes rather than patronize River's legacy and memory. Support his brother Joaquin as a talented, intelligent man who is, dare I say, a better actor than River ever might have been. Support Summer, Rain and Liberty, too, but not for their beauty or celebrity, but for their ideals and dedication to progressive causes such as compassion for human and non-human animals, environmentalism and peace. Remember and celebrate River, but focus on the living and what they do and say. Ask these people and other community leaders what you can do to help them. Do not worship idols. If they inspire you, get off your ass and get to work for the causes they and you believe in.


I've just discovered the movies of River Phoenix some months ago. I was very impressed by him and his talent. I'm sure if he hadn't died so early he would have received an academy award sooner or later.

I have often wondered if it was his determined time to leave this earth at this Halloween night or if he decided to commit suicide, after I heard that he 10 different drugs in his bloodstream and the 8 fold of the lethal dose of heroin. For me it's hard to believe that an accidental overdose could amount to the 8 fold of a lethal dose and I still can't explain why took so many different drugs in combination when everybody knows how dangerous this can be.

After I read some shocking reports by former members of the sect "the children of God" where he spent the early years of his childhood, I just wondered what was done to him during this time and how much it affected his affinity to drugs.

I hope he has now found peace and happiness that he was not able to find during his lifetime. As I'm able to send energy through time and space, I sent the energy of love, peace and happiness to him on his death day along with a message to him.

There are so many things I would have told him if he was still living among us. But I've made up my mind to visit River as soon as I've learned the art of astral voyages.


hi my name is sammy and im 13 i would just like to say that learning about phoenix's death and how he died has made me think about how people can waist there lives on drugs and think that all will be alright but it wont it can kill and it will if people are not carfull

R.I.P River
i will alway remember you

i first saw River in stand by me about 3 years ago and since I've collected all his films and loved them all!! i will miss him forever it was such a tragedy that he died but i know he is in a better place Rest In Peace river wherever you are...we are all thinking of you

xx Sammi ( added August 2007, 23 )

Happy birthday, River.
You still and always have a special place in my heart.


Still to this day I remember the day he died. I cried in my room in a corner for the rest of the morning thanking of his family and friends,and how a great light had burned out.HIs life has changed mine by great means! And my son who is now 13 takes him as an mentor for his life. Ppl need to remamber him for his life and what he left to us all and not how he died. Every year since his passing I have planted one tree and burned a candle that whole night for the light he had in him and the light that still lives on!

Nicole Harlan"Collins"

Hi my name is Amber,
River Phoenix touched us all with his charm...
he was a very great actor and loved what he did.

He is still here here in our hearts and will never be forgoten.
the first movie i saw with river pheonix in it was stand by me, and i have been a fan of river pheonix ever since.i loved the movie and wanted to watch more movies with him in it.

there will never be anyone like river pheonix.

R.I.P river. i love you forver... xox <33

hi i'm rachel
i fell in love with River when i watched STAND BY ME with my sister and mum on friday, as soon as it finished i rushed upstairs and printed a picture of him its now on my wall and i look at it everyday!!
the next day LITTLE NIKITA was on channel five and i fell in love with him even more for the next few days i have been looking on the internet and found out so much about him
when i found out how he died i cried for ages it was so tragic but he didnt waste his life because he had done so much with it already i wish he was still here he would be huge but i dont want to remember him by how he died only how he lived
he died a year before i was born but feel like he is still here watching over us, all his fans with his winning smile and stunning eyes!!
i want to name my son's middle name (when i have one) phoenix so he will always be here in mind and spirit for evryone to remeber what a amazing

person he was and still is
i will always love you river jude phoenix

Hi,my name is Holimpia,I'm Italian so my English isn't very good,sorry! River came in my life when I was 16, now I'm 29 and in all these years our souls have been the same and It will be for ever.LOVE wins death.
This is for you my sweet boy:

"One day I'll have again the emerald of your eyes
the same that your mother stole to the sea."
I love you baby and You know that!

River jude phoenix has became a big part of my life although he has passed away he still touches many hearts.We have been studying sand by me in our gcse course work and now i must have seen the film 1000 times and i could still watch it again. river has tought me so many things without me realising, i cannot get over how many other young teens like me feel the same way.I have practicly read every biography of his but i just wish i could have spoke with him in person. rip river hope you are in a better place . although your body is gone your spirit still carrys on with us here...hopefully heaven is as good as storys make it out to be and we can meet some day love you always lindsey xxxxxxxx

Like Marion, the first time I saw River Phoenix on film there was something different and special I had never seen on the big screen. I saw something that was down to earth and inspiring in him. Back then, I was only a teen and was looking for someone I could identify with. I can't remember who made me turn vegan, whether it was my girlfriend or him but the result was everlasting, just the same.

When he died back in the early 90's it hit me hard. I felt like I lost a family member. Today, with the internet, I am able to visit sites like this one, who are dedicated to him and the works he did while he was here.

Currently I am working on a fictional novel and the protagonist I have decided to name in honor of "River." I was having a writers block and only after River came to me - 4 nights in a row in my dreams, did I realize what I was doing wrong :) Strange thing about it was, I kept trying to get his autograph to bring back, lol. He showed me this loft he had where he liked to create music. It seemed so real. He looked so different, but everytime I would try and focus in on him, he would change to the person I really wanted him to look like - like the way he looked in his earlier movies. I guess he did that for me.

Hello My name is aimee i am 13 years of age and i have been influenced by river as he is a great actor like i hope to be one day. I have done a website for river because I respect him a lot it is please take a look river was great and still is i fell in love with rivers charactor in stand by me he was great that is my favourite film of his anyway all my love to river xx

Hi, my name is Tricia and I am 16 years old. I had recently just got done watching 'Stand By Me' which I have not seen for a while and I started watching ' the summer of Stand By Me' under special features and I noticed that River was not in it like the other actors so I went and asked my mom if he actually died in real life and when she said yes I was all of a sudden very sad and couldn't believe it and even though I did not know River it made me very sad and I still can't stop thinking about him. I went on multiple sites about River and learned a lot about him that inspires me. Especially about how much he cared about nature and animals because I am the same way. Even though River is not here in body form he is still with us in spirit and I will never forget him. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you.


P.S The world could use more people like River in this world today.

hi, my name is paige iam 12 years old river phoenix is tha most best actor i have ever seen. I really carnt belive he died i start cryin in his movie stand by me because it reminds me of him. His talent was fantastic he really touced my heart i think of him always! i will always luv him always and alwaysxxx on October 31st at 1:51am i will have 1 min sailce 4 u! it wont be right without u. He is very missed! i really do luv u i will always remember u in my heart i wish u was here. I wish i could just see u and i wish i saw your plaqge to remeber i luv u. i always have tears down my face when i think of u:-(

from ur luvin fan
R.I.P river
We all will alway STAND BY YOU!


I just don't know how to tell you what River really means to me ... something that words just aren't enough. I'm not a longtime fan of him, and I just know about him a few months ago. I remember the morning watching 100 greatest teen stars on VH1 when I first saw him. At that time, sth really strange hit me, like ... "Omg, who is this guy ?". And then I heard that he's gone for nearly 13 years, it makes me so blue ! Some days later, I still can't get his face out of my head, because I know there is sth very special shines through those beautiful blue eyes. This is really weird to me, you know, 'cause I never had crush on actors before. So I come to my computer to find more information about River Phoenix ... What can I say now ? He's amazing ... so wonderful and perfect ... so much talents, and above of all, a magnificent human being I've ever seen in my life ! And of course, I've watched Stand By Me for many times too. From then, he's always the big inspiration in everything I do, and he will 4ever be. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him, and I cried alot. I mean, ... why him ? why he had to leave this life so soon when he got so much more to give ? But then I realized that there are still so many people out there love and miss him so much. And I think that's just the way his life still goes on, forever. I always want to be an actress, and because of River, I will ! It's such a lovely idea to do the same things with him, and that the only way makes my life in someway involved with River Phoenix, that's just wat I feel right now. Anyway, maybe it's him that encouraged me to follow my heart, follow wat I really dream about. So I just wanna say "thank you" to him, to make me better . From the bottom of my heart, I love him. And maybe someday I will meet him face to face on there, on heaven. Until that day come, he'll always be in my heart. Just wish you happy now, River xxx
The eternal River flows. R.I.P

P/S : Hey, guys, just visit this page : and give us your signature to ask for RiverPhoenix star on the Walk Of Fame. Thank you.

Hey. I was only 7 yrs old when River died. Now I am 20. I wasn't a fan of his while he was alive and I wasn't aware of what happened to him at the time. I remember watching some of The Thing Called Love on tv in 2004 and thought he was gorgeous but tried to close that chapter because I knew he had died. I had heard a few things about him but not enough. I rediscovered him in My Own Private Idaho.. and fell in love with him. As in love with someone you can be with someone you never knew. In love in the sense that he was an amazing person... it goes far beyond celebrity admiration. There are so many actors out there I find good looking but there is something beautiful about River that I cannot even put into words. I cried so much after I saw MOPI. I thought for a while that I was crazy for crying over a person I didn't know let alone I wasn't even a fan of his while he was alive. I was heartbroken that someone so beautiful (far beyond looks.. I did not fall for him as an image)... lost his life at such a young age. He had so much potentional. You could see that. I am going through a rough time in my life right now and I am thankful for finding River. he makes me want to go out and fight for what I want in life... to become a better person... he inspires me in so many different ways as I know he does with so many of his fans. Once again it is such a shame he lost his life so young but I know he is still beautiful wherever he is now. Rest in peace River. There will always be a place for you in my heart.

I am sure there are people out there much like the people who say so many negative things about his life and his family in the media who do not understand where I am coming from... but it is their loss..

Much love to all of his fans for keeping his memory alive...



My name is Isabella and I'm from South Australia. Wow, it's been 13 years since he passed away. I'm 15 years old, but when I saw Stand By Me, I was blown away. He's such a talented performer, and when you watch him, you really do believe the message he tries to get across in the movies.

And it's so amazing how there are so many people, like you guys, who still write out messages and comments for him.
Makes me wonder what he would say about this if he were still here on earth. I kow he would be smiling, knowing that so many people still think about him.

But when people {who we love dearly) pass away, we still have that sense that their presence is still there. Their spirit is still with us. His spirit is still with us, and I know that these days, people look back on his movies and get truly inspired.

And passing away at just 23 years old, makes me think that we should live up to every moment, not be afraid, take a chance and not take life for granted.

I've put up my share of thoughts, and I feel much happier.
Thanks guys.

Peace out x x x



I thought I was alone when it came to all things Phoenix. I stumbled on your site while obtaining information for a Memoir. I can't write about myself with out talking about him. It is amazing to know that people still carry River in their hearts. I know I do. He died when I was 10. Boy I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I saw Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade for the first time. I haven't been able to get him off my mind since. Not that I have tried.

**Connected we are, us two, you and me my love. I'll talk to you tonight on your day October 31st. I doodle on while jocks and sluts talk about nights of inebriations. Do they know what happened in 1993? A life was lost on this night. Under the influence of malice; darkness slithered like a viper and stole a life.

**From my memoir.
Barbara From NJ

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you, from my heart, for creating this web site for River and his memory. It's beautiful and I visit it often to read all of the interviews River did with magazines. Reading what he had to say warms my heart and without this website, I wouldn't be able to. Thanks so much :)

Ashley <3

My thoughts are with you today. God bless you.

Kirsty. x


This Halloween was the day when snowed for the first time this fall. It was the day when we realised that you had moved over thirteen years before the day. It was the day when all around the world people gather together and pray. They pray for each other, for their loved ones, for your loved ones, for you. Thank you Rio, that we can have this day, that we have you...Sweet dreams sweety.

( added October 2006, 31 )

i am marion and the first time i saw River i was mesmarised,even though i was only nine years old i knew there was something truely special about this person.From there grew my obsession if i you like with him,even now as a 27 yr old mother the thing most of my old friends and family associate me with is River.
To me as a child i felt a bond with this person id never met and it helped me through some really rough times.
When he died i felt like a part of my childhood went too,a part of me,like an old friend never to be seen again.
I still find it hard to believe the way he died,so unlike the River wed all come to love
Whatever drove him to drugs i hope in death he is free from whatever deamons raged inside him

Goodbye my friend,be free
love always
Mazza xxx

hey happy birthday River Phoenix yesterday!!!!! i was in school yesterday and i wrote that all over all my school books. he was so amazing and so well loved. hope u r watching over us all River. we miss u all so much. xxxx
p.s - peace. skin it.
luv u so much. shan.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My Name Is Alison Edwards I am a big fan of rivers. i was only 9 mouths old when he died so i really didnt no him and when i was 12 me and my mom watched stand by me and i loved it so i went on the compter to find other movies he was in and there was on web page that said how he died and i just cryed

but i must have watch stand by me like 1,000,000,000,000,000 times and i have seen *I love u to death* he is great in that movie and i try to see the other movies he was in just so i can see him LOL but i have read most of the other lettlers that other people have wrote about him and some of the ideas are great like planting a tree for him and having a day just for him r great ideas and the one i thought of and i do for the other actors i love is wright down when his b-day is and when it comes just sing happy b-day for him or say it to him in a prayer u no cuz he can hear whatever we say and think cuz he is up there with god and god will tell him and river is just soo close to my heart as of many others and we will love him forever and ever and he nose that there are still big fans out there and fan clubs and i think i speak for a lot of others out there when i say that river will always live in our hearts and the movies he has mand forever and the rainforsts that he has staved from whatever they were going to do to them so he saved trees, brids, bugs, and whatever was living there soo river was not a bad guys for taking drugs he just made a bad thing at the end

here is a poem that my mom found when my mom-mom died and i think its a great poem for river and his fans i cry ever time i read it


at the rising of the sun and its going down,
we remember them.
at the blowing of the wind and the chill of winter,
we remember them.
at the opening of the buds and the rebirth if spring,
we remember them.
at the blueness of the skis and in the warmth of summer,
we remember them.
at the rustling of the leaves and in the breuty of autumn,
we remember them.
at the beginning of the year and when it ends,
we remember them.
as long as we live, they too will live:for they are now a part of us
we remember them.

when we are weary and in the need of strength,
we remember them.
when we are lost and sick of heart,
we remember them.
when we have joy we crave to share,
we remember them.
when we have decisions that are difficult to make,
we remember them.
when we have achievements that are beased on theirs,
we remember them.
as long as we live, they too will live; for they are now a part of us
we remember them.

source unknown

i love u river and always will u live in my heart forever
Alison xoxo

I just wanted to take this time to remember River Phoenix's birthday. He would have been 36 today. I have been a fan of his since he first started out and it truly broke my heart when he left that fateful day. But today, instead of being sad, I want to remember what a great person he was, and all the good he did in his short time with us.

We love you Rio, peace to you always!

~ Jennifer

Happy Birthday River
August 23, 2006

Unlike most of the commentors on this page-I was a lot older than 2 or 3 years of age when River passed away-I was 19. His death is one of the hardest to accept and I didn't even know him personally. This and the feelings others here show about how 'connected' they feel to this person-prove he was truly a talented and gifted human being. I remember reading a statement his sister Summer had posted on one of the websites for River sometime after his passing. She said something to the fact that whenever we look to the sky-River is there, we can feel him in the wind, in the rain-in everything that is Nature.

I truly believe this and lift my face to the sun when it's shining, enjoy the rain when it's falling and I breath deep when the breeze blows past-carrying the scent of nature- of everything River stood for. Remember this about him-if nothing else. It helps you to realize that although his death was tragic - he is now where he truly belongs and take peace in that. Today, where I live-the sun is shining and Mother Earth has a true companion in the one who was taken from us so young. I feel there is much about River most of us will never know. But I am grateful for the time he spent here with us on Earth.

Rest in peace, and never to be forgotten;

A soul sister;

( added August 2006, 23 )


i have put a comment on htis page not long ago but there is so much i didnt say. i became a River Phoenix fan when i first saw stand by me the day before my dads wedding. in the first week after that i watched the film seventeen times. no joke. the first time i saw chris (River) on the screen up in the treehouse, even though i am really young, still 12, i knew i was actually in love.

then 3 days later i watched the extra features and found out he had killed himself. i cried myself to sleep that night. i just hope that he found what he was looking for in death.

i always believed since i was little that when somebody died they became another star in the sky. i still do and for me, River Phoenix will always be the brightes star in my sky.

he will forever be watching us, his devoted fans, and his amazing family, until we too pass away and join him in heaven.

please contact me if u want 2 chat.

i will forever love you River Phoenix. in life and in death


the first time i ever saw river phoenix was in stand by me about a week ago. since then i have watched the film FIFTEEN TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what gets to me the most is that at the end of the film he dies. it wouldnt mean as much if he was still alive today. i cant believe he killed himself. he had so much to live for. i can barely watch the end of the film anymore :'(

if anybody wants to chat then ma addy is

peace. skin it.

shannen. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh river river why? You have left such a black dark empty hole. Every day is Autumn except for when I watch your movies in slow motion. One day as I was biking to football practice, the guys caught me looking at my maths folder. My maths folder is for MY EYES ONLY! But they saw my collection of your face River, your angelic face. First the boys were angry but they soon became scared when they felt a presence. I saw one of the boys many years later and asked him why he was scared - what had he felt? He couldn't say exactly but I knew. Thankyou River for protecting me in my time of need. Thankyou everybody for the love you have directed at River, I know he appreciates it... wherever he is..............

hiya, im laura and i live in england. i saw the film Stand By Me a couple of weeks ago, and instantly i was gripped. More to the point, i was gripped by River Phoenix. He was only about twelve at the time, but his acting was amazing and i just couldnt believe that he had died. Why him? Why river?

I watch Stand By Me every single day, i think its such an amazing film and also really funny. Its such a great interpretation of teenage life - its just brilliant. Not only have i fallen in love with this film, but i have fallen in love with River. I have always wanted to be an actress since i was small, and seeing river on screen has made me want to act even more. He wasnt just an actor, he was an amazing guy with beliefs and goals which he acheived.

Although i was only two when he died, and i never knew him, i know that i will miss River Phoenix forever.

There will always be a bit of my heart dedicated to him.

R.I.P River, i will always love u.

Laura, England

Hello my name is T.J. i just recently watched the movie "stand by me" and i fell in love with it i cannot get it out of my head...River phoenix is now my favorite actor he is an inspiration i agree with him on all of the animal rights and the vegan diet stuff too...He is also an amazing actor and when he did that seen by the tree i usually don't cry for movies but i did for that it hit me really hard and he was wonder he got nominated for an oscar he was excellent even though he is dead and i didn't know him that well we are all gonna miss him because he was really good...and its really sad that he had to die that young because today he would have been just as good as he was when he was in that movie i just can't get over how good of an actor he was...for only being 14 in that movie he was amazing...i also love the name and i plan on naming my son river because that name is awesome it just has a ring to it..i am 15 years old and if anyone wants to talk just email me at or I.M. me at Aim a vthewhitetigerv or at yahoo...

Rest In Peace "River Jude Phoenix" we all love you and miss you greatly...August 23, 1970- October 31, 1993

June 21, 2006 - It's nice to see so many young people falling in love with the talent that was River Pheonix. He was an incredibly gifted actor in his time and was only three years older than me. I remember waking up and hearing the news of his death on the radio. I flopped back in my bed, pulled my sheets over my head knowing the world had just lost one of it's greatest talents and life would not be the same without him. I think the only actor today that could rival his talent is Johnny Depp.

So... for all the younger girls that have just fallen in love with him... they should check out his movie "Sneakers". It's one of has last movies and his character is so innocent you can't help but love him.

Warum hast du mich allein gelassen,in dieser grauen welt?
Bist einfach fortgegangen,still und leise,auf deiner Wundervollen Weise.

Warum du?
Wolltest so viel bewegen,die welt verändern,warst mir ein Vorbild. Jetzt bist du fort,an einem fernen Ort.
ich verstehe nicht warum du dir das angetan hast. Warst du denn nicht glücklich?

Was Menschen hätten lernen können- durch dich!

(German,from Annika,to a wonderfull person)

I remember the first time I sawl Stand By Me it was one of those movies that you could watch over and over and never get tired of watching it. I feel in love with River but not just because of his awesome looks but he was also a great actor. I will not remember him because of the way he left this world but the way he made me feel when I sawl him on the screen and watched him in interviews. I know he was real not fake like most actors and his brother reminds me of him and its like every time you see Joaquinin a movie he keeps his brother alive. Its like there is a piece of River in him

haya my name is Sami Smith

A couple of days ago i watched the classic film STAND BY ME asoon as i saw River Phoenix i fell in love he has the most gorgeous eyes like deep pools of desire he was just so perfect looking. I watched the film for the first time and after that i just had to watch it over and over again i love it the film is one of the best ones i have ever seen. i think River is an amaizing actor i have never known someone so talented expecially at his age in Stand By Me!!! after watching it i came on the internet and i looked River up on the sites and when i found this comment page and i just had to write a message.i cant wait to watch more of his films as i loved stand by me soo mutch. whilest i was looking on the internet i reolised how talented he realy was and after reading about him i also found out what a genuine person he must of been and i will always be a big fan of River. when watching stand by me i reolised that friends are so important and you should never take them for granted but i love all me mates i think there all great all i wish is that river was still around as he would be able to make more films as he would be growing up and i would of loved to have met him and congradulated him on his huge sucsess, and to of wished him the best of look in life but all i can say is thanx for being around for me and many others to admire and rest in peace!! all the best youe 1 OF A KIND IL NEVER FORGET YOU

thankyou lv sami XXXX

To the one and only River Jude Phoenix Even though I didn't know him
There is not a day that goes by where I don't think about the most amazing talented young person.
He died to young he was not ready to go he had so much ahead of him
We'll never no what he was thinking of that night
But how can anyone be angry he never promised that he would always be there
He did ever thing in his power to help the world and I thank him for that
River inspires me so much and has change the way I look at life.
People say that he was not happy and that he felt like he was trapped
(the only person in this world that would really no the truth is him though but if it is true) I hope that he is free and happy where ever he is.
I wish I new the truth behind all the lies that people make up. But I guess I'll just have to wait.
He will always be here
His sprit is in his movies which make me laugh and cry, the songs that he sang and the most important thing that would never die his beliefs.
River Phoenix was A greatly loved brother, son, actor, musician, singer and actor
And he will never be forgotten

May you Rest in Peace

We all love and miss you River Jude Phoenix

Written by Taryn

Please don't copy

i am a river fan, as you can tell by the e-mail. im excited to see others share my love and interest in river phoenix and his films. i like to think of myself as not just a fan, but someone who admires river. even though hes not alive i think he can still be admired. he can reach people on such a deep level through his films and the characters he played. not only can you connect with his characters but also with him. i feel so bad and sorry about what happened to him. i keep thinking what could have happened differently so he could still be here. but, the tere is nothing any body can do to change it. river still lives on through his films and as river himself. he left ann amazing legacy on the world. i feel lucky that i get to see his movies and see how amazing he is. i try to remember river for who he was, not how he died. because the fact is his spirit lives on and will live on forever. so speaking as not just a fan, but as a friend river will always be in my heart. thanks for letting me talk.

mel W.

Hi i am just listening to R.E.M's Monster which is an album dedicated to River Phoenix and it made me want to check out some sites on him and i stumbled onto this site, so i thought id add a message of my own as i am a River fan.

I'm 23 years old and i remember the first film i saw with River in (Stand By Me) when i was about 10, and even back then i thought he was great.

I really admire River, he was a great actor and was absolutely stunning.

My favourite film of his was My Own Private Idaho and i really like Running On Empty, I sometimes listen to Madonna's song Lucky Star cus it reminds me of River in Running On Empty where he first enters the classroom to his new school.

I even have pictures of him on my mobile so that i can have different screen savers of him, that way he's with me all the time and i can see him whenever i want or need to...even if it is via mobile. I do feel i have a connection with him spiritually, i know most of his spirit connection will be towards his family and the ones he cared for but i do believe there is that tiny bit of connection he bonds to those who admire him, i like to think he's smiling down at me for helping keep his memory alive.

Whenever i am feeling down i just think of him or watch one of his films and it always helps cheer me up or put me in a good mood. It does make me sad to think he's not with us on this earth anymore and that we never got to see him develop his life and career further, but the memories he has left us will live on and never be forgotten. I'd like to leave a poem in memory of River Phoenix.


Ultimate time is what made you,
The bad bad town is what broke you.
Happiness, madness end in sadness,
The lime sprinkled taste sweet,
Turns sour and bitter the more you eat,
See, hear, admire,
Never be forgotten, never,
Round tiny enemy friends,
Took your life to an end,
Hazing, thrashing, fading,
Memory now will always be,
You are the light,
To he, she and me.

R.I.P RIVER x x x

Yours Carly J

Hi Im Kiana and I fell in love with River over the summer!!!Luv you 4ever riv!!!

hi. my name is Joanne, i know you must have people ringing you all the time. so im sorry if this e-mail is a nuisance.I just came across your website and i think its cool.Its really weird because it never feels like his gone. I'ts like hes always there.At the moment im pretty confused about life and its nice to have River around to cheer you up and i hope all those people out there who don't have any one find him because he is like a medicine, he makes everything better. Obviously you are a true fan, and its nice to know that other people like you know about him. i get really low sometimes when i think about the sad aspect about River and how he died, and i know i'm just another typical fan. But he will never be typical River, to anyone who knows him. I hope you put this message on your website.cheers xx

Ps River is hot in Dogfight!!!!!!! I think, in a way, he will always live.

I wish I could have met you. You were definatley talented and have something to say. You were one of the good ones. I don't know you but I miss you.


I'm Alyssa From Connecticut and i just wanted to say how much River means to me and everyone. He put such an amazing impact on this world and he was soo talented. as soon as i saw Stand By Me (june 2003) i was just in love with him and he's not just a pretty face he's soo much more. words cant even begin to describe how amazing and wonderful he was. He will always be remembered and he is so much alive in all of our hearts.

R.I.P River <3



Hi my name is Suzanne, From the very first time I saw stand by me I was a fan of River. He was an awesome actor. For one thing he will never be forgotten. I remember hearing about his unfortunate death although I never new him,I was soo upset what a loss for not only his family but to all of his fans who adored him as well. What a beautiful actor he was. He'll be in our hearts for infinity. May he rest in peace.

Love you always River

I am a River fan from the early days. I too fell in love with him after Stand By Me. I used to beg my Mom to buy me "Bop" magazine's (If you can remember those!!) so I could collect all of the River photo's. My lucky number to this day is still "16" because that is the year I got to meet him in my home town of Tacoma WA. in 1989. He was filming the movie, "I Love You To Death'. I'll never forget we saw in the paper that he was going to be in a certain neighborhood filming at a certain day and time. My Mom took my sister, friend and I down to find him. We found him only after an hour. We walked down a street by a semi-truck and there he was playing hackie-sack. I almost died when I saw him. I acutally hid. Then my sister pushed me to go say, "hi". I did and took alot of photo's of him. I finally got enough nerve to ask for a photo of him and when I got next to him our film ran out but he did sign my pants. I still have them to this day. I used to love him sooooooooo much. I still have all the photo's I used to have hanging on my walls and a pin from being a member of his "friend" club (If you are a true fan you'll know what that is". I think about ol' Rio every now and again especially on his birthday August 23rd. I miss him just like all of you. He was indeed a beautiful human being. He will be forever missed.

Loving members of River always... Elizabeth Frank-Armenta

Kats: Very few of you, actually only a couple, will ever really know the real River. I met him twice not long before his death. I was living near Gainesville Florida at the time but I didn't know who he was the first time until a friend told me and even then I really didn't know who he was. When I met him first he was driving an old beat up pick up truck and the second time he was driving an old station wagon with a canoe on top. Only two others know the full story about my encounters with River and I guess that's the way it should stay. All I want you and others to know is that River seemed to be at war with himself and his identity. River was beautiful and I wish more than anything that I could have spent more time with him. I later learned that River was actually living in Gainesville and had a ranch in Micanopy Florida. I can only assume that River was very lonely and was reaching out to others that he could relate to and be himself. After so many years since his death I only now write this because I miss him and It makes me feel some what closer to him.....


hi this is Aimee, Melissa we are from independence Mo.we are 15, 14 both twins but not eachothers twins... we rented "STAND BY ME" we have seen one other movie of River's "The Thing Called Love"but our favorite is stand by me the alltime best movie River Phoenix participated in...he gave an amazing performance in this film ...once we saw it we immediately became fans and decided to dedicate a site him stand by me he was a sorta bad but good boy and that is our type ...he had so much love for the animals and became a deticated ativist to protect them that's why we are tending to follow his tracks and become vets...we were only 2,3 when he passed but we still miss him...River was an extraordinary person and a honost being we will remmeber you always River you have a place in our hearts

thank you Aimee,Melissa

I am a brazilian girl and just want to say that i have a big love for River and fell that his death is so much sad... I want to meet him.... maybe someday in other place...

He must be a good guy... im sorry for what happened... very sorry...

For River: Everything is better now!!!

hi my names veronika and i luv river. when i first seen him in stand by me, i wuz in luv. he wuz such a great actor. i never really looked for him online thinking he would probrbly be too busy to make a site for himself, but curiosity got me and i looked him up. i was really shocked to see a bunch of sites for him, including his death story. i thought it was a joke but i was proved wrong. when i first read his life story, i cried. hard. i wanna be an actress and river made me to get involved in my drama department at school, hoping to someday work with him. im still procedding my dreams, and i hope someday i can work with his brother. its so sad about river. i never thought he would be dead. i have to admit though, when i first seen that the movie was made in the 80's, that maybe he would be dead or he would be in rehab or something, jusr b/c of those shows on E! and VH1!, u kno the ones where they pass child stars from the 80's and 70's. well they always have them where half of those kids died b/c of drug abuse.. and although i never seen river on these, i was hoping sumthing like that wouldn't of happen to him. but i guess it did. its wierd though, cuz ok one of the reasons i look for river now is that i think im related to him. u mite think im crasy, but i go to a catholic school and we always talk bout reincarnation. how sumbody dies and they become sumone else. river died 2 years after i was born, but its possible sumone he was related to died before i was born. i kno its a wierd thought, but when i saw the movie, i noticed that river looked alot like me. we both have the same lips, nose, and eyes, only mine r brown and i have a scar b/c of my dog. but still i swaer to god i do. i even showe my mom his pic n she said that i do look like him. its wierd b/c i didnt even notice till i wuz like 12. i would really appreciate it if u could post this on ur coments page for the website. please and thank you!!

Hi, I'm Sarah, I'm 19 from London.

I first saw stand by me when i was about 9, so that would be ten years ago now and it has remained my all time favourite movie ever. I remember when I was about twelve, everyday my best friend would jump off the bus outside my house and come in to watch stand by me. We wouldnt just sit there and watch it though, we knew every line off by heart so we'd say all the lines throughout the film and then rewind it and watch it again! I even had to go buy a new tape because the quality of the one i had had deteriorated so much from us watching it ever single day twice! We were obsessed i think lol, but River was so good looking! I used to know someone who was the spitting image of him as well. But that film was so powerful and inspiring. there is just so much you could say about the film and river himself. I am just gutted that I never got to meet him. When I first watched the film and heard of him he was already dead. There is not much i can say that hasnt already been said on this page. That film and that guy always put me in a reflective mood..i'll be chilled out for the rest of the day i think. and it is so true that we dont have friends later on like the ones we had when we were twelve.

I'll see ya, Not if I see ya first! Skin it!

Hi my name is Laura I am from Edinburgh and I am 15.As I write this I am listening to Stand By Me by Ben E King my favourite song in the world.I am a MASSIVE!!! River Phoenix fan and I only discovered this site today.I watch Stand By Me all the time as it is my all time favourite movie and at the end iCry as Chris dies and it is as if that is actually River.I was only 3 when he died so I didn't get the chance to appreciate him as much but now I really do.I am also a big Corey Feldman fan and I always cry for him too as he said he was so close to helping River and they were good friends.I think that it is such a tradgedy that he died so young and he was such an amazing actor.And although there are good actors no one will EVER top River Phoenix he was fantastic and gorgeous and I will never stop loving him.It sounds cheesy but my heart yearns for him I miss him even though I never knew him.I am so glad I can share my feelings with other River fans as my family do not understand my passion for him.River Phoenix is and always will be No.1 to me and I will always love him

Rest In Peace River Not Forgotten,Never Forgotten

Skin It Lots of Love Laura x x x

Hi, I'm Jessica. Today I saw the movie Stand by Me for the first time. All I could think of was what a great actor he was and how he was so cute. So I decided to look him up on the computer and see what he looks like today and if he has made any movies recently. I was devastated to find out that he died. I don't know much about the person he was, but from reading the pages and pages of comments left by his fans he sounds like he was a great person. It's a shame that the good die young. God bless you, River.


I would just like to say i did not know River very well but ever since i saw his movies excpecially the movie Stand By Me, he touched my heart. Its sad to find out that a very talented actor died.He just touched evreybody. When I found out that he died I was sad ,I cryed.I felt sad for everyone that knew him and his fans.I know that nobody will forget him.The day of his death I light a candle for a whole day and pray.I think that is the least thing I can do I wish there was more I could do. If I had one wish I would wish for him to be alive.

"IN LOVING MEMORE RIVER PHOENIX" Nicole of ohio Miss you River
P.S everyone makes mistakes once in awhile but its just sad the way he died.

hi there.

my name is dean and i think there was no better childhood actor rob reiner could have found to play chris chambers. I myself can compare to chris's lifestyle in the film but i also have had problems with drugs just like river. i find myself so sickened that god spared my life and took someone so talented in many aspects of life. sometimes rivers dry out and disapear and become forgotten about i think i can speak for everyone who knew and loved river's work when i say that this is 1 river that will never die.

im sometimes sorry that im here and hes not because we could do with actors as talented as river nowadays.

please anyone feel free to e-mail me if you have the same thoughts as me at there really should be a memorial made for river i find it sickening that there isn't one. all i can say is i offer my condolences to his friends and family.

purtroppo solo un italiano potr? capire...Sono Angela e ho appena 17 anni. Mi sento un p? in soggezione in mezzo a persone che hanno qui scritto, mi sento un p? come se non fossi quasi giustificata a scrivere una frase banale come "Ti amo River", ma ? proprio cosi! Quando River ? morto io avevo solo 5 anni, e naturalmente non lo conoscevo.. 4 anni fa, dopo molto tempo ho rivisto "Stand By me" e mi sono innamorata. quante volte ho pensato a cosa avrei potuto scrivere nel caso mi fosse capitata la possibilit? di condividere con altri il semplice amore che non si pu? non provare!Proprio ora che mi trovo qui davanti... le emozioni, il modo di scriverle, ci sono tutti, ma le parole.. le parole mancano proprio nei momenti in cui pi? sentiamo il bisogno di adoperarle! E mi sento quasi stupida perch? a quante volte ho pensato a lui con dolcezza, pensando alle cose che avrei potuto dirgli all'affetto che avrei potuto dimostrargli...e ora non spiaccico una parola sensata..! E' di consolazione il fatto che so che lui ci pu? sentire da lass?, e sorrider? ad ogni pensiero gentile, lacrima che chiunque abbia la generosit? di donare alla sua intramontabile memoria!Le cose che abbiamo dentro sono le pi? difficili da dire, ? vero..vedere una tua foto e sentire un nodo alla gola, cercare di ricacciarlo indietro e di non piangere, perch? se gli altri ti vedessero non capirebbero che le tue lacrime sono sincere e direbbero che sei patetica!Vale la pena farsi ascoltare solo da te. In una stanza vuota sussurrare a te una preghiera, o anche solo una parola gentile per dirti che mi manchi e che vorrei averti conosciuto, ma in modo che nessun'altro possa sentire, all'infuori di te!Quando sento "Gli occhi sono lo specchio dell'anima" io penso solo a te angelo! Per favore, tieni un posticino per me sulla nuvola accanto alla tua! Ti voglio tanto bene River , penser? a te sempre con dolcezza e il tuo ricordo, vicino a me rester? sempre!



I think it is WONDERFUL that someone still cares about River. And that someone still updates The River Phoenix Pages ( Thank you SO much! Lately I've been wondering around the net searching for river phoenix fan/infosites. They are no longer there. I mean there are some old sites which haven't been updated in YEARS (mainly because River WAS in the 80-90?s when websites were a new thing). But then I noticed..(after visiting your site several times and thinking it was dead until I saw the updates..) that you still update once in awhile. So thank you so much!
There was a famous saying for this.. hmm
"As long as one remembers, it exists".
Or something like that.

Anyways as long as we remember River his memory and his good words & works and ideology remains alive.
So thank you!!!


Hello. I wanted to say that River is sadly missed. Yes, I had his poster on my wall. He is so handsome. I can't help but think of him every Halloween. I can't help it. We were the same age. I hope and pray that the pain from his passing will lessen someday. I was wondering if it was true that River has purchased rain forest property in Costa Rica. I recently found my birthmother and siblings living in Costa Rica. Although I have never been to Costa Rica, I hope to go some day to meet my family. I think it it awesome that River was so involved in so many projects. I am sorry that he had to leave us so soon. You can bet that he isn't far away. All our love.


river phoenix will be with us forever he is a true actor he makes us want to folow what he done i'm in the middle of bringing back stand by me because i was so truly and passiontly toached river phoenix was truely a heartbreaker a wish i wasent only 2 when he passed away he was truely the best actor and some of us wont forget him i know i wont

river phoenix 1970-1993 a truely missed brother and son

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"He was impulsive and careless - he took more drugs than I ever heard of anyone taking before... I don't know how anyone could take that amount of drugs without the idea that they were basically going to die."
-- Gus Van Sant

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