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( added August 2003, 23)

River Phoenix is without a doubt my favourate actor, he has touched the hearts of so many people, and still does even 10 years after his death! There are not many people who can make a mark on the world but River is one of the few that did.
Rest in Peace Rio,
Love you always,

Chlo Stinchcombe (15)

I would like to say that River Phoenix was the greatest actor ever. "Stand By Me" was a great movie, and i loved his acting in that movie. I cried @ the very end of "Stand By Me" when he disappears after talking to Gordie. I also love him in "Running on Empty". I would also like to wish River a very happy birthday.


Hi,i am a very loyal fan of River, Wasn't he sexy in Stand By Me? i will always be a very loyal fan to River and if i ever have a son i will call him River

all my love Hayley

p.s if any one would like to contact me to say how they feel write on this site because i will be on every day forever!!!

p.p.s Skin It!!!!!

Though i have just heard of river phoenix a year ago i feel i have been his biggest fan ever since he first became and actor. He was the most talented actor ever to walk the face of this earth. He was such a special person the way he touched us with his movies and his music. He was also an incredible person just by being him and caring for everything around him like animals and plants and just everything in nature. He was a exstrodinary person who died because of one mistake. I know that River is looking down on us now knowing the mistake he made, and if he could take it back he would, but he can't but there is one good thing River left us a memory of his fasinating lif to his acting all the way down to his music. I just can't amagine how his family and friends still deal with this when even now when i am writing this i am crying even though i never met him. I truely do feel a great deal of pain from his death.

May God be with you always River and may you Rest In Peace.

My heart is out to his family at this time because it will be ten years this october when River died. God Bless His Soul

I recently saw your page and i decided to write down my thoughts about River.
I first saw him in stand by me(like so many other ppl), and I just fell for him, not like a typical "idol crush". it was something more. I started to look for pics and facts,and realised that it was something special with this guy. When i saw that he is dead, it just felt so sad.. even though i did'nt know him I was really upsett about it. weird huh? I will always LOVE River for all that he did.. just imagine if he would be alive today.. Rest in peace.. U will allways have a place in my heart.

Love/elin Sweden

What would you do if every time you wanted someone ...

they would never be there?

What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy ...

there would be 10 moments of sadness?

What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow ... and you never got to tell them ...

how you felt?

What would you do if you loved someone more than anything else, and you ...

could never have them?

This is how I feel.

I have been spending the last ten years w/ a broken heart and not wanting to say good-bye. Thank you for being there for me River.

Even though you will never be phisically here with me again your soul and heart will be with me forever.You stopped me from taking the wrong path in life and I only wished I could have lead the way for you. I wont fall in I promise, you know what im talking about.See you in heaven sweety.

And I also want to thank you for watching out for Joaquin, he misses you alot.

Good-bye forever and rest in peace my angel.

Never forget

Never regret

Loving and remembering River always,


I don't know what to say, and where to start. I've added a comment before, but I don't think it was enough... There's so much to say.
River Jude Phoenix..; I don't know him, I've never met him, I've only seen him on TV, he's just a moviestar. Why should I care? I've never spoken with him, I never will.. He's dead.. There's nothing I can do about it.
But I wish it was.. Allthough I've never met him, he means something to me. I can't explain it.
I wish I knew him, like really knew him.
When I see him I get the impression he's so much more than a pretty face. His eyes, they're so alive, but in a sad way, and I feel like there's a world behind them, a univers that I can't reach. I wonder how it would be to know him.. I think it would have been great..
I'm sorry River, I'm sorry that you were taken away from this earth to soon, and I'm sorry for all your dreams that never came true. I will always remember you, I just wish I'd remember you as a friend, and not a moviestar.
I'l guess I have to say thanks. For playing in all those movies, so we can watch you, see your beautiful work, and always remember you =) thanks!

Reast in Peace.

Siw, Norway..

River Phoenix was a beautiful man on the inside and the outside. He campaigned for what he believed in and tried hard to avoid "the bad bad town" of LA. Stand By Me is one of my favourite movies ever and I wish with all my heart that one of the people who made this movie so special was here today. I hope that in death River found what he was looking for and that he is happy now. I wish he had not died so young, he is one of the most talented interesting people who have ever graced our screens. I wish that he had not struggled on his own and that others had known the rollercoaster he was on. I wish so many things but most of all I hope and wish that he is happy.

God Bless River Phoenix may he rest in peace xx


hello. My name is Hilary and im from Ontario, Canada.

This morning i was watching Regis and Kelly because I heard Joaquin Phoenix was going to be on it. Ever since i saw the movie Gladiator, I've been strangely curious about him. Then i saw signs, and the curiousness became even more so. I knew nothing about him, besides my unexplainable likeness to him, and it wasn't just his looks that made me look twice at him.
When i looked at him, i felt like there is so much more to him then what he appears to be like on some short, pointless interview. So i figured by watching him on regis and kelly, i could learn more about him, what he was like, etc..

His interview was short and cut off by stupid kellys dumb comments and actions, and i was left completly unsatisfied.

I went to my computer and typed in his name in my search engine. I looked over many different websites of him, and learned a lot about him.

Something though on every website aways caught my eye. no website really explained the "93 tragedy" well enough for me to even undestand who River was and what happened.

So completly frustrated i decided to search River Phoenix. I found plenty of sites and chose the first one, due to my anxiousness to find out.

A picture began to appear on my computer. I have dial up so it takes a long time sometimes for a page to completly appear, and this picture appeared chunk by chunk.

As my anxiousness was getting more and more, more and more of the picture began to appear.

Finally it was complete.


There was a picture of the Boy who played Young Indiana Jones, in Indiana Jones and the last Crusade. (I am a HUGE Indiana Jones fan.)

I had no idea ever who that Boy was. Although I was always happy when watching him, that they casted such a great young actor to play Young Indy, and often found myself curious about him aswell.

I admit I am not worthy enough to call myself a fan such as many people on your site have clearly proven their love and devotion for River. But I am so moved and touched of their absolute passion and devotion for him.
The feeling I get when I read every fan's comment is so heartful and touching. I feel almost left out of the group, but not yet worthy enough to join. I was drawn to learn more about him and what made them all love him so much.

I have also always been a HUGE Johnny Depp fan, and I read in a fan's comment that Johnny Depp would probably be glad to take part in some River Phoenix memorial.

I am proud to say I have been a fan of him from his role that I only knew him by, Young Indiana, even if I never knew his story of life.

I just want to finish by saying, that all the River fans out there in the world are wonderful people who are just wanting to continue in Rivers footsteps and making this world a better place. I feel honored to have seen, read and felt such love for someone, probably most people have never even met.
Please continue all that you are doing, your all a wonderful group of people, and i admire each and every one of you. I hope I continue to learn more about him and get the chance to see more of him in his movies.


Hi, my name is Sarah. I saw Stand By Me a few years ago and saw River Phoenix for the first time because I was only five when he died. I fell immediatly in love with the movie and most of all River and sence I have seen all his movies and watch Stand By me at least once a week. I found out he was dead the day after I first saw the movie and I cried for days. I think I miss him more and more everyday and I feel like I knew him my whole life. I love you River Phoenix.

Ive been a fan of river for 10 years now. Im as old as he would be today and I often imagine how he would look like today. But I have a big problem. I live in Germany and its very difficult to get his films here today (July, 2003) and nowbody has ever heard of Alekas Attic. So its impossible to me to hear this music.


River was such an up coming great actor. He was full of life and joy. He was such an talented person in alot of things just not acting! He had some good music and was in some good charties. I am only 14 but wen i rented the dvd Stand By me i was in tears. And its hard for me 2 write about him right now. I was looking at the special features and looked at talent files and its at the botton it say-Died oct.31.1993 i was in shock and my sister is like i new that cuz of the show i love the 80s. I was soo sad and i looked him up online everyday and i cry every nite and River-Y did u ruin life for drugs? I no ur probably in a such a great envirment Heaven I love him not only 4 the looks but everything else he has done-U will allways be REMEBERED. AND be in my HeArt

god blees River Jude!

Luv Ya Courtney-River-Take me away-And stand by me

My best friend and I were watching a show four weeks ago with River in it and we liked him so much. I was talking to my mom about him and she told me he was the boy in Stand By Me, one of my favorite shows in the world. Right after she told me that she lay on the sad part. And she told me that he was dead. I was completely crushed. I felt like I had just found him and lost him in to same day. I hope that someone out there will make a memorial worthy of him. I would be willing to help in any way that I can. Peace.


Even though i was only 2 years old when river died, i still feel that he is a part of me. It was only three days ago that i watched "stand by me" and fell in love. I've been researching his life through books, internet, accounts from jerry o'connell, and your website. His life has touched me (although i lack the experience of older people who were there when he passed) in more ways than one. Just the way he died was a trajedy within it'self. It makes me wonder where he would be now, and how else he could have touched the world. Lately, i have been praying to god and i think he has appointed river as my gardian angel, i feel him no matter where i go or what i do. Rest in peace Taylor (if you need someone to talk to e-mail me at

hi, my name is matthew rowson, i've been the biggest fan of river phoenix ever since he was in 'stand by me' for such a long time he has been my childhood idle, and i think that my favourite charactor of stand by me was river. i am only 16 and the very first time i watched stand by me i was only about 10 and its been my all time favourite film ever since. wen river was in stand by me he was the same age as i am now and everytime i watch it (which is about once a week) it makes me think that i shall never grow up and i always want to have fun and enjoy my childhood. river phoenix has influenced me so much and i love the way he acts and the charactor he plays was the perfect role for him. i have never seen any over films by river but i can imagine that they're great. i wish that river was still around because i think he would be such a great actor as a adult. he makes me feel as though friends are so impotent and i now no that they are i think all my mates rule...thanks a lot 2 every1.

as i would say........"rest in peace dude"

rock on....

An owed to River Phoenix

Ten years ago on October thirty-first something happened that people often forget about or choose to ignore; October thirty-first 1993 was the day that River Phoenix died of a drug overdose. River died because of a choice that he made; we all have choices in our lives, some are life changing others seem at the time to be minor and seem pointless yet if you make a wrong decision you realize just how much you wish that you had made the opposite decision of the one that you made. River was something special and anyone that has met him knows that he was determined and when he made a decision he followed through with it. River was an actor unlike any before him. He was kind and gentle; the peacemaker is what most people often think of him as. River was not easily disgruntled but every once in awhile something would send him flying over the handlebars. There are things about him that can not be explained maybe it's that piercing look that he often gets while acting, maybe it's the fact that while acting he draws you in with his silver blue eyes, or maybe it's the fact that when he looks at you while he's acting he looks as though he really loves what it is that he is doing. Whatever it is about River that made him the person that he became we may never know, for some it may be different than for others. River Phoenix was someone that knew what they wanted and followed through with ever bit of the plan that he had for getting what he wanted.

River Phoenix was born August 23, 1970, making him share the same birthday month as myself. I see things in River that I see in myself, compassion, love of acting, love of poetry and music, the ability to always try to make the best peace. River was not just an actor that hopped on the bandwagon hoping that someday he would be able to make his dreams a reality. He made his own bandwagon and other people hopped on. He was not just a fad, he was someone that is always remembered even by people not of his generation. River made his own choices and he made sure that he was doing everything that he did for his own reasons and not for anyone else's. Though there were people in his life that influenced him more than others he always took into consideration the fact that he was not the only one that was effected by the choices that he made. Apparently on October the thirty-first he forgot that.

Sharing the same birthday month as River I have realized that we have more in common than I thought. Sure at the beginning he liked acting and I like acting, but that was all that I thought that we had in common. Apparently we shared more than that; we not only shared the passion for acting that very few people have, then I came to find that we were also both born in August, then with more research I found that we both are peacemakers and always want to make the best peace even when the peace doesn't have to do with us. River is a man filled with conviction, and I am the same way. River was a man filled with the need to make everyone happy.

River had the need to make other people happy maybe that was what drove him to his death. Whatever the cause of River's death, anyone that has seen him act knows that we lost something more than a common actor. In the end we lost more than an everyday actor; we lost more than a flavor of the month. We lost a good soul on Earth, that will be missed forever more. Whatever drove River to his death we may never know, but the thought that he is elsewhere and free helps me to realize that River was truly one in the billions of the people in the whole world. There will always be only one River weather we can see him or weather we can just feel his presence within us.

What happened to River Phoenix was something that was dreadful and awful for every one of his family members, his friends, and his fans. There are certain actors that only come along every once in awhile; River Phoenix was one of them. I am only fourteen years old and a common kid in today's society, but I have strong feelings about River and what he did. River Phoenixs only come along once in a lifetime, and that one has already come and is still around everyone that loved and cared for him!

Rest in Peace Rio!

Sincerely yours,

Katrina Longobardi


Never forget that you are the only person that can make decisions for yourself. You make your own decisions. No one makes them for you. Letting people have an influence in your life is different than letting them rule it. There are decisions that we may face and may make the wrong decision, like River did on his last day here on Earth, but we can also choose to make the right decision and we can make ourselves shine through with our actions. Decisions are a big part of your life and they may be deciding factors in what you choose to do as a career or they may help you to change the lifestyle that you have chosen to live but always remember that choices have consequences some are good and others aren't but just remember when you're making decisions that you could end up making a less than wise decision.

River if you ever Read this, can I ask you something? Well too bad because I'm gunna ask you anyway! Are you happy now?

River and all
Underneath it all
I know that you often fall
You make mistakes
Then lower your stakes
You crumble when put to a test
But remember to uphold your family's crest
Be all that you can be
Remember that you hold the key
That opens the gate to your heart
Be smart
Let someone enter
So that you're their center
There is one thing about you that makes me cry
I just have one question:

my name is katrina and I have always enjoyed River's amazing skills as an actor. when I was little and saw stand by me I knew that there was something special about River; the way that he acted made him seem beautiful and graceful as though someone had sent an angel to earth to make life more entertaining. whoever sent him sure did the right thing. i know that he died and now as a fourteen year old i understand why God would want a true angel back near him again.

hi my name is katrina and I have written before to share my sad feeling about the loss of such a great actor. unfortunately I didn't get to say all the things that I meant to. River Phoenix was a poet, an actor, a family person, and also born in august just like me! I was thrilled to find that he and I shared the same birthday month. for a long time I was unaware of the fact that River Phoenix was dead and I was also unaware of how he died. what happened to River Phoenix was an awful thing but god got an angel sent back to him once he had served his purpose. I will always love River Phoenix and as Will Wheaton has said, "River Phoenix was not a flavor of the month!" he was something great and his spirit lives on in the people that loved and still love him. although I never had the pleasure of meeting river phoenix I feel as though I know him through his acting and through all that we share in common.



The first time I saw the movie Stand By Me I was shocked, not about how talented the actors were or how good the movie was but about how it had related so much to my life, and thats why I love the movie so much, River Phoenix (Christopher Chambers) was the one who stood out for me the most because his problems and situations in life were some what similar to mine and I found that very odd and interesting considering I'm a twelve year old girl, but I shouldnt get into that, Stand By Me is an emotional movie and every time I see it or hear the song I cry, it is definitely my favorite movie, the meaning of it is strong at heart and it gives you a BIG dose of reality

Thank You.

c ya, not if I see you first

I was just a simple Asain girl when he was aliving. I was born in 1973, I am just a Thai lady who still loves River Phoenix. He was so cool... I think he is (was) the most handsome man in the world for me. I want to make a lot more comments about him..but my English is just not fluent enough to do that..Just want to to tell the wold that this guy is still in my mind ..

Tanchanok, Thailand

hey i dont really know much about river phoenix except for the fact that he died from over dosing on drugs. I've only seen him in one movie,"Stand by Me" . when i first saw it i just loved the movie and river. my sister told me that he died and i felt really bad.todat i was waching TV and really quikly they made this coment on him. i saw him for like 2 seconds and he looked rilly different from in the movie so i just decided to look him up on the web. its really really sad that he is gone and at such a young age. i hope at least he had a very cool awsome life. im a weird kind of person and i just feel like really bad right now even tho he's not like my favorite person in the world but i just feel really bad that he is gone.

we didn't find out about river until we saw signs last year. our friend fancied joaquin so we kink of got an obsession with him. then amy realised that her mum had stand by me on video and it had his brother, river, on it. when we watched that film we knew that we had to find out as much about him as we could. i suppose we were kind of obsessed with him, and still are. when we found out how he died, we both cried, even though it is almost 10 years on ?????

Hi! When I read all these great comments, I remember the first time I saw Stand By Me! It's a such a great movie, and I can't keep a secret, I almost fell in love with you River! You where such a great actor. And even when I try to realize how much you had to go thru, I can not se why you chosed the death.It just doesnt make sense. you where adorable and if one actor should be on this earth right now, you are the one.

I will always keep you in my mind.

Rest In Peace


River Phoenix seemed a great actor and would have been to this day, i first saw him on a program called 100greatest actors and when i saw him i recornised him from some old films i had watched in the past i've seen him in a few films and wonderd how nice looking and confident he is, and to end his life like he did was tragic and a must of been a shock to all of us. i know im only 14 but i do have a place of thought in my mind an heart for River and now knowing hes in a better place looking down on us.


Hey there!

I saw River the first time in "Stand by me", only 2 years ago!!! Obviously he was very cute and a good actor, but he also was a great person himself. When I heard of his death I was totally shocked; I couldn't really believe it. But he fascinated me so much, that I searched for his biography to find out more about the unusual guy.
What I do not understand is why he took drugs. Do you? I can't remember who, but someone said there must be a day dedicated to River, and I think he/she is right, and in my opinion his birthday (August 23rd) is the best day for that.
It is also a good idea to hang up a placard or something like that next to the Viper Room- unfortunately I'll never be able to visit it living in Germany!
Yeah, he was a cute, famous, popular actor and I admire him for his lifestyle and that he wanted to buy some patches of rainforest, he was really something! I am almost 15 now, so I had been a little child when he died in 1993, and even though it is almost 10 years ago I still think of him every single day and sometimes some little tears are running down my face.

If you are also a great R.P. fan, like me, I'd be more than happy if you email me.
Please mail to:

myna (from Germany)

i dont really know alot about river. saying that i dont know anything. ive only ever seen him in "stand by me" and its one of the most beautiful films ive ever seen. river made the film. i fell in love with his talent, and his courage. his preformance was brilliant. i remembered his name from the credits, and this is the first chance ive had to trace him. and i am most upset to encounter that he is dead. such a beautiful man, with such a talent, to take his own life in such a degrading way. however now i will remain a fan, and make an effort to witness more of his fine work.

RIP river.x

I was 13 then River died. I remember waking up and hearing the news on tv. I convinced myself that it was not true, after-all how could a person with such talent and soul be gone. I was surprised at how much his death upset me even at such a young age, after all I had never met him. Looking back now, I know that it is because with every film, he gave us a glimpse of his soul, his passion. I have never seen anyone act so honest.
I am 22 this year, 1 year younger then River was when he died 10 years ago this halloween, and I feel I have the world at my feet, I have so much more to do that I want to experience, I guess this was how he felt, he left too soon, but at least we had him.
I pray for his family and wish them every sucess in the future.


I like the idea of a part of the rainforest being preserved and a memorial plaque being placed there. Seems fitting really.

As I was reading all the letters people sent in, I started to cry. I was only four when River Phoenix died, and at that time I doubt I knew who he was! But, I saw "Stand by Me" for the first time when I was 5 or 6. I fell in love with him when I saw that! Ever since I was 5, I have loved to act. Every time I see a movie, I just want to be on that screen more and more. I started classes when I was 5, and although many people have inspired me to become an actress, River Phoenix has inspired me the most. He had it, he had that power that pulls you in to the movie and not very many people have a God- given gift like that.

He was both a wonderful actor and person. Of course I never knew him, but I feel almost connected to him, that may sound crazy but its true. Maybe its just because he has inspired me, I don't know. If I ever make it as an actress, you can be sure I will give credit to River Phoenix. I have heard so much negativity about him taking drugs. But, how can you judge him? Everyone makes mistakes and I am sure his life was stressful- full of fake friends and temptations like drugs and booze. It is a tradgedy that drugs took his life, it should not have happened and I realize now that a drugs can really take your life.

Thank-you River for inspiring me. Believe me you have changed my life- because of you I am better. River, you were was a wonderful guy who America really loved. I love you too.

~*~Rain Jade Viva~*~

river phoenix
a man who will live forever
he will never be dead
he is still alive in so many hearts , i didn't know him personaly but you don't need to just look at him and be caught in his mind and beauty is what i think really catches people by there hearts.

-just a girl who cares

Hey everyone my name is Toni, and I remember being at my mom's work bored as hell so I decided to watch TV the movie Dogfight was on, and that's the first time I ever heard of or saw River Phoenix. I only saw half of the movie and thought wow that was a good movie. Doubt two months ago I was thinking about the movie and the guy who played as the marine so I decided to go rent it and watch the whole thing. That's when I really got into River Phoenix. I loved the end of that movie, I kept rewinding it and watching it over and over again. After that I got on line to see if he was still in movie and found out he had died. I couldn't believe it. The next day I went to the library and got his biography and read it. then I went to rent all the movies he's been in. River Phoenix is an awesome actor, who had a beautiful soul. He wanted to make the world better and thought animals had their rights to. I think it would be awesome if there' was a memorial for him or something. I leave with these words to River "you can haunt me anytime you want."

hi everyone my name is victoria C,

i'd just like to say that to me river phoenix was and still is my breath, my love and part of my soul. He is the biggest inspiration to me not just his acting and singing but his compassion and love for all creatures and things, i'm so glad that he has made me realise i can pass the message of love on.
i watched him on screen, read him in magazines and feel him in spirit.
he was gorgeous and warm, and altough we didn't personally know him he gave us such hope and compasion.
only his shell is dead his spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of fans, in the blowing of the wind, the rusling of the trees, the running of the streams and in our dreams.because for every death there is life. he is now free, which is what he always wanted.

river lives on


Hi, my name is Eleanor. I can't remember when first heard about River but it was when i was really young. I can remember the first film i saw him in. It was Indiana Jones and the last crusade. It was only recently i saw the film stand by me. I really loved it. I thought River was amazing in it. It has now become one of my favourite movies. I was only six years old when he died and didn't know much about him so i am now trying to find out as much as i can about him. I am so glad that people haven't forgotten him. He was such a brilliant person.

Eleanor, Clevedon, England.

p.s. i think having a memorial for River Phoenix is an exellent idea.

Hey my name is Desiree I just wanted to comment on what a wonderful actor River was. I love Stand by me and Night in the life of Jimmy Reardon. I also enjoyed his role in Indiana Jones and the last cursade. I Think River was an accomplished actor and even though I never met him I'll always miss him.


Just wanted to add my comments to your site. My name is Jess, I'm from London, and I've been a huge fan of River Phoenix since I was about 11 years old (that was back in 1991).

It's hard for people of other generations to understand quite what a shock it was to us when he died. He stood for everything that we believed in then: animal rights, human rights, fighting homophobia, protecting the environment. I still remember so clearly when the autopsy results came out, and we all refused to believe that he could possibly have died from a drugs overdose. In a way, his death taught us that life is more complicated than it might seem, that no-one is perfect, and that things are always nuanced, not black-and-white.

River Phoenix was a supremely talented actor, and he had an aura that reached out from the screen and affected all those who watched his films. If he had lived longer, I believe he would have been one of the world's greatest actors. It is a real tragedy that he died so young, but he touched all of our lives and I will always remember him.


my name is 14 and from Ohio. and right now im kinda depressed. last night for the first time i saw Dogfight. all day today i was raving about this movie and how good it was and how cute this guy was. when i got home i went looking for pics and info about thing hot young actor. to my great shock and grief i found that he was gone. i just feel so bad. my love goes out to all the friends and family of this great young man.

Love always

Samantha from Ohio

( added March 2003, 13)

Hi,My name is Linda
I just learned that River's Birthday was on the same day as mine. Even though I didn't know anything about River until the last few days, I was really impressed with his work-acting,and it just makes me feel like I've been one of his many fans for long time.
Rest in Peace River!

Stand By Me is my favorite movie in the whole world and I remember when I was little I always thought that he was so cute, and I always had a crush on him. Then today I was watching the movie and at the end it was talking about the making of the movie and that and there was a tribute thing and so I went on the internet to get some info on him and I realized this talented actor had passed away about 10 years ago. It was about 10 years ago when I first saw the movie Stand By Me, and it saddens me to know today, 10 years later that this talented great actor has passed on!
But River was a great actor and his movies will always live in the hearts of his friends, family and all of his fans!
~*R.I.P Rio!*~ truly will be missed by all your fans family and friends! were not just a talented actor but you were my very first crush, and im glad that my first crush was a talented man like you!
Love always and forever,

Rebecca Penney (14 yrs old.)

I loved him in the movies Stand by Me and The thing called Love. He was and will always be my favorite actor. He was so handsome and such a great actor. I miss him so much. I wish that he was still here today. I cried when I found out he died. Atleast I now he is somewhere better that here.

love, Amanda

Hi I saw the movie The Thing Called Love and it is now one of my favorite movies. It is a great love story with River Phoenix and samantha mathis. I just want to say that I love them two and I want to say that I did'nt know of River until I saw that movie. I love him and I wish he was still alive today to make more music and more movies. He was a very good actor and musician I miss him. Samantha if you read this I want to say that I love you and your great.

Tiffany from Madison Wisconsin

Febuary 15 2003

River....thank you to be an angel, and you know what I mean..!!!!


Hi my name is Kate I have been a fan of River's since i first watched Stand By Me i thought he was very cute. I was saddened to learn about River's death when i had finished watching Stand By Me and i was told he was dead it upset me that a fantastic actor such as River Phoenix could do such a silly thing he was loved by many and i am sure that he will never be forgotten' Let him and his films live on for years to come

"In the midst of life we are in death"

You will be remembered River Phoenix... I love your work! C u in heaven!

"Give me some skin!"

Siw, Norway

Hi my name is Vanessa and i was in shock to find out that River Phoenix was dead. I just bought the movie Stand By Me on DVD to day (2-9-03) and i was watching on how they came up with the story about the movie and on how they made it. When River Phoenix never came on and said something about the film,.. i knew something was not right. When Wil Wheaton said "We had no idea he was gona die at a young age,and we would have done anything to help him." when i herd him say that i broke out in tears. I fell in love wit River when i saw him in Stand By Me and i will always love him,.. and i will do n-e thing 2 help in his memorial as much as i can. Thanks! I LOVE RIVER, 2DAY, 2MORROW, 4EVER!!!


Hi, my name is Krissy. I have been a big fan or Rivers for the longest time. I think that right outside of the Viper Room beside the pole where his pulse was lost there should be a plaque telling about his life. With a golden colague with pictures of him in such films as Stand By Me, Sneakers, The Mosquito Coast, Dark Blood. This way people who don't know about him will learn and those who do can have yet another way of remembering him. Or there could be a giant drawing of River Phoenix and it could say "Remember River 1970-1993" and be put on the wall outside of the Viper Room. Thank you for your time in reading my letter. Hopefully some how the fans and family could raise enough money to make the memorial more than a dream but a reality.

Thank you, Good-Bye.



my name is charlotte i am 16 i have been a river fan for 8 years ever since i saw my all time favourite film "stand by me" i even do every presentation on him in english i think he was a bright lush young man and his memory will always live in me!

River is one of the Greatest Actors in the entire world. I would like to help out in a memorial any way i can for River.


I only found out about River in the middle of 2002. But i fell in love instantly. I read all these poems and thoughts everyone has about River and i only wish i could write something that will mean something to everyone. I feel bad for anyone who was in love with River and had to be alive when he died. Does anyone ever think to thenselves or even out loud, would River still be alive with us 2-day if he hadn't gone to the Viper Room that night? I do all the time. I have a church across the street from me and always go and ask god, Why? Why did he have to take River away. Why did he have to die? He hasn't answer me yet, but maybe I'll know when I'm gone. -River I know your watching me and everyone else that cares for you. I'm only 14 but, maybe I'll see you soon.

Love- Melissa

hi i saw river for the first time in stand by me and i thought he was cute and i started to serch for him on the internet and i found some reale good pages like this site,and i read about him and and that he was dead i got realy sad, he was a realy good pearson, and i love him and i will alwys remember him. sometims i wonder if life is worth living whit out him, i cry my self too bed and i will always love him.

When I first heard the name River Phoenix something unusual happend. The name kept following me in many ways. I was three months pregnant and I had to go on the internet to explore River Phoenix.
My boyfriend and I became very intrigued by River and decided to name the baby after River, eighter boy or girl. We already had one name for the baby, Hope would be the middle name for a girl and for a boy Keanu.
On februari 6th, 2001, our son River Keanu was born. The point is... now I know so much about River Phoenix and his friendship with Keanu Reeves, I'm very proud to have a son named River Keanu,


Hi to everyone who will end up reading this. I am a 31year old woman who still is affected by the tragic death of River. I can still remember the day I heard the bad news like it was yesterday and until I came to the River Phoenix web pages I felt that there was something wrong with me. I ask myself how can a person I never met, death affect me so strongly and yet it has. I now feel better knowing I am not the only one who will forever be affected and miss River Phoenix. I know this will not be the first time I write out my feelings it has been so long inside that it is almost therapy to release the pain that I feel deep inside. I will end this letter now as I want to read what others say knowing it will bring me peace. I hope River knows how much he was cared for and loved. God bless all of you take care.

Nicole Davidson

This is just a small something that I wrote to help me realise that River's death was not a total loss.

When you died I was so confused,
How could you waste your life like that?
I only felt my pain, my sorrow,
I did not see what you felt,
how you needed to escape.
You showed me the way,
You showed me that everybody suffers,
everybody hurts.
You freed your pain the only way you could, I see that now,
And through our loss, you gained your freedom,
And although you're gone, you're still here in spirit,
Watching us, laughing at our mistakes,
And although people forget, I will always remember,
Always feel your warmth.
I know your soul is among us and I know you're keeping us safe.
You'll never be forgotten by those who cared,
Your memory will never die and neither will you.
There will always be someone, somewhere,
Warming your soul, keeping you safe,
Keeping you alive.

I know that it's nothing special but by realising that he needed to escape, I realised that he will never die. Hope you like it

Luv Hannah

( added October 2002, 31)



( added August 2002, 23)

Hi, Ich heisse Joana
Seit ich seinen ersten Film gesehen habe, bin ich ein totaler River Fan. Damals wusste ich aber noch nicht, dass er Tot ist! Es war ein Schock fr mich. Er war fantastisch. Ich kann es immer noch nicht glauben, dass er nicht mehr lebt. Er hat es nicht verdient zu sterben.
Du wirst fr immer in meinem Herzen sein!

Rest in Peace River!

( added July 2002, 21)

I don't know the name of the inventor of this site, but whoever you are, thank you!!! River has opened thousands of people's eyes, has taught so many right things, has done his best to clean this polluted and corrupted world, so his life merits to be remembered in the way this beautiful site does; I'll never forget River Phoenix, a very beautiful person, I share all his beliefs, and the River Phoenix pages help me to remember him how he was, how he is and how he'll be, forever


I would like to say that river phoenix was a vary kind and intelligent young man i loved his movie stand by me. i think he is the most handsome man in the world and ever will be!!! i hope he is with god now rest in peace river we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-debbie from P.G-

I would just like to say how neat this sight is. River was way to young to die and he would have been a great actor. My favorite movie, "Stand By Me" brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it. It is such a tragic thing and I am glad that he is still in our hearts today.


Fishers, IN

All I have to say is that River Phoenix was an amazing actor and just had the most unforgettable expressions! I'm only 13 so I dunno much about him, but if he hadn't died I would definitely have to find him and tell him how much I just love his work! If I could have a few wishes one of them would deffinatly be to bring River back so I could visit him and so his family could see him! River the world misses you!!!! BIG TIME.



River was taken from us much too soon. I've been a River fan for years and just finished watching "Stand By Me" for the zillionth time. Each viewing is a real pleasure. River and the gang work together, showing that friendship is practically boundless. Drugs are nothing to play around with, kids.


River means a great deal to me although I never knew him. I don't think it's right to put him on a pedestal and make him out to be a saint, he was from what I can find out a very sensitive person with his heart in the right place who didn't have enough stability in his life to be able to cope with his reality-which was out of the ordinary anyway. However I feel love for him and don't want him to be forgotten. He was beautiful and had a lot of good ideas about helping animals and the environment and if by loving River and wanting to honour his memory we behave a little better in our treatment of the world then that is a fitting tribute.

I'm fifteen and the first time I saw River act in Dog Fight I ran to my computer to looked him up. I read about his life, his movies, and his death I don't know why but the moment I read his life story I started crying and I'm not a sensitive person. River touched alot of hearts trough his movies and I'm so happy I got to be one of them. I wish he could still be here making new movies but I guess he was needed somewere else. Thank You.

~Cory Spencer~

I didn't really know who River Pheonix was until October 2001. I am a fan of Final Fantasy, a game series put out by a gaming company called SquareSoft. In one of their older games, Final Fantasy 8, the main character Squall Leonhart was supposed to be based on River Pheonix, according to Tetsuya Normura, the character designer. On the website where I read this, there was a link to Rio's Attic, one of his "official" websites. So I went there and read about him. Something about him kind of got me interested. His whole life was very different from mine, and to tell the truth, his death fascinated me. After that, I looked at alot of River sites. I think there is alot of controversy about him. Many sites and people make him out to be a god. His own parents thought he was a missionary who would change the world- quite a bit to place on a 10 yr old boy's shoulders, dontcha think? I learned alot about his past; always moving and sometimes living in deplorable conditions. I think the biggest controversy about him was his image. Like I said, people thought of him as god-like when in truth he was on drugs, drank alcohol, and smoked cigarettes. I don't mean to get on his case or anyone elses, but I don't know what to think. No one seems to be telling the truth. None of the websites I go to about him will even mention his addiction to drugs or alcohol- as if they are trying to wipe that out of his story.
Truthfully, I don't think he was the best actor that ever lived, as many people seem to think. I don't think he was a god and I don't think it was his time to go. I think alot of people have a distorted image of him. Some of his images are "religious/environmental martyr" whose time was to die and pass on the message of the dying world in his own death (which I totally disagree with and hate) and "joe druggie" which i'm not really sure of since no one will really confirm whether he was addicted to drugs or not...i've read he used them sporadically. I think what draws people to him are his blatant contradictions (telling people not to eat meat bc it's bad for you while he's smoking a ciggarette); he wasn't grounded and even the people who've worked closest with him didn't even know the real him (not that I do). People are mostly left in the dark, trying to figure out who the real him was.
If you'd like to make a memorial for him, I'd say the best thing you could do would be to tell the truth about him. I don't think delusions of how great his life used to be will do anyone justice.

( added January 2002, 14 )

I just wanted to write and say that this is wonderful , that so many people still Love and Cherish, River. I have River on my T.V. everyday, Stand By Me is my 2year old's favorite movie, but I grew up at the time when he was getting famous, Stand By Me was my favorite movie when I was 12 , and his pictures were all over my room. But now as an adult I see that I still Love him. I watched Dog Fight last night and I fell in Love all over again, and not just with his face, but everything about him. There is so much about him on the internet, that you can learn so much about him. I hope you can make this memorial about him, it would be so wonderful to have his memory live on and on.


Nice to see that River isnt forgotten. Lovely that people think of him, 8 years after his tragical death. Im sad about that too, but, in our hearts, hes still living. Hes near our sides. He thinks of us, too. He feels us. He isnt gone. Hes out of this world, yes, but not gone. I love you, River!

Hi there,

I don't know River Phoenix too well, but when I think about his role in Stand by me, I realize that he was a great actor, who will be missed.
I'm really impressed by this site, as I always am when people dedicate a website to dead artists to keep the memory alive.
You know what they say about people like River: "Only the good die young" and for what I've heard about River, I feel this is really true. I just want to say: Keep up the good work and keep the memory alive, because he deserves it.
If I will ever get pregnant and it'll be a son, I'll call him River, that's for sure. Because that name means: faith, hope, calmth and loveliness to me. River I love you and I hope that you're looking down at us from heaven. One sweet day we'll finally meet....

Renske, Holland

wow I just finished watching a movie he did, I had no clue who he was, but after watching the movie I was like " wow " this guy is great. I wanted to find info on him to find out if I could get his email- add. or something and then I found out he was dead. That's so sad. He was beautiful.

- Arlene NG
North Bergen, NJ

I saw a few of River's movies, and he seemed really good. I saw "Stand By Me" and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade." These were two great movies, though he had a small part in the second film. I was really young at the time of his death and I am very saddened that he died so young and he seemed like he did other things as well besides acting. He was such a good looking boy and had so much ahead of him.

Eres un angel magico, siempre descansando en tu rio de cristal. Recuerdos eternos de Alba.

I was born in 1971. whenever I first saw river, i remembered the first time i truly heard the song fire and rain. on the night he died, i was at a friend's house on the couch. tears poured out and my throat got sore. the same movie (i think running on empty) came on and all the while i kept crying. and the last scene came on. I managed to sing that song with the pain in my heart, the tears in my eyes, and the lump in my throat (I've seen fire and I've seen rain...) then i saw the end of the year list , when the news flashes the people who have died that year. and I saw river(but I always thought that I'd see you again...) to this day, when I hear that song.. I only see River

this is my first computer, and i am glad this sight is so healing. I didn't realize how much of a strong spirit he was, I thought only I felt it but there is a trueness that this sight is helping to uncover


This is a great site. In my senior year in high school I saw River and Rain perform with Aleka's attic. It was 1990 in Woodstock NY and Poughkeepsie NY. If I remember right they played twice in Woodstock at the Tinker Street Cafe (Which is no longer there, such a shame because it was a awsome dive. Now it's a photography gallery) I think it was because one of their crew was from there. I needed a fake ID to get in *smile*. It was amazing because I was obsessed with him for so long and my admiration was respectful. I never really talked about it I just allowed myself to be influenced by his beliefs.
The B52's lived in Woodstock at the time and attended the show (Fred, Kate and Keith? (can't remember if that's his name). It took all my nerve to actually go up to him, talk to him and I rehursed what I'd say a million times. I was so afraid but I thought "this is so much a once in a lifetime change", Little did I know then how right I was. He was friendly to me and kind and appreciated my praise for admiring who he was and his work as well as what he stood for. I bought one of their tapes and a t-shirt. He signed the shirt with a huge R and the iver were sort artistically placed. I played those four songs so much the tape broke and I spliced it together with scotch tape! I long to hear his music and wonder if that tape is still somewhere amongst my boxes of childhood at my mom's. I can't find the friggin shirt either now and I could kick my own a** about it if I could! That's how I came across the site, looking to see if I could locate a tape on the internet and now that I see how truly rare the recording are, well, I could kick myself with both feet!
anyway that's all...just wanted to share my experience with someone who cares about River. I Don't talk about it ever as I feel such a deeping aching pain over his death.

One of River's many fans,
Christine Jones

October 31st, what can I say... so sad... I'm so sad. River, I miss you so much!!! You know, I'll always remember you!!! I'll light a candle and I'll let it burn all day... just in memory of a sweet River running away... Rest In Peace my Friend, Rest In Peace... wherever you are, somewhere in Heaven, I hope you're fine. Everything must be much easier up there then down here. Prettier and without war... An angel among angels... so sweet. Just remember us, alright? Like we remember you... And watch out for us. All of us who care for you... the ones who still cry when they remember you, when they remember you're gone.
He was an angel who accidently fell on earth and as years passed away, grew up in a world too real and too cold. This world, our world, killed him slowly with hurt and pain, with disgust and blame, with misunderstanding, by seeing how cruel and unfair we were to eachother and our mother nature. He wasn't meant to live with us for he was only a pure and warm hearted angel with a golden soul. So God called him back to protect him from our fatal mystake, our hate, before it was too late, before he'd hear too much, see too much, feel too much, suffer too much... before he'd die like a man. You see, now he's safe and he looks out for all of us who believe in him, who remember him who care for him, he's here for all of us who love him and who'll never forget him.
This is what I tell myself when I start asking why only good people die. They are angels. And God take them back home, so only the bad people will die when they'll finish destroying our planet. I'm maybe mad and that's probably what I am, but how can we stay sane when we live in such a terrible world, with all these wars and the power of money taking our souls?
River, even if my mind forgets you, my heart won't.


hello, just wanted to drop by and hope everyone was remembering our sweet angel on this sad gloomy day. He will always be remembered by me, love you always rio.
R.I.P: River Jude Phoenix 1970-1993....may you live forever in our hearts...

( added October 2001, 31 )

Hi there,

Just thought I'd let you know that this site was one of the best I've ever seen. I've been one of River Phoenix' biggest fans for about 10 years and yet I still found out a few things from this site that I didn't know before.

I'll never forget that fateful day on November 1st 1993 when I was at school and my best friend had to break it to me that he had died. I was inconsolable. She'd read it in the newspapers. Ever since then I've collected all his movies, pictures, books - anything at all relating to him to try and keep his memory alive.

Every year on the 31st of October I have a "River Phoenix" night when I light a candle for him, sit and watch all his movies and have a good cry to myself. It's amazing how sad I still feel after all these years.

I'm glad to see that people still love him now as much as they did then. I'm also proud that his family are doing really well and still keeping his memory alive. Joaquin is now one of my favourite actors - although, he'll never be a patch on River.

Keep up the good work on this site!

Rest in peace babe,

P.S. Does anyone know if there is going to be a River Phoenix Calendar for 2002? Please feel free to mail me on


As I read all the things people have posted for River, I can't help crying. It's so nice to know that there are others all over the world who feel as strongly as i do about him. Although, i never knew River personally, for some reason i've always felt some kind of connection with him. And i honestly believe that if i would have known him, it would have been long and lasting friendship. The night he died, he took a piece of my heart with him. October 12th 1994, i gave birth to a son. Guess what his name is! That's right, RIVER. Even before River's death, i planned on naming my son River. I have a daughter named LaKyn, we call her Lake, and i have another son named Stormy. If River or Stormy would have been girls, one of them would have been named Rainy. 3 is enough for me!! So, when my sister had her first child, who is not only my niece but my Godchild she named her, "Taylin Michele Rayne". Michele after me and Rayne for me. River's memory will forever stay in my heart.
Before i close, i would like to add that the idea for the memorial is a great idea. i like the idea of the calender.

RIVER'S #1 fan,


I want to wish River a Happy 31st bday. I know he's smiliing down on all of us right now, glad to see that we all remember him. To River, may you live in eternal peace up in Heaven and be the happiest man ever. Love you always Rio.


River I miss you so much.Not a day goes by that I dont think about you.You were a beautiful person with a big heart. There has never been anyone like you and there never will be again. You were so unique and so special. Why did God have to take somebody so beautiful and so special so soon. I always hoped one day that I would get to meet you and it really saddens me to know that now I never will. Words alone cannot express the sadness I feel. Your passing has left a huge void in my heart that can never be filled. When I die and go to heaven I know that you will be there. I love you River. Rest In Peace.

I would like to wish River a happy birthday today. He is an angel celebrating with God now, and I will never forget you. Your memory will live on in your wonderful movies and contributions.

( added March 2001, 4 )

hello!!!!!! we love you RIVER!!!! you whas so sweet when you whas a little boy!!!!!!!!!!!!! it whas so horrible to hear you are dead.....we love you soooooooooo much!!!! ooo we miss you!!!!! I just whant to say : you are the sweetest boy we ever siens have seen!!!!!!!!! love you!!!!!!! could do evry thing for you!!!!!!! love and hug from linn mari and monica from norwey!!!!!! we have seen your mowie: back to the top!!!!!! you are soo sweet!!!!!!!!

linn mari and monica from norwey

Hi, I just wanted to tell everyone NOT EVER to forget River. Lots of people automatically think that he was a bad person because of his cause of death. but like most of you reading this, I know this is not so. River captivated me in his role in Stand By Me and Stand By Me became one of my favorite movies when I was younger. So, after reading the credits, I found out everything I could about River. From then on, he was always my favorite actor and still is. I thank you for making such a wonderful sight with hard to get magazine articles and good facts. I realize all the time you have put into this and I thank you also for keeping his memory alive especially with your special sections dedicated to art, poetry and comments, not only for yourself, but just as a way to get out thoughts. After reading many wonderful comments about River, I find myself in tears. Thank you.


January 2001

Hi. Well a year before I wasn' a fan of River allthough I heard of him. But a friend said I should watch his films and listen to his songs. Well, so I did. And no there passes no minute I don't think of him. I am surley not in the position to call me a fan of the first hour. But in the past year I tried to understand him. To figure out what he could have ment with the lyrics of his songs and so on.
He was a really gentle and warmhearted person. And he really cared about the rainforest and the enviormnet. He did this not because of publicity reasons. I don't know how to describe him but he seemed so pure like a fallen angel.
Then I read about his tragic death. And I was really touched inside when I read about the mourning and griefing alla round the globe. I began to cry because the people were so sad and they really missed him so much. They began to cry for a person the didn't even know. But the people could identificate with him.
It's such a shame waht the media did afterwards.The emergency call by his brother Joaquin was on every radio station and in every newspaper. And the always write about his death. River would not want to be remembered for his death but for his music and his acting. So let's remember him as a beautiful, young man who did great music, was an wonderful actor, and always cared about the enviorment and the people around him.
I think there should be a film made about him. I don't know who should play him. Of course there is nobody around like him. Maybe somebody who is very similar to him. Christian Slater for instance. But the film should just be made if the family gives the permission of course. I will always remember this young gifted actor who was amybe too sensitive for the machinery of Hollywood. You know he reminds me of Kurt Cobain who died some months afterwards. In these months the world lost two of it's greatest artists!

Natascha from Austria


My Name is Jen and I come from Germany. Since I've been 14 years old I like River sooo much. Now I'm 23 and nothing has changed. I was sooo shocked when I heard about his death. I think the reason of his deep "fall" he has taken with him. But in spite I think some reasons you could see, when you watch some movies with him.
His often-changed charakters were to strong for him to keep him on Top. He was for so many people a BIG Money-giver and I believe, they all closed their eyes for his deep problems.
He was not that great hero, he was the GOOD BOY, but only as River...not as this filmstar with 100 characters.

River...Love ya...stay in my heart...4ever...


How do you love someone if there not there? Your tears rollen down so sad to see you, In your mirror image of your misty sparkling face.

I personally didn't know you, but i wrote this for you my friend, i will always love you and never forget you!

Love Always Tyneille x x x

Hi there,

Had a brief look at the River Phoenix Pages and they are excellent. Nice to know there are so many fans who feel the same as me! I will definitely be back to have another look as soon as I get the chance!

In the meantime - I was wondering if anyone could help me with a little query I have. I have been desperately looking for a River Phoenix Calendar for the year 2001. I've actually been looking for one for the past few years but, no such luck. Can anyone help??

Please e-mail me at if you know where to get one!!

Many thanks,

Charlene Stewart

( added August 2001, 23 )

One late night on October 31st 1993 I turned on the news ( mind you this is not a usual thing for me). The news lady was saying that River Phoenix was pronounced dead of an overdose and my heart sank. I thought I was dreaming. I started to cry and I didn't stop. I didn't want to believe it. It such a shame that the world is still turning w/ one less great preson on it. But today I was happy to read all of the things people have to say about River. I'm glad to know there's more poeple out here than I thought that miss him as much as I do, and because of us he will never be just a memory or a legend, but forever imortal. To the person who has this have done a great job and I hope to hear from you soon. To all those who miss River don't stop and pass on his legacy to your children I'm sure they'll love Stand By Me. I know I did as a kid. (Dez)

I loved River sooooooo much.I have been missing River like crazy this past week.I remember when I first saw Stand by Me that's when I fell instantly in love with him.My mom took me to see Stand By Me 13 times in the movie theater.When Mosquito Coast came I had to see it and it wasn't playing where I live so my mom took me all the way out to WestWood (Hollywood )to see it.That year I had gotten a cat and I named her Rainbow after River's sister.My cat is still alive...But that's how much I loved River and how big of a fan I was of his.When I first heard that he died I was so upset.I was crying so hard.I will always love him and River will always be in my heart. I love you River!!


This is one site i had never seen before..i think ive seen them all. One late summer night i thought of River Phoenix, i had never actually looked him up on the net, wow was i surprised. So many sites, with wonderful info, pics, dedications..ones that made me cry. The more i see of his beautiful face, the more i cry, and the more i wish i was with him. Cause i know he's in a better world, and we're all stuck here. He was a wonderful person, one in millions to walk this planet. He is the best for me, in all ways, as a person, as an actor, his looks, his mysterious life..all of it. When i die and go to Heaven, he will be the first person i look for. Thanks.


I just wanted to say "thank you" for making this site. I was only 9 years old when River died but I remember hearing about it on the news and the 911 call from Joaquin that was broadcasted everywhere possible....I still look through my older sister's scrapbooks and things and see pictures of her crush River Phoenix and must wonder whether he took his life because he was depressed and sad for himself...or whether he felt the weight of the world on his shoulders and couldn't stand to be in he went on to a place where there isn't any suffering and the taking of life is something incomprehendible...when I read his interviews he seems to have surpassed all that Hollywood tried to do to him in making an "image" and plastering it on some 13 yr old's wall like most actors are dealing with today....I believe that everyone saw something different in him that unfortunately is dying out with my fellow teenagers killing each other and people dying in the streets and thankfully the world was blessed to have one "unique treasure" ...if only for a little while...and I thank God for him...all my love to his family,his fans,and especially to River himself....


Hi...I recently saw the movie Stand By Me, and ever since then I have wanted to learn more about River. I am only 14, so I am too young to remember him. I think he was an amazing person. I mean he was a great actor and a great singer. I hope others feel the same way.


P.s. River lives on!!!

( added July 2001, 15 )

Let me just say one thing... RIVER : you are beautiful.....I remember i was 12 years old...and seeing the movie Stand by Me , for the first time... that was my all time favorite movie... you're character in that movie inspired me, that life does go on... I swear I think i'm in love with you.....
~ your NUMBER ONE fan ~

I never leave a River site that I like without signing the Guestbook. I think it's a great idea to have Guestbooks, it makes us a big family of people who all love and admire River and share their toughts about him. Anyway, I particularly liked the River Phoenix pages. It's one of the best River sites that I've ever seen (and I've seen many!!), everything we have to know about River... is here!! It's a site where people can come and learn more about the greatest actor in the world. The best musician. The sweetest person. I wanna say thank you to this site owner for her effort on making this site. This is a beautiful tribute. It's so good to know that there are still people out there who also love and miss River. Fans who keep his memory alive. People who understand me. It makes me feel that I'm not alone. River was someone that changed my life forever, altough it's hard to x-plain why. He was so different from everybody else, such a sweet and good-hearted person. And so he makes me believe that there is still some kindness in this grey world. A really hard thing to do. Thank you River, I feel blessed that you came into my live. I also wanna thank everyone here, who fight so that people may know that once someone very special walked amongst us. I'm sure River would be proud of all of us, he would be proud that his live made a difference in this world. And as long as people remember him for the good things he did, as long as they treasure him deep in their hearts... as long as that happens, the eternal River will never stop flowing. Thank you for giving the time to read this. If you share my feelings, you can e-mail me at . God bless River and all of us.


Hello my name is Tanayi Seabrook -- and I'm looking for a viewing copy - vhs of the T.V. drama "Surviving : A Family Crisis" -- do you have any leads?

Please let me know -- all the best -- peace t

Hey, I can easily recall the morning of Nov.1, 1993. I was 18, still sleeping, when my friend called me with the news. I was devastated. Since I was 11 years old I had photos of River pinned to my wall. It feels strange now that I have surpassed him in age. I will always enjoy the work that he produced in his sadly short life. He will always be missed by fans.

why are there no movies about river?they made a film about the life of jimmy dean and he had only been in 3 movies!
just remember that if anything is decided about a tribute,let all us british river fans know.we are always left out in the cold.


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"He was impulsive and careless - he took more drugs than I ever heard of anyone taking before... I don't know how anyone could take that amount of drugs without the idea that they were basically going to die."
-- Gus Van Sant

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