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( added October 2000, 31 )

Personally im a fan of Rivers little brother Joaquin, but this site has been a great help to me. Ive been serching around to find out about Joa's family, and ive had trouble, but this page has been the biggest help on that subject! There is one thing id like to know though, have all the Phoenix kids got the same parents? if anyone knows, can u email me at thanx so much, this is a great site! very Helpful!

Anna. m - uk.

River has been my favourite actor for soo long.
For many reasons.... Not only cos hes gorgeous, but he was an excellent and unique actor.
I am gonna miss seing him on the big screen. I was really looking forward to seeing him in Interview with the Vampire.
As soon as i saw River in Stand by me, I knew there was something special about him.
In such a short life he has touched my heart forever. River will always have a place deep in my heart and i will luv him forever.

lots of luv Emily Gibson
I luv u River!!!

i just wanna say that river was one of the greatest actors i have ever known i was only 9 years old when he died but i will always remember him.
I sometimes think to myself that he is still alive and he always will be in my heart. i still have pictures of him on my wall, and he will always be with me forever.

lots of love georgina

My name is Sandra from Germany, and I think, Im one of the biggest River fans ever. I still miss him very much and some days, when I thing of him I start crying and can't stop. I would like to be with him and in my fantasies Im his girlfriend forever.
How can one miss somebody who died 7 years ago so much. Especially someone you've never met? I don't know but River was so special... He had something special in his eyes I cant explain. His personality was warm and mysterious.

I'll never forget him, I cry when I write these words!!!

i'm a finnish fan who wants to know more about River Phoenix, and share my feelings whit other fans. i did many school works about River, my fave subject. why did he have to die before i even realise that there are great actors in world. i was born september 5th i didnt know anything about those movies, my elder siblings were always waching horror movies, and stuff.
i dont have many friends so i dont mind if someone would e-mail me...

Katja Nyberg

I have just finished reading all the comments on this page, and tears are running down my face. I have just begun to realize what an amazing person River was, and sadly, he has been gone for seven years now. But sometimes I ask myself - is he really gone? Physically, yes. But his soul lives on, not only in his movies and music, but in the hearts and souls of his fans. I wish that I had been able to recognize how wonderful River was when he was alive, but I was only seven when he died. But I am thankful that I am at least able to visit sites like this, and watch his movies. His legacy lives on in all of us, through websites, books, movies, and music. I think a memorial would be an excellent thing to have. Perhaps something to do with PETA, or buying parts of the rainforest in his memory.
River Phoenix was an amazing person. He has touched so many people, including me. Even though he is gone physically from this realm, his soul will forever live on in my heart, and in the hearts of others. To me, he is an eternal soul, a bright flame, never to be extinguished, even in death.


My name is Ashleigh Foster and I think all you people who knew him and say someone should have been his friend are so thick and ignorant and they must know that they could have done something. When you say that you are pointing the finger at yourselves. Bye River.

After a young friend of my own died recently of drug related circumstances i realised that like River many young people meet the same tragic fate. Yes, River was a very talented young man that suffered at the hands of drugs but let us not forget the unsung hero's out in world who have also tradically died.

For River , J and all others that have died young and tradically.

God bless you all

( added August 2000, 23 )

Im a brazilian fan and I just wanna say that River is my hero.... 4ever....
x x x
Hannah Birkov

I didn't really knew all the films of River. I'm french and i just wanted to write to proove that even in FRANCE, River was love.
He was the most talented boy i've ever seen. He would stay for me, the best actor of the century.

Antony, France(near paris)

I would just like to comment on both your site and the short lived life of River Phoenix.
River Phoenix was an encredible person and it is obvious that his life was not in vain, as many people chose to remeber him in so many different ways. He is still admired for his work to this very day. I myself have just recently found a love for River Phoenix and his works. I may only be 15 but i still have this new found obsession for him. River was so good looking and so talented that we cant help but praise him for it.
I only wish that every one realizes how much River was given to the entertainment business and to the world!
thanx for having such a great site,
love lindsay

( added June 2000, 25 )

i dunno what brought me to this page but one day i just had the urge to search for the actor River Phoenix, i didn't know anything about him except that he was dead, this page has helped me to understand how great he was, thankyou :o)

sometimes in life we are so captivated by another human being because of their spiritual and physical beauty. they just grab at something in your soul and you can't describe it. we call it love and some call it obsession and they just might be right because part of you want's so much to become one with another person. that is how us mere mortals feel about people like river or kurt or janis. they make you feel things that you didn't know you could feel for someone you didn't know, (and watching every movie, listening to every song and reading everything ever written on them doesn't count) they actually make us cry to be alive instead of them. even though i feel all these things i'm actually responding to a previous comment, somebody said that it was society and the ignorance of this world that killed river. well i think that it is just too easy to blame all the "ignorant" while eliminating yourself from that group. the bottom line is, this is the society we live in and it's so easy to bash it but much harder to do something about it. river killed river. no one else. all we can do is continue to love him and try to make the best for ourselves in this world.

I never met the guy, hey i don't even live in the same country, but I was right there being twelve when Stand By Me came out and right there being an insane drug fiend when he died. Back then I totally idolised the guy, made him into all the things that didn't exist in my *real world* life. Then later, I relied on his memory to carry me through all the things i honestly didn't think i'd survive.

He was safe to love - a far-away stranger who could fix anything, who could be a star out your window if you needed it, or a person to compare all the *real world* screw-up people with. I think that maybe there were always two River Phoenixes; the one we bought with our theatre tickets and the one that went home to his family to play with his dogs and hang out with his friends.

Maybe he traded his soul somewhere along the line, sold it and lost it, accidently. Or maybe he meant to. Maybe the *real world* stuff became all too much and the drugs were what they always are, a way to be free, a way to try and reach what is essentially inexplicable, a way to touch what is spiritually real. The *real world* can be so incredibly cruel, and maintaining one's sanity under the enormous pressure of Being River Phoenix . . . i mean, how do you get time to figure out who you were in the first place?

I just wish there was more to this than the memory of a beautiful dead movie star and a moral lesson, that somewhere, thanks to his presence, something really changed out there. But I have the haunting feeling that it hasn't, that things are exactly the same as they always were and that it could have just as easily have been someone else. And that shakes my faith. I mean - who's looking out for us anyway?


( added May 2000, 5 )

I am A HUGE River fan and I just want to congratulate you on a great site!! I love how you have all the music clips!! That's one of my favourite parts. Thank you very much, I will be sure to visit often and I will tell all my friends about your beautiful site!!

luv Andrea

hi, Thank you for putting up such a wonderfurl site...River never really liked the attention,but i'm sure he would've loved this site,had he ever seen it. River was probably the best person in the world...My Sister met him once....or so she says...

I praise you for such a great site,and hope that you might update me on it if you do so...ok?


My son was born the same month and year that beautiful River passed away. I will instill the values that River had into my son and I will do my best to teach him about the negative effects drugs can have on him, I pray that he listens. Mothers can only try to do their best and sometime our best still can't save the people we love.

My son is now 6 years old, River would have been 29, 2 years older than me. I found a scrapbook I made when I was a teen, and as I was looking through it I bursted into tears, it was all about River and a couple of other actors, but mostly of him, I adored him as a person, he was unique, mysterious, and I so wanted to be his wife one day, Didn't we all........I miss you so much, I think about you often. I loved you for your hopes and dreams, your eagerness to make it, and your dedication to the things you believed in. I read every article in teen beat, and every bit of info, I could take in because you were so intriguing to me. I will keep my scrapbook with me always, and forever, and help teach my son about the value of life.

Thank you for being you.

Love, Jennifer

River was beautiful. Beyond male characteristics his lips pursed like an angels, and his hair shined like champange fire. the seafrost glare of those translucent eyes sparling across the celluliod.

i too take drugs. too many. And i make music just like him. i even have cheek bones.

but river was to fragile. too perfect. his slim frame collapsed under the narcotic pressure...just as mine does when the pills and lines rake the chemistry of my body. he was destined to fall. We must not make the mistake of idoloising river too much...

every day people die of drugs. And these people are no less beautiful than River. Everyone faces a personal tradergy when confronted with this insumontable evil...

I call to each and everyone of you to think hard about your own beauty, and the passing winds of time. rember yourself as you rember river and maybe we can all be forever...

My music is reflection of drug abuse and women in my life. it fits with the ethos of River and i invite you to join me on my journeys.

Ross Brodie

having read all the comments on the page i would like to say you are all wonderful loyal people. River was a caring , kind, thoughtful, and at times a completely bizarre person (he used to have competitions to see who could balence the most beer glasses on thier heads!) having known him i know for a fact that he truly deserves all the love people still have for him. As short as Rivers life was he did live it to the full. I remember one night we were all out (i was attending a media course in the university of Florida) and that morning had returned from Portland after filming something, it was 3am and everyone was exhausted he was still bursting with energy and said " come on guys life is for living, do I have to go out there and do it all on my f***ing own?" I am not going to lie, i saw him taking drugs, we all had our own minds and we all did it, but we were young and curious and it was all for fun. Riv had a very addictive personality and was willing to try anything once and thats exactly what i liked about the guy, the fact that at times he could be a complete asshole, he was never one of those snobby, stuck up, rich, "hollywood" guys. he was just..normal.
love and peace always man,

I just want to say, that Rio still lives. It depends on how you look at the world, if you believe in life after death. I am Wiccan, I believe that all of us live on when we die. I believe that he is still with us looking on in a paralell world, one which his soul is not hurting any more. I believe that he is happy.

Although i have to say that during his short life, i was not a " crazed Fan" of River's, yet after his death I feel great admiration for what he stood for. The things i will remember him for are not his outer appearance, or whether he qualified as a hottie because i don't think that would be what he would want to be honored for. I honor him for being a generous and caring soul. I honor him for the pain he so obviously went through. I honor his life and his legacy. i think the fact that i'm going in the same direction River was going which led to his death, makes me feel so much more about what kind of person he was. i just wish i could tell him i understand what pain is, i just wish someone could have told him it was going to be alright. but i guess in the end it wasnt. River, may in death you find the peace that in life you could not find.

If u have any questions e- mail me at

( added March 2000, 13 )



( added January 2000, 21 )

The first film i saw River in was 'Running on Empty'. This was in 1997. I'd heard of River before and that he died young but i knew nothing about him. When i saw River acting for the first time i was touched and moved by him. There was just something about him. I wanted to know more about him. The more i learnt the more interesting he seemed. He was so intelligent you'd wonder why he took drugs. Maybe he was sick of this world and wanted to die?I'm sorry i wasn't more aware of him when i was alive but i was young then. My friends cant understand my obsession with him. He's dead they say. i know hes dead but it doesnt stop me admiring , respecting and maybe even loving him. He was an amasing actor and person . May he rest in peace and wherever he is let him be happy.

Cara 16yrs old , ireland

Ive just browsed through the comments, and it made me shiver!... River, forever!


today its a special day for me, because i think of my favourite actor in a way, that is different from all my other thougths to him. i love river phoenix, since i have seen "Jimmy Reardon" and i will always do.

i hope, he can live a better life now, wherever he might be... i think, i dont have to say anything else...

bye says Manu, just a german fan of river phoenix!!!!

( added October 1999, 31 )


I just wanted to say I saw the movie Stand By Me for the first time in 1995, and right then and there I loved the movie, but I also loved River Phoenix. You might be thinking that I'm older but actually I'm only thirteen and I never knew that River had passed away until my mother told me last year. I want to say sorry to his family who had to live with his death, but remember he'll always stand by you, forever.

From an anonymous fan.

that is so weird, I've been trying to figure out info on river phoenix for years... I am only 13 so I don't remember him, but I've been seeing a few places and I wish I was the age to have been into him. He is really fine... I don't think they make guys that fine anymore...

I would like to say that River was the greatest actor who ever lived in my opinion. I always cried on the movie "The thing called love," it made me realize things about him. I learned things I never knew from him even though I never met him. For what I see is that a lot people have loved him and still grieve over him. I don't think he would have wanted that from us. Especially the night of his death. He wouldn't want us to pout over him he would want us to celebrate the life that he had and to celebrate that he's always among us in his spirit. He's in a better place now to where no pain is aflected on him. I hope that we may always remember him as the friend, actor, or brother he was. May he rest in peace, and may we all soon be with him again.

~Lindsay D.~

Well, it's August 23rd and he would've been 29! The world is a sadder place without you Rio, but you'll live in the hearts of your family, friends and fans forever.

( added August 1999, 23 )

I'm only 13. I was soo young when River died. I look into his innocent eyes, and I wonder why he had to do it. Now is August first, and in 22 more days, he would have been 29. Such a young age. I have only seen him in 'Stand by Me', and 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'. As soon as I saw him, I was drawn to him. I HAD to find out more about him. I read all the comments that people have left, and I am touched. But for all those out there, who say that it wasn't his fault with the drugs, well, I mean, HE took them. And, the more he took, the closer to death he was to death. There are so many talanted people out there, including Hollywood celebs, who are taking these drugs. Some people just think its for fun, some just don't realize how serious it is. Who knows, Maybe Rio took these drugs not knowing this, and maybe he was fed up with this world, who is taking life for granted. If that WAS the case, instead of what happened, he could of tried to make this wolrd a better place. When I see tese movies that he's been in, I can feel him, his words. But then I realize, he's gone, and that's like a stab through the heart.

Well, We love you River Jude Pheonix. You have touched me. With your work, the sensitivity, and that innocent look in your eyes. Let me leave you with a quote "The world you try to escape, is what the human life is" You are and always will be loved greatly.

Rojan M. Ontario

You can email me at to write about anything about Rio.




River Phoenix a truly beautiful person in every sense of the word. You will be forever in our hearts, our minds and our lives. You made an indelible mark on our world as no one else has. Wherever you now are I hope you've found the happiness that you couldn't in life.

Love always,

Karlene - Melbourne Australia

hi I am the biggest river fan I know. there is so much about him that people just dont understand. I have loved him for what seems like forever. everything about him was perfect. I loved everything from his blue eyes to his smile to his blond hair. I get very sad thinking of him but I know he is in a wonderful place being what he always wanted to be--free. some people believe that everyone has a soulmate, some people believe you may not meet your soulmate until the after life, I feel river is my soulmate I feel so connected to him in many ways. I love him so much and checking out this site has let me know there are others who love him too. he may be dead in the physical sense but he is still here. he is in all of our hearts. he has given us all a gift. he has opened up my eyes. he is free and so am I.

"there are heroes and there are legends. heroes get remembered but legends never die."

river, you are a legend. I love you.

candice hildreth

I'm a 16year old girl from Germany, and I love River Phoenix. Not in the way, I would love my boyfriend, but in another special way. He was the greatest actor, the nicest boy and the best environment protector? in the world. I can't impress my feelings about him, but why do I love the sneakers, wearing them on my feet? I love them, because I love River Phoenix. He was wearing special clothes, that says a lot about him and his character. And why do I love his hairstyle? I'm sorry, saying something like that about River, but I really think so. I like his hairstyle, because that was he! And only he! I think, you maybe don't understand me, but he was an illusion, a dream, a special version of my life. By wearing his clothes, I'm feeling a little bit like River, even when I can never be like he.Please try to understand the way I'm thinking about River. The eternal river flows!


I am a simple fan of River Phoenix, like many others. Many have forgotten him, I am sad to say, but he lives in all of our hearts. I could never forget him, the way he touched me with his acting and the way he did things. He pulled himself up on his own in life and I really treasure that. He went from just another commoner like me, to someone who did great things, not only acted in movies, sang, but wanted to change the world and make it a better place. I've tried to figure out why he died, I still feel it wasn't his time.

River, it's so hard to believe that you're gone. We miss you, but we can't change the past, but the present is too hard to understand.



River touched my heart when I saw him in Explorers he was just a cute little nerd in that movie, but from that day on I was a fan. The night he died my cousin called me and we cried for an hour together. Now some people say that is silly to cry over someone you never even meet or really knew, but I knew him all right and if I would have ever gotten the chance to meet him I would have known him even better. I want to thank you for having a page for people to remember someone as special as he was and to let other people know how he touched lives and made people realize who River Phoenix really was.



Dear River;
I can't stop loving you just because your gone. Life seems harder and more empty every day. You always looked like a god. Now your an angel. I love you angel; always.


none the less he was obvoiusly quite a talented and seemingly a fine young man.

Darn narcotics

Jimi Hendrix 1942-1970*
Janis Joplin 1943-1970
Jim Morrison 1943-1971**
Elvis Presley 1935-1977
John Belushi 1949-1982
River Phoenix 1970-1993

average age - 29 years 10 months

*Hendrix born in november and died in September
** - Morrison died in july - born in december

Thank you for your time


hey there. i am searching for information about river phoenix's mother, whom i had the pleasure to meet, along with liberty (i believe) back in 1990 or 1991 at an animal rights conference. i would like to raise my kids on a vegan diet, and i thought heart phoenix may have written something about her experience raising all her sons and daughters in this manner. if you don't know anything about this, or a way to contact her (or any of her kids, for that matter), maybe you could just post this message with the hope that one of your readers would. THANK YOU.


River Phoenix was a God. He was such a hottie I feel that he should be remembered for his excellent acting skills and his good looks. Stand by Me is the coolest movie Ever!!!

A Crazed River Fan

hey river,
your free now - and anything good will happen. have a nice day

love ya, alan

since i was 12 i have loved river. i have also been saving money since then to fly away to meet him personally, now i will donate all this money to saving the rainforest.
darla (lost in memphis w/out river forever)

River will always be in our hearts!
To all his fans: Never forget him!

River, I love you now and forever!


Like most people I saw River Phoenix for the first time in the film Stand by Me, everyone loved this film and others loved it more because they saw the even greater beauty of the film, it had a lot more meaning than your average movie and people from kids to adults related to it and its a film that sticks in the mind forever for many. After this I became a fan and have seen almost all his films. He was an inspiration for many teenagers who also were in some way different from your average Jo bloggs as we say in England, he was different and this is what was to cause him is tragic death in the end. He was I believe angry with the world and the people around him because of their fu**ing ignorance. He could not cope with reality any longer it was just to depressing I'm talking about wars, death, rape, poverty, the destruction of the world. For many non ignorant people like myself these things are a part of our lives, it affects us personally. The death of this seemingly great person can only be blamed on society, society failed him and finally killed him. It was a great loss to me and to many others, he will be and is sadly sadly missed.

I just wanted to share the fact, that each Halloween, I think of River and I say a prayer. I did that last night. I visited the Viper Room a year after his death and in my half drunken state, I stared at the place he had died and I prayed that he had passed peacefully. I'm sure that he will always creep into my consciosness, especially on Halloween and I welcome it. It reminds me to live well and to take care of myself and of others. Thank you River.


This one thirteen yr old said how can you love A dead guy and how she doubts we realy do, she thinks we only like him for his looks . If she ever realy loved someone she would no even death cant stand in the way and there is so much more to him then his looks I dont think she realizes we love him as a wonderful person rather than a lover.
I know how all you amazing fans feel about him.
I dont think she should question our love for him when she obviously knows nothing about him or our feelings for him , I bet if she looked deeper into his life she'd understand its not fancying A dead guy its loving him for who he was and who he'l always be in our lives.

Joanna - London

gets me upset because he looked so happy at that age.As he got older things kind of got to him more , in the later movies you can see the pain in his eyes.
He was a sensetive person he even said he wished he wasnt as consous as he was.
He struck many people as an ANGEL sometimes Gabriel sometimes Lucifer. Mabey he was in a way .
Angel or no angel theres one thing im sure of and thats where ever he is now hes happy and as long as we remember him hel always stay alive.

Joanna- London

I just wanted to include my thoughts on River with fellow fans and people who loved him. Unfortunately, I didn't know of him, really, until he had passed away. I find myself being drawn to him more and more each day. Maybe it's a blessing; I know it must have been terrible on that tragic day to learn of his loss.
River was so unlike anyone else. He had this severe intensity in his eyes and his life. I was watching Dogfight, and during one part I just began to cry because I thought to myself, This ma is dead. He didn't even have a chance to live.
The only thing I can hope for is that River is finally at peace, and that his family has found the peace they so deserve.
We miss you River! We'll always love you!


I watched a documentary on River this week and was inspired to write a short poem about him. I always admired his talent and beauty, it is so tragic that his life was shorten by drug abuse. I hope his death is not taken lightly, I pray that young people will understand that drug abuse kills. So tragic to see someone so lovely with such a gentle spirit have little regard for the temple it was blessed with. River was so devoted to an eco and vegan life style, if he also was devoted to a drug free life style, our 'River' would still be flowing.


We watch you grow and we love you so
You say you don't eat meat, but it's OK to fill yourself with treats
So at 23 you are finally free
That Halloween night that cost you your life

Bob Fox

for the River Phoenix Message arena....

I am naked without him. Without him to watch in films, I feel stripped to the bone. I wanted to see him grow older and have a family of his own. I wanted to watch him win that Academy Award, and I wanted to hear his band finally released on compact disk.

He was hope for the underdog. He was the one that listened and saw----he saw what most people didn't or couldn't see. He touched the hearts and broke through walls. He had fingers that could gently crack the toughest precipices.

He cared about the earth and those that suffer.....but people didn't return his generousity. Too many times he felt betrayed and alone. He died alone...with his friends gathered around him, unable to save him...and just like in life, whatever help came, was too little and too late....He slipped through our fingers and we never had a chance to tell him how much we admired him.

Dear God, let me never forget his beauty, and never let that poor soul hurt again.....God Bless you, River....You will have a home in my heart forever......

"And what have you seen my blue eyed son?"

"I can never win with this body I live in"-Tanya Donnely

"Better they come, better days come"- River Phoenix- "Note to a Friend"


Please dont let his life and death be in vain !!

Chrissy Liverpool England

Well,what else can I say? People from all over the world expressed their concern about river..All that I can say is that everyday it seems so hard to believe river is not here..I didn't watch all his movies, 'cause not all are available here,in Italy,but everytime i see his face on the screen,i can't help but's not true,it's not true..why this could happen,what's the matter? Why he wanted to be so uncare with himself..I really don't know,probably he had kinda awful people nearby..nobody tried to help him with his drug problem,and everyday was a step to the death road.. I cried with my sister and some friends,when we heard about the death..we were so upset and still we are.. 5 years and nothing changed our minds and our hearts, we will never forget you,we will always think of you as a beautiful star in the sky,who spread his light wherever ..

you will always live in my mind and heart



I've just finished reading the comments people have written and i'd just like to say to everyone that you are all fucked up for blaming River's family and friends for his death. It was his fault, he chose to take all those drugs that night - no one forced him to. Sure I loved him too, I still do. Though I blame no one except River for his death. I think you should all take a good look at yourselves and why you liked him... he was just a person like the rest of us - a person with so much love to share. I think about him often and never wonder "what if...?" One of the many things River taught me was that there's a reason for everything... Maybe you should all think about that.... I'm thankful that River has passed on, thankful that he doesn't have to see how fucked up this world has become, thankful that his passing made some people realised that they're not immortal, and thankful that he's there to look after my baby



If any River fans want to contact me my e-mail address is
just make sure you put "Nayome" on the subject as it's a shared e-mail site...

I am Nicola. You know, I have no idea why my liking of River Phoenix is even there. The first movie of him that I saw was Stand By Me, three years after he was dead. I can't explain why, but there was just this invisible thing that I felt. I don't understand it, but I feel like he is something special. I used to think about him all the time, but I sort of forgot about him until I looked at my bookmarks and saw the River Phoenix pages. Whenever I think about him, it makes me sad and happy at the same time. Happy in a depressed way. I don't know how I feel about him, only that I wish I had a chance to know and enjoy him. Later River...

Like a shooting star, you came into my life and made me believe in destiny.


I'd just like to say all my family friends think that I'm a weirdo because I like River Phoenix and because he passed away.I love River and I respect him and his family.River's talent was incredible.He was a great actor and people get angry at him for taking drugs.Drugs are no good for you but there was nothing to stop that.My main point is EVERY BODY LOVES YOU RIO NO MATTER WHAT.

I came to the realization today that I am the same age as River Phoenix when he died: 23. I was a freshman in college at the time, now I'm in my fifth year in school. How time flies! I was twelve when I became a fan of his - over eleven years ago. I saw every movie he was in, had every pin-up, poster, book, article, and so on imaginable. I wanted to be just like him. Now I'm an adult, and am supposed to lay such foolish things to rest . . . and for the most part I have. The pin-ups and articles are gone, the posters are in the attic, and if you asked me who my hero is, I would tell you Jesus. But there are things about being River's fan that will touch my life forever. All I have is my biased perception of the man he was, and maybe all I learned was from the media's portrayal of him, and not the man himself. But I did learn alot. I learned that all life is sacred, to stand up for your beliefs and now matter what things about you people think are weird, you can make a difference in this world, and make yourself heard, and for that I'm forever thankful.

There have been so many words and so many tears and sometimes I wonder if we're all insane. We all feel some link with River, some intangible connection. It is something I think he would have understood, in his more altruistic moments.

We are all selfish and stubborn and misguided, especially when we're young. River's tragedy was his intelligence and ability to see the truth. Like most people who see, he couldn't cope with what he saw. Likewise, we all have moments of loneliness or isolation. Perhaps River could not cope with these feelings; how can you cope when you are not sure who "you" is?

If he read this, he would be laughing, I hope, at the futility of words after death and the irony of his canonisation-the junkie saint. And laughing at us, at our grieving: movie screens are two dimensional-people are not. And all we are, if we are truthful, are movie-goers.

River, have the last laugh. You are owed it.

Loving-Kindness and Compassion to all who miss him, all who remember him daily.


If anyone wants to contact me RE: River, or wants publishing details of Hermann Hesse's "Siddhartha" in the UK; or knows where I can find a copy of Henry Miller's "Time of the Assassins" in the UK, please email me:

River Phoenix was someone who seemed to respect his fans, someone who always had time to spare for the unfortunate or underprivilged. His contributions will always be remembered, not because of his career or his image, but because of the person he was. River Phoenix was a caring, beautiful person. No one else could play a film role like he did, no one else had a presence on the screen such as River Phoenix.
Can his fans ever know or understand what River could have been? Or maybe this man will go down in history, as a "What if....?", just like legends such as Jimmy Dean. And that's exactly what this man was......A LEGEND.

Rest In Peace River, you will forever be in our hearts.

AJ, Australia.

I remember being 12 years old and totally infatuated with River Phoenix. Of course at 12, I was in love! I first saw him in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and just had to write to him. I sent a letter and waited by the mail box epectantly for a reply. My brothers thought I was crazy. "You'll never get anything from him!" they said. But I knew something would come. So clearly do I remember coming home from school seeing a post card sitting on the dining room table. I was from HIM! Jumping up and down and hugging the card to my chest I sreamed and shouted at the top of my lungs! "Join my fan club," it read. I did. I babysat to earn the money, and sent it off with high hopes for a reply. When my packet came I was estatic, my membership card went straight into my purse and I waited anxiously for my newsletters. A few months later I didn't get one and I was dissapointed. Then one month became two, and two became three ... I was crushed. But I wrote back with a clever gimmick. I enclosed a self addresses stamped envelope with a small postcard to included in a reply that said "I'm still alive" and a box to check Yes or No. Never anticipating what was to come I forgot about River for just a while. But only until that pink, self-addressed, stamped envelope returned to my dining room table. With the Yes box checked and a personal, hand written, two page note from River, it was my most treasured possession at 13 years old. River wrote about his upcoming role on Family Ties and his new TV movie, "Surviving", and even included an autographed picture. I showed it to all my friends and was so proud. It went straight into my scrapbook to be treasured forever. Unfortunately, when I moved in 1990 the letter, photo, envelope, and card were lost. I cried and searched after I unpacked, but to no avail. They were not in my scrapbook. I'm not sure what happened, whether my brothers thought they were playing a cruel prank, but even without the papers, the memory of River will always live on in my heart and for that I am grateful to have shared a moment with him.
***This is a true story. I only wish I still had that letter. It was truly precious. I'm looking for anyone who might have episodes of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on video who would like to share. Any ideas? Thanks for letting me share my story with you.

Colleen ***

I wish I never met him.
I wish I was like so many of his fans - BLINDED.
I wish that someday I can look past his human qualities (with all its accomplishments and all its fuck-ups). As a person who knew him - at least I thought I did - I seem to dwell on those qualities that took his life; and If I were a fan, I would dwell on those that gave him life.
Maybe some day that wish will come true - when I am able to see past my anger and take in all that he was. But for now, the pain cuts deeper that it did four years ago (has it been that long, it feels like yesterday). I do miss him with all my soul and being.


To River and all of his fans,
River, you have changed the world so much, and I know how you hated to be idolized. I must admitt, I've loved you my whole life. You even saved me from killing myself many times. We won't let you die again by forgetting you, so rest easy. But for all the "fans", thanks for helping River's memories go on. He's not a "fallen angel" though he is now an angel. He will always be a part of all of us, in our hearts. Just don't forget that he is dead. Nothing is going to bring him back. He was very fucked up, and I'm mad at everyone who just sat back and watched him kill himself. They should've tried to help him.

Dear River,
a long time ago I saw your picture in a magazine and at that moment everything changes. It may seem crazy or just stupid but I think it was something like love at first sight. I was about 14 and it was the first time I feel something so intense about someone. Now I'm 20 but this feeling hasn't change. You're always on my mind and you will always be. No matter what the other people may say or think, something will never change for


PS: I don't have an e.mail so if you want to join me (and I hope I will get lots of responses!!!), just send me a letter and I will write you:
Crooijmans Maryline rue Noé Jacques 2
B-4300 Waremme

I live in Greece and yesterday a tragic accident marked my country. It was a plane crash with 75 victims dead. People around me talking about the lost souls and are unhappy but the fanny thing is that I don't care and I am not sorry about them because I think that River die when was just 23, he was just a baby then and it was not fair. And every time I hear about death and losts I feel a kind of satisfaction and I think about River. All I want to say is that for me there is nothing worst than River's death. And it's hard to think of him in a cold grave. This is the second time I am writing in the River comment page and I am so happy that I am seeing new people learning about our River. Thanks.

Lena -

I know I was only 10 when River Phoenix died but he will always have a place in my heart. We will never know how he lived or why he took all the drugs he took. I am 14 now and I still remember the day he died. 10-31-93. I had a party hoping I would have a good time but it was hard. I haved watched "Stand By Me" almost all my life. I have just bought the Movie. People dont know why I like him but I do and that is all that matters to me. My mom halped through all the bad times. I am reading a book called "Lost in Hollywood-The Fast Times and the Short Life of River Phoenix." I have hoped one day I will get to meat him and one day I will when I walk through the gates of Heaven. As I go throght all the letters you have wrote to River Phoenix I sit here and cry, felling the same way all of you do. I have only seen one of his movies and I want to see more. I have learnd more about him then I thought I would ever know. I fell sad for his familt, friends, and all of his fans. I know for a fact we all will miss and love him for ever.


ONE of his biggest fans

It's so comforting to know that there are real people in the world who cared about River. I'm 16 and it's nice to finally hear some comments about River Phoenix that don't say "He was so hot." I never thought of him that way. I respected him for that certain quality he had. He was someone you had to keep watching. His performance in "My Own Private Idaho" always brings tears to my eyes. I hope he will never be forgotten.


feel free to contact me at

Thank million and one "thank-you's"!!! I have been a devoted fan of River's since I was thirteen. I am now 22, and find myself still devasted at the loss of this brilliant and enigmatic soul! He inspired me to be vegan when I was only fifteen. My family and friends thought I was insane!! I used to search for a man that shared River's similar qualities. I was lucky enough to find one...but he has also passed on. I think there is something to be found in these sensitive souls...Some story that needs to be told, and a voice that needs to be listened to...

Anyway, I digress... Your page has given me hope. I find virtually nothing new and inspiring on River, and it tears my heart out to think that he will be erased from the face of entertainment forever, and I will do whatever I can to ensure that his memory lives on. Imagine my pain, when I spent twelve years of my life living in a town in Fla. that was a mere thirty miles from him!!!But never once did I try to seek him out and invade his privacy. I had great respect for him, and I feel like I have a lost a dear friend and lover...

Please inform me of any new information or anything that I can do to help perpetuate this project...I'm a 22 year old college student in Penna. USA.


The moment I saw the first River's film I bacame a fan of him, I wanted to be like him, it was a kind of hero for me. Then the years were going by and he went on playing in films, and he did it with such naturality that you realized that he was born to do it. Suddenly one day I knew that he has died, I couldn't believe it, of a drug overdose, it was impossible for me to believe it... I get angry and I wanted to know nothing about him for some time. Later I searched in internet for him, not hoping to find anything too big about him, and what was my surprise when I saw all the information about him, thanks to this information, I could know the story of River, and the pressures he had, but I will never understand why he took all this drugs, I am sure he didn't want to die, but GOD wanted his soul with him, so I hope he will be watching us.

Rest in peace.


I wrote this to our beloved River and I wanted to share it with you.

I'm writing to you again. To you, who meant so much in my life, but yet I never had a chance to meet you. And I never will. One more time I'm going to sit down and think about you and the great impact you had on my life. And I'll lit up another candle for you and your soul. And one more time I' ll pretend like you're still around and talk to you. I'll dream my childhood dreams with you, like I used to. The candle will burn for another 23 minutes and then it will stop, just like your life stopped at the age of 23 taken by a cold cruel hand of destiny. Back then I didn't think I could stand all the pain, but now the years have gone by and wounds have healed. I met people who helped me to realize that I am not alone. But I miss you more then ever. And I love you like the first time.

At the end, I'd just love to add a quote from one of my favorite books: "If we remain in the hearts of those whom we left behind us, we will never die."

So don't cry for River on this day, remember him!

Ivana, on October 31, 1997

Mail is welcomed, as always, at

Dear River,

So comes again, the day of your passing. I don't know what else to say, I have written everything I have felt before. You have given me so much, bringing me yet another special gift. You have blessed my life in so many ways. It would have not been the same if I did not know about you. Perhaps you are the one to be greatly thanked. I often wonder why you left us so soon, to know what was really happening to your life that seemed to be tormented. Did you want to be heard as your mother said? Was there anyone there to listen? Not the whole world listened and it seemed impossible that it would, didn't it? Is this the reason why you sadly left us? The whole world still hasn't heard your voice but you have been heard. Look at all these people who care about you. We have waken up and your death greatly affected many. Have you noticed that? I know that you don't want to see me crying but it still hurts to have lost you.

I'd rather say that you have passed on, death is such a morose word. Your spirit may have left the world but I know that some where, you are safe at peace, watching over all of us. Knowing this, maybe that is the answer why some of us, including myself have seemed to move on. Though I know I will never forget you River. You will always live on forever in my heart and in those who love you. I will remember your talent, your sould and the love you offered.

I will remember you as River Jude Phoenix.



I come , me as well , to lay some flowers in memory of my best friend that i consider also as my big brother.
I'm sure that he doesn't want us -his fans, his friends and all the people who still remember him- to be sad today.
But I hope he'll not hold it against us if, despite our efforts, we can't help crying, alone tonight, when the darkness comes down.
O big Brother, if you could be there to hold me in your arms and confort me when I'd poured all the tears that my heart can contain.
My Friend, I don't write english too well to tell you all the feelings that I have for you, deep inside of me.So here's a song that expresses better than I what I ever want to say to you.Not too late (Who knows?).


I did not know you
Our lives never touched
'Til the day they gathered
To bid you farewell
And they painted your picture
And as I looked around
I fell I saw you
In the words and the sound.

Your talent came flowing
Through the stories they tell
And through the faces
Of those who love you so well
Your life gave them a treasure
A piece of themselves
Something they carry
And still serves them well.

Just one life
Just one life
Just one life
That is born, and is, and is gone
Just one life
And I'm so glad to know you
As I know you know.

Perhaps inside you
You were messed up like me
But to them you were whole and strong
And friend in their need
And what you left behind you
And what swept over me
Says that your life's work
Rolls on and on
A piece of eternity

Just one life
Just one life
Just one life
That is born, and is, and is gone
Just one life
Did you have the chance to find out
What life is all about.

I did not know you
Our lifes never touched
'Til the day we gathered
To say our farewells.

( B.May - Back To The Light - 1991 )

I hope wherever you are now, you can be happy and watch over us. I still miss you so much, River.


On the very first page of this site, a Martha Plimpton said that River was "fucked up and had no idea how to implement his good intentions." Now, I don't know him as well as she, maybe not at all, but for what ever was wrong with him...he did hide it well. I only saw 2 of the movies that he did... Indiana Jones..(I really didn't know that was him, I had to see it again) and "The Thing Called Love". That movie...I watch it everytime it comes on. I am a River fanatic. When I first saw it...(early this year) I went to see if there was a web page, cause River is soo sexy and a great actor, but then I found this page and started crying. I don't really know why. It was soo sad that so many great actors kill themselves cause they couldn't ask for help. Now, I don't know if that is in his case. Was he really messed up? with drugs? Inform me please, I must be the only one who has no idea what was wrong.... was he a professional singer? He had a great voice. I have been looking for that movie's soundtrack and can't seem to find it. Rest assured, I will continue the search!! I just wanted to know, from anyone, if you can kinda tell me more about his life and what happened. That would be greatly appreciated.

River: we love you always, in spirit and in body....


i miss river so much i still cry sometimes like the day he died i cryed for three days after that every holoween i go and put flowers down at a tribut me and my friends mad at are school and i get realy sad coming close to the 31 of oct and that will be soon so i just wanted you to know that you are proubaly the best person in the world for making your page and i realy feel good when i vits it so thank you very much

River's performance in "My own Private Idaho" was nothing short of AMAZING. Without ever knowing him personally, this kid affected me like no other. He opened my eyes to what I want to do with my life. I pity his tragedy, but will forever be grateful for what he unknowingly gave me.

In a few days the 5 year anniversary I believe of River's death is apon us. Everyone should not mourn but be happy he is still safe in the heaven's. I understand some people do not care because he is now dead but some people just leave an impact on the world that cannot be forgotten. On a more serious note.....I think everyone's thoughts should be with his last girlfriend Samantha Mathis. He loved her so much and she loved him deeply. How deeply? It was reported that she has not been with another man since River's death. Everyone think of Samantha on the death of River.


I didn't realize so many people feel the same way I do. I'm 16 and I didn't appeciate his talent until two years ago. Like others who've made comments, when I told my friends they basically thought I was wierd. Reading your comments has helped me to realize I'm not the only one. I'm not trying to defend him. He wasn't perfect. He was just an actor and a cool person. Too bad I'll never meet him.

-A fan from WI

Who was a precious soul? This one soul deserved to die. This one was finished here. This one knew that this world was just another phase to pass through.
This isn't something worth living, we're just plagued and brought down by all this shit that society provides.
This soul was someone who found out how to appreciate the fact that all we can do is give as much of ourselves to try to make the shit something good and then we just pass on to another phase because you are always traveling, just flowing through a never-ending road, like my favorite road--the Idaho Road.
Now, this soul is just somewhere else being, radiating, and spreading the inner beauty that he will always have. So I don't mourn, I know he is just going through another path and maybe somewhere along the way, I'll interrupt and catch up to him. And we'll walk along hand-in-hand, leaving behind the shit which we've transformed and flying along into the clouds to meet the next place. Except this time, it'll be two souls, mine and his.

Happiness and emotions spread, he's blessed me and I await for my soul to encounter his soon. Excitment and anticipation captivate me now. I await this new experience (encounter) that I am about to have.

by Sara Hortencia de Paz

I red what people wrote about him and I think it's so fabulouse. River Phoenix is dead and he died in an ugly way. He wasn't perfect but still he was something that makes all this people even more special. Everybody who've written here is just so unique. I and most people didn't knew him. He didn't knew us, but somehow we got an insight in who he was. Even if he's no longer alive he still makes people create beutiful things and think about important issues. Today it's that which is important about him, I'm sitting in front of my computore in Sweden everywhere in the world River Phoenix is in people's heart. He was a great actor and he said things that matterd he touch us. We can't get him back but we can have beatiful thoughts, and it's those poems, songs, thoughts, tears, that will make him live forever.

Cheers. Nathalie

Dear River,

I Love River forever. He is my imagine man in my dream. He is a good man . I didn't many words to say about him ,excepted, he is buried in my heart forever.

Miss you, River Phoenix
Thai girl.

hey there.

i first fell in love with River Phoenix when i was five. i had just seen 'Stand By Me' and already knew that Chris Chambers was going to play a very special role in my life. He was my inspiration; my hero. 11 years later, he still is.

Now that i'm 16, i realise what attracted me so strongly to River Phoenix. It was the light in him. the light that shone out from behind his eyes and his smile. the light that reached out of the screen and touched your soul. When i heard about his death i felt so betrayed. If there was one guy who i thought would survive the glitz and scandal of Hollywood, it would've been River. If only the people who were with him had stopped him, he would still be encouraging and inspiring people around the world.

i don't think there's any one person to blame for his death. But River, his friends and his parents all had a part in it.This is what they have to live with.

i used to love River Phoenix and i still do. He will continue to be the light of inspiration, the angel in my dreams.

this is a poem i wrote for him when i was 14.

thank you all for keeping his memory alive.

e-mail address :

The first time I saw river's movie especially 'my own private Idaho' is when I was 18 years old in 1994. I was so impressed. The mood was so comfortable for me. I had heard his name as young star and he had died. I was very sorry to his death. My young sister like Leonardo Dicaprio , so I can know more about River. As you know River is compared with Leo. And in korea there is not much data about River. There is only some movie newspaper. As I know more about him, I could not understand his word exactly. But the more I know him, the more I fall in him.

But after some day , I can use internet so that I can enter very enormous his home page and become to know more his information. I did capture many his info, pic, many other data. Finally I become to a specialist in River Phoenix, even if I know almost every thing of him, I don't know who he is exactly. and I am very sorry not to see original 'my own private Idaho' in korea the movie was cut out many part of it so, I want to see... someday I will go to USA. Then I will . River is never died. He live as image and in mind of every body who miss him.





I have seen you many times touching life and each time you gave more than you took. Saying goodbye River is like a universe that I can't comprehend. It is not enough to be what we are, or think we are, for life reflects we are so much more.

Within you lived a soul too beautiful for words, too filled with love for conditions, too eternal for comprehension. A soul simply wishing to manifest itself into life by feelings, to be understood and to understand. By giving love and so much of yourself to other people you lost a part of yourself. I'm sorry that I could not be there for you, and even now the tears fall as snow upon frosted ground.

I will always remember you River, and I hope that like the bird which burned itself in a fire after living for hundreds of years, you will again arise in the radiant flower of youth upon the shoreline of eternity. I just want to be there. So until then... goodbye

Your Pal,


Distinctly, many people choose to determine desparate ways to accomplish an ordeal. To take in account to another man's reverie' and decisions we must first understand what type of an individual they have become with'n. To understand, We have to be them. It is in no way under any circumstances that we judge anyone by their external it words, appearence, gesture...etc. To do such would be an iniquity.

To the majority of many, He was a gifted, sensitive, unconditional individual who existed only in the virtual world of MEDIA. In the shadows, nobody could even possibly render what maybe his true intentions might have been. We can only gather information on His actions and try to piece it together into something We call a theory or an attempts to smooth over any confusion and distortion. All in all, We should respect Our own existence and let by what River Phoenix had done for his destinations because deep inside there was an ambition.

It's purpose....whether it be for Himself or some' else.......We should respect it as We would respect any other individual's --- including Ours.......for the best.

September 1997

I haven't used e-mail before so I hope I do this right. My god, I just read all of these letters and I'm shaking. I am so amazed by the enormous impact River had on so many people. You see, I knew River. I have avoided looking at these tributes and memorials because I felt they were more of the same thing he was trying to escape. But these "comments" have done me a lot of good. Ri seems to embody some sort of universal truth for everybody. He used to say that our power lies in unity and he would have liked to be the impetus for positive action. I know he would not like to be martyred and alot of you are coming close to making him into something he wasn't. He believed that everyone had the potential to do amazing things, that we were all special and unlimited. I see that potential so clearly in the beautiful people who have made suggestions to do good in his name. But he also said that words were nothing without action. We have to realize that these words are for us, to assuage our guilt or loss. Now that we've had time to grieve we need to do something tangible. He would have particularly liked the ideas concerning the rainforest and PETA. I know that he always wanted to compile an album with Aleka's attic and donate the proceeds to one of his causes. If the cuts are ever released that could still happen. Keep petitioning, be consistent and persistent like he was. I have to say a couple things. Please don't hate his parents. He loved them very much. Everyone makes mistakes. River himself was fallible and his mistake killed him. Crucifying his family only puts more ugliness into the world. The same ugliness that he escaped so desperately. Channel that enery into something positive. Find that potential in yourself and do some good. Someone said that River didn't really care for his fans. He cared for all humanity and you're not crazy if you think he hears you. I know he hears me and he believes in us.

I really want to hear from those of you that are serious about doing something. I'll do anything I can to help. I don't have an e-mail address yet, this technology thing is new to me, but please write me and I'll let you know the e-mail when I get it.

Thank you all so much for your words.


To River:

I can't explain why. I can't explain how. But you did touch me somewhere deep inside me. Wherever you are now, thanks.


River had a big influence on my life, being that I was only 13 years old when I first started watching his beautiful movies and saw in his interviews and poetry, etc. that he was truly a rarely beautiful soul. He led me to be extremely more concerned with the environment and I actually became a vegetarian (now 8 years of vegetarianism) because of his influence. He loved doing things for instrinsic reasons and he had much more influence on my life than I could possibly convey here in so few words... I am forever greatful to him.

But I need to say that he was also a STUPID F*#%ING IDIOT!!!! And I don't apologize for this comment and I hope to God that he heard me in heaven. I have a beautiful friend now that also happens to be my boyfriend. My friend writes beautiful poetry and cares like hell about poverty and many other social issues in such a passionate way that I almost feel bad for him sometimes that he is so sensitive. He also happens to drink a lot and he uses drugs and I am scared to death that the same thing is going to happen to him as happened to River. My friend DOESN'T f*#%ing NEED sympathy for his idiocy. He needs someone to knock him upside the head and tell him "DON'T BE SO STUPID YOU MORON!!!!!" Because when I do that it makes him stop, at least for awhile. Drug addicts don't need so much damn sympathy. I really wish there was time for that but there's not. Maybe people thought they had to kiss River's butt because he was a celebrety. I really don't know. All I know is that we should not continue creating a correlation between a beautiful, talented, huge-hearted person and the abuse of drugs. It makes drug abuse look glamorous, whether you want to admit it or not. And its not glamorous. It's fucking UGLY! It's DISGUSTING! Frankly it makes me sick not only to my stomach but sick to my soul. I can't understand why most people aren't mad about this. Because I am. I'm sad, yes. But it mostly makes me really angry because it's still going on, only this time the idiot has a different name than River Phoenix.

river pheonix is a dead guy. i know nikki (the message under me) i think you guys are a bit weird liking a dead dude. let me introduce you to mel gibson. yes it's true he was a great man and all but i think it would be healthier for all of you to admire him instead of love him. and i suspect there is only a few people who actually respect him for who he was and not just for his good looks. so i think you all should take a good look at yourselves and ask "why do i love him so?" well thats all i have to say

from chooky

My name is Nikki and I'm a 13 year old girl from Australia. I never really notice River Phoenix when I was alive, I was too young to understand his position in this world. Four years later I am still mourning for his death, not because of his rare integrity for talent, not because of his outer beauty but because of his inner beauty that glowed whenever he spoke on screen as the loving Chris Chambers (Stand By Me) or the beautiful Danny Pope in Running on Empty, or sang with his band Aleka's Attic, or danced or just stood there and anyone could see the innocence in his blue eyes. As someone has already said on this page, he may never have cared about any one of his but he did care about the ones he knew, his family, his friends and the Earth with he devoted much of his very short life too.

The reason I am writing this comment is because of two reasons, it was River's 27th birthday last week and I would like to wish him a happy birthday because I know he is up there somewhere in the arms of the Lord and secondly, a second icon in my eyes has has died and I am now mourning for the death of Princess Diana, though nothing like the late River Phoenix she did have one thing in common with him, they both cared. Cared about the dying world, cared for their family but could not care enough for themselves... for their own health. Diana's death has reminded me that there are not many people left like River and herself. May you both rest solemely in Peace. Amen

I love you River there is always a place in my heart for you, you have taught me a lot, and I have learnt a great deal from your tragic death.

Love Nikki ( you know who I am)

I'm just writing today to commemorate what would have been River's 27th birthday. I always wonder where he would be now if he hadn't died so tragically... I guess we'll never know.

I watched both "Stand By Me" and "Running On Empty" today, two of my favorites, in memory of River. Happy birthday, River. I know you're out there somewhere.


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"How many times does his little brother have to hear that 911 tape? How many times do we all have to hear it? There has been enough pain already. This very talented young man made a fatal mistake. I hope that kids will learn from it." -- Johnny Depp

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